Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most commonly studied and diagnosed psychiatric disorder in children and adolescents. ADHD is characterized by inattentiveness, hyperactivity or restlessness, disruptive behavior, and poor impulse control.  Children with ADHD have an inability to focus and are easily distracted.  They also tend to be very physically active and have trouble sitting still.  Without treatment, ADHD can affect a child's social development and school performance. With treatment, most children with ADHD improve. Seeing a mental health professional can provide children with ADHD critical help in handling frustrations and building self-esteem. Parents of children suffering from ADHD can also benefit from therapy to help them develop healthy and supportive ways of coping.

Local Experts in ADHD

I have received specialty training and supervision in ADHD.

I focus on adolescent and Adult ADHD, particularly in girls and women.

I have focused on the treatment of ADHD in adults, adolescents, and children in both my academic studies and my professional work.

People who have struggled with learning differences (learning disabilities) may have been shamed, talked down to, and humiliated. When you were younger, you may have been told that you were lazy, and you may have even been made fun of by some of your friends or peers. These types of events in your life can cause you to have low self-esteem, low self-worth, and create other challenges that follow.

An educator and therapist, I have worked for over thirty years with ADHD clients and their families.

Testing and Assessment

As a fellowship-trained neuropsychologist, I understand the cognitive challenges individuals with ADHD face, including difficulties with memory, attention, and executive functioning. My therapy practice integrates cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) -- an empirically-validated treatment for adult ADHD -- with the science of brain-behavior relationships.

I work with both minors and adults as they learn how to work with their brain to navigate the demands placed on them by their environment and the emotional effects that result.

Neurofeedback can help the brain learn to shift gears more easily, helping the client to transition from distraction to focus.

Over the years I have worked with countless children and adults with a diagnosis of ADHD. My approach to ADHD is informed by techniques of Collaborative Problem Solving, skill-building, psycho-education and developing personal practices to help you experience success, find focus, pursue your life goals and be able to have meaningful relationships.

ADHD remains greatly misunderstood and untreated in adult populations. I work with those struggling with ADHD, their partners, and their relationships in office and through virtual education and support groups.

A comprehensive ADHD evaluation should include an examination of sleep problems, anxiety, and other factors that can affect focus and attention. As an experienced psychologist, I can evaluate clients for the core symptoms of ADHD and rule out other concerns. A clear diagnosis should be the cornerstone for a robust treatment plan and supports.

Life can be extra stressful for Adults with ADHD, and it impacts so much more than your productivity. In therapy, we create change by working with your ADHD, not against it. We unpack the old shame stories, explore the biological & systemic reasons why you may experience the world differently, and take steps toward the future you want for your life.

I have training and experience in working with many types of neurodivergence, but am especially familiar with ADHD. I have worked with both adults and youth attempting to manage the stigma, symptoms and struggles that come up with ADHD.

I offer in-depth psychological evaluations to assess for the presence of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and related executive functioning deficits. I also have years of experience working directly with children and teens with ADHD in therapy and social skills group settings, as well as teaching EF skills including organization and planning.

Individual and group options

I completed my dissertation on mindfulness-based treatments for ADHD. I have facilitated ADHD support groups and have a strong fondness for working with individuals in the ADHD community.

Experienced in diagnosing various types of attention-deficit disorders in children, adolescents, and adults with various forms of medication assisted treatment. These medications are prescribed based on an individuals needs and goals. It can help for parts of the day, most of the day, or even 24-hours a day. Can be prescribed as a chewable, liquid, or tablet medication.

I have ADHD, which gives me a first hand understanding of it and I have worked with many others with ADHD. I have also had training on working with ADHD clients.

Through my work on a college campus, I have extensive experience working with young adults who are learning to manage their ADHD symptoms independently. Together we work to create a safe space, without judgement, where they can explore their limitations and create strategies to attain their personal/educational/career goals in spite of these difficulties.

I have worked extensively with adolescents in school based settings, offering education and strategies to manage ADD/ADHD symptoms

Get help in managing your own ADHD and/or understanding how to best help your child or spouse with ADHD.

Buried in clutter? Lost your keys (again)? Tired of being perpetually late? ADHD is not just for kids. The impairments associated with this disorder can create serious obstacles for adults. Together we will explore the many facets of the disorder. I will provide you with tools to make behavioral changes and help you heal the toxic shame that often comes with growing up with ADHD.

I understand the frustrations of ADHD that make day to day activities and relationships a struggle. ADHD symptoms can sabotage your best efforts to raise a happy family! Reconnect to your highest intentions and become your child’s best bet to thrive!

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