Compassion Fatigue

Local Experts in Compassion Fatigue

When attempting to relieve others' suffering we wonder if we are making a difference, experience sad, guilt, and overwhelm. Our “compassion muscle” becomes stressed leading to emotional and physical fatigue. I have experience and passion in helping those who help.

Working in one of the helping professions can be deeply meaningful and life giving. It also can lead to compassion fatigue. I have considerable experience working with individuals in the health care and mental health care fields who are facing the challenges of finding their way back to balance and to connection with why they entered their professions in the first place.

I specialize in supporting counselors, social workers, coaches and other wellness professionals who are fighting off compassion fatigue, burnout, and work-related stress and anxiety with one-on-one wellness practice management coaching.

I work with individuals who are experiencing work burn-out, and in particular for those working in helping professions. Some of my clients are other therapists, and I do offer clinical supervision.

My therapy and coaching services support individuals experiencing compassion fatigue who are needing greater mindfulness and self-care to support the work they do as caring professionals.

As a clinician who has worked with incarcerated individuals I understand first hand the complexities of compassion fatigue. As care givers we often struggle with meeting our clients where they are at. We often continue to see them struggle, which is often frustrating; however we can plant seeds and continue to assist our clients with moving forward. We need to focus on our clients strengths!

Did you know that 'burn-out' is included in the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases? It's very real and has significant affects on your health and well-being. I believe that your well-being and sustainability is worth the investment.

As healthcare and mental health professionals we speak about the importance of self-care to others but often fail to follow our own advice. It’s time to make time to gather in a supportive, interactive and relaxed environment to begin the conversation about the demands of our work and the negative effects on our well-being. Revive and restore your yourself between appointments through self -aware

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