Amanda Ball

Amanda Ball (she/her)

Professional Counselor Associate


Supervisor: Anne-Marie Benjamin, LPC & Selin Strait, LPC

My passion is facilitating my clients' journeys to connection and alignment with their true selves.

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Practicing Since: 2018

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My Ideal Client

I work with clients who are looking to fully explore and understand themselves, and find deep and lasting change (not just quick solutions). I love to help clients find their voice and align with themselves. My clients are overwhelmingly part of the queer or polyamorous communities, whether established or just beginning their exploration. As a progressive, artistic person, I often find myself supporting clients who are artists or activists.

My Approach to Helping

I believe in the power of therapy to slow reactions, elicit awareness, engage curiosity, tap into intuitive wisdom and empower deep change. I hold a person-centered, humanistic perspective, that all human beings are naturally oriented towards growth, and that when hindrances to growth are removed humans will naturally thrive. I believe that through our life experiences we internalize beliefs about ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us. A poor experience might leave us feeling wrong or broken, or that the people we care for can't be trusted. This can leave us unconsciously acting on beliefs that keep us stuck in painful patterns. Through a combination of talk therapy, mindfulness, body-awareness and creative and experimental experiential practices, we'll work to uncover what's blocking your path and create more fulfilling ways of being.

My Values as a Therapist

I have a background in art, advocacy and public health. I worked for many years in the realms of advocacy and public health before returning to school to complete my Masters of Counseling. During my time in public health, I had the privilege of serving diverse communities including queer and trans populations, communities of color and immigrant communities. I am especially proud of the time I spent working with families of trans youth to ensure their children received the gender-affirming medications they needed. I remain passionate about providing quality care to these communities. I stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and believe therapy is not apolitical. As a person with white privilege I hold the intention of being a life-long student in the “unlearning” of white supremacy and work to contribute to the liberation and empowerment of all beings, and black folks in particular. I regularly participate in "Radical Rest," a free healing justice pop-up for BIPOC activists.

Techniques I Use


  • Attachment Theory External link

    Attachment theory helps us untangle the complex web of early learning that can make engaging in fulfilling adult relationships difficult and painful. I hold special training in a method called Experiential Attachment, which naturally elicits the infant/caregiver attachment system, allowing for examination of early attachment wounding and engagement in a process of repair.

  • Feminist External link

    I hold an intersectional feminist worldview, which means that I look not just at individual circumstances that impede personal growth, but also effects of systemic oppression fostered by a culture of white supremacy, patriarchy, homophobia and ableism. I hold all worldviews with gentleness and respect, but this perspective is foundational in my own understanding of the larger context of our work.

  • Hakomi External link

    Hakomi uses mindfulness to go towards your “core material,” or deeply ingrained beliefs about yourself and the world. By uncovering and examining these beliefs, we aim to discard inaccurate beliefs that no longer serve you, and gain new, life affirming experiences that help you understand the truth of yourself and the world, thereby living in alignment with each.

Issues I Treat


  • Self-Esteem External link

    Feelings of not being enough are often at the roots of depression and anxiety. Low self-worth can hold you back from leading the life you want, or pursuing the jobs and relationships you deserve. I use a combination of self-compassion techniques, and mindful exploration of your own intuitive knowing, to elicit and ground in your internal sense of self-worth.

  • ADHD External link

    Missed or mis-diagnosis of ADHD can leave adults with this condition feeling defeated or incompetent. As a person with lived experience of being diagnosed late in life I can help you evaluate if your symptoms are consistent with ADHD, de-stigmatize what it means to live with ADHD and collaborate with you on what supports will work best for you.

  • Polyamorous and Open Relationships External link

    Exploring your relationship values can help you ground into what you really want and need, and create the relationship orientation that is right for you. I have knowledge of many different types and styles of polyamory, non-monogamy, and open relationships. I hold the belief that any type of relationship can be healthy with the consent and honestly of all partners.

  • LGBTQ Issues External link

    My clients come from all walks of life, but I especially enjoy serving my clients from the queer community. For me, queerness is just another part of who you are, not part of 'the problem.' I aim to understand your unique story, but I won't need you to teach me the basics. Or, if you are still exploring, I can provide an open, non-pressuring environment to do so.

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