Compassion Fatigue

Local Experts in Compassion Fatigue

I have worked in case management for many years and am passionate about assisting those in helping professions, such as case managers, outreach workers, home visitors, and educators. Burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary trauma come with the territory.

As healthcare and mental health professionals we speak about the importance of self-care to others but often fail to follow our own advice. It’s time to make time to gather in a supportive, interactive and relaxed environment to begin the conversation about the demands of our work and the negative effects on our well-being. Revive and restore your yourself between appointments through self -aware

Creating a space for clients to freely explore and take time completely for themselves in art making provides a break from attending to the needs of others.

I specialize in Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma. I am a Certified Compassion Fatigued Professional (CCFP). If you are a professional helper beginning to feel burnt out or traumatized by your work, this is a normal reaction that occurs to professional helpers. You can grow and cope with it! You owe it to yourself, family, friends, and clients to take action.

You\'ve taken care of others for a long time. It\'s time to focus on you.

I am passionate about supporting folks on the front lines- those doing the hard work of caring for others in non-profits, schools, churches, and agencies. This work takes a toll, and sometimes as helpers, we're not the best at seeking help for ourselves. If you're experiencing deep tiredness, hopelessness, dread, cynicism, and a sense of futility in your work, it might be time to talk.

During this time of the Coronavirus, many hospital and healthcare workers are facing challenging working conditions, as well as increased demands on being a caregiver (to patients and their own families). With a background in hospital nursing, I have a unique perspective as a counselor on how compassion fatigue can be managed during stressful times.

I made it my mission early in my career to study and understand this phenomenon. In 2014 I hosted a telesummit with 21 experts on burnout prevention and recovery and I believe it is two-fold: working with the inner process which makes us inclined to over-extend ourselves, and working with systemic, social, and organizational issues which promote compassion fatigue. I help you address both.

Helping helpers brings me great joy. I support those who give of themselves by building tool kits together to guard against compassion fatigue and secondary trauma. I also help people assess when a change is needed.

I work with individuals who are experiencing work burn-out, and in particular for those working in helping professions. Some of my clients are other therapists, and I do offer clinical supervision.

I specialize in supporting counselors, social workers, coaches and other wellness professionals who are fighting off compassion fatigue, burnout, and work-related stress and anxiety with one-on-one wellness practice management coaching.

I love working with nurses, social workers and the like because they are among the world’s most genuinely good-hearted people, and life asks a lot of them. The path of the wounded healer is often tied to ancestral trauma, and childhood messages about your worth and purpose. Let’s help you re-examine those beliefs and learn to take better care of yourself.

Many professionals experience compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma as a consequence of doing important work in a variety of helping professions. I understand the dynamics of these experiences and know how to support your processing and healing.

If you are a helper and are affected by other people's stories, let's work together to develop specific skills and strategies that will help you manage this. Heather can help you get back to that rewarding feeling you entered the field for so you feel better at work and at home.

As a helper and healer, I've experienced compassion fatigue myself and it's a very real and overwhelming experience. My therapy and coaching services can support you in creating self-care routines and developing mindfulness skills to stay present with yourself and your emotional needs. This typically leads to boundary work as healthy boundaries are necessary to make space for your own wellbeing.

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