Anxiety, at one time or another, is a fact of life.  Many people experience feelings of anxiousness when facing stressful situations or important decisions.  An Anxiety disorder, however, is a serious mental illness and can interrupt a person's ability to lead a normal life. For people with anxiety disorders, irrational worry and fear are overpowering and relentless. There are several different anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social phobia. The symptoms for these disorders vary, but all generally include some type of extreme, irrational fear and feelings of dread. Many people with an anxiety disorders also have physical symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, tension headaches, nausea, or muscle weakness. Anxiety disorders (characterized by at least six months of symptoms) are fairly common, affecting about 18% of the population. A mental health professional can be helpful in dealing with normal feelings of anxiety as well as specific anxiety disorders.

Local Experts in Anxiety

You are NOT your anxiety. Breath, calm, question, focus. I can help find the triggers to anxiety in order to help you cope with the reasons (and it may be a good one!) it exists.

I have training in evidence-based practices for addressing anxiety, including CBT, Mindfulness and Exposure therapies. I utilize interventions targeting the reduction and management of symptoms. I am knowledgeable in the biological stress response and mechanisms for interrupting and changing this response.

Anxiety is a great motivator, but it can also paralyze you and prevent you from living fully. Using mindfulness principles and practice, I will guide you in gaining the tools and confidence to face your fears and anxiety. Over time, you'll spend less energy worrying and more energy embracing whatever life brings you.

Besides treating anxiety in general, I have a unique perspective on performance anxiety for musicians and other public presenters having had a career as a professional musician.

Anxiety is one of my favorite issues to treat because it responds well to CBT, a theory I use, and to my warm and inviting approach. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, rest assured you are not alone. We will work to build the skills necessary for symptom reduction, so you can function at a higher level.

I have received extensive training in treating generalized anxiety, social anxiety, phobias, and obsessive compulsive disorder. I have been trained in the use of cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy to treat these issues.

There are lots of things for kids to worry about. I help kids who are anxious or overwhelmed by the expectations that are placed on them academically, athletically and socially to achieve.

I utilize a multifaceted approach to the treatment of anxiety incorporating mindfullness, CBT and DBT techniques as well as mini meditation.

Anxiety is the unpleasant experience of excessive worry, fear, and stress that can interfere with daily activities and your ability to rest/relax. Anxiety can manifest in repetitive thoughts and acute physical symptoms, such as heart-racing and difficulty breathing. I have had success treating anxiety with a combination of relaxation, problem-solving, and graded exposure exercises.

It’s important to explore the underlying thoughts, feelings, and related experiences associated with anxiety as well as the body’s response to stress. My training in working with anxiety includes ways to calm the physical stress response and reshape the body’s response to trigger events, as well as a variety of options for exploring and changing the accompanying thoughts and feelings.

Techniques to reduce stress which cause anxiety. They include, self hypnosis, EFT, Finger rub to calm and reduction of triggers.

Who doesn't experience anxiety to some degree? However, when it becomes out of balance and causing disruption in one’s ability to function then taking steps to make adjustments becomes necessary. I provide skills and techniques on how to cope and get things back in balance so that functioning becomes manageable and a greater well-being is attained.

A little anxiety keeps us safe; too much is crippling. What if you believed you could handle anything that came your way? How would that change the way you live your life? In therapy, we first explore what is driving your anxiety, then learn tools to manage it so that you can negotiate an often chaotic world with the inner peace that you desire.

I have been working with students and clients to help them overcome anxiety since 2003. I utilize two pronged approach to treating anxiety, first by teaching my clients skills and techniques such as mindfulness practice to help them cope with and reduce anxiety. Second, I work with clients to uncover the root causes of anxiety and help them process those causes in our therapeutic sessions.

In working with individuals suffering from anxiety I have found that it is an inability to properly identify and manage the body's emotional experience that leads to the distress. I utilize emotion focused therapy to identify the negative emotional experience and together with the client develop healthier coping strategies to deal with that emotion.

Anxiety can be a normal coping mechanism to help people deal with a variety of stressors. However, if anxiety becomes excessive and/or interferes with your daily functioning, you may need to see a therapist. Therapy can provide you the tools and insights to deal with anxiety. EMDR, mindfulness- based therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy are all useful practices that I use to treat anxiety.

Snowball rolling down hill, getting bigger and bigger? Want to learn how to manage anxiety before it get's too big? Counseling can help you find ways to feel less overwhelmed.

I believe that the experience of anxiety is one of disconnection; we have lost our connection to the ability to calm and make sense of life in all its glory and difficulty. I work with yoga, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, and the processing of difficult experiences and emotions to mitigate the effects of anxiety.

Anxiety is often a result of a lack of personal 'integration.' Each of us is made up of many parts, emotions and thoughts, and these can become overwhelming, confusing, and conflicting. In therapy we work to make sense of the roots of your anxiety, as you learn to tolerate, manage, and alleviate some of that discomfort through finding a real sense of wholeness and clarity within your true self.

Anxiety is a common problem, and I have helped many clients decrease their symptoms as well as increase coping skills.

Gaining an understanding of where the anxiety comes from can be helpful but isn't always enough. I work with clients to increase their emotional sense of safety and self assurance. We also work on strategies to better deal with anxiety-provoking situations.

Anxiety is that buzzing bee in your chest that keeps you from moving forward, or stops you from getting out of your worn path. I engage with you to explore and practice new ways of responding to anxiety-inducing situations.

I help people struggling with worry, excessive stress and major life transitions. We\'ll work together to help you feel more in control and hopeful about the challenging aspects of your life.

Anxiety/stress/worry is something we all deal with in our lives. Some people struggle with chronic anxiety and others experience periods when anxiety becomes more intense and can be debilitating. I work extensively with clients on anxiety related concerns and utilize CBT, mindfulness and communication skills to help clients learn to live with their anxiety.

Anxiety is often a message from the nervous system that something is out of balance. For sensitive people, anxiety can be triggered in a heartbeat, even when nothing is seemingly the matter. I work with my clients to identify what is causing their discomfort, and craft a plan to address the suffering systemically.

Anxiety is often expressed as a way that we learn to cope with traumatic forces in our lives. Some anxiety is normal but it shouldn\'t be something governing your life. We can uncover some of the root causes to help ease your anxiety and find tools to help you manage its symptoms.

I am experienced working with individuals, children, and families on anxiety. Anxiety can take many forms, and effects everyone in different ways. Anxiety can be overwhelming and debilitating. I offer a non-judgmental space where we can work together to address anxiety, and develop tools to help. I am a warm, competent, energetic practitioner and will work to help you feel at ease.

I have worked with clients for 5 years dealing with anxiety related issues. My training in specific skills (relaxation etc...) that will help people learn how to tolerate anxiety.

I have received advanced training in treating anxiety via hypnotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I often use spiritual models to address anxiety as well.

Everyone has anxiety. When anxiety becomes painful, and overwhelming that's a signal that it's time to explore proper treatment options. With validation and support anxiety can become a opportunity for growth.

In a society that prizes individual strength, it can be hard to open up with others. Your therapist should be someone with whom you feel comfortable doing this hard work, and who genuinely cares about you and wants to help you succeed. My goal is to help you feel accepted and supported when talking about the issues that are closest to your heart.

Sometimes worries about life events, social situations, or general worry impact how a person lives their day to day life and I will work with you to move towards personal values with self-compassion.

Methods of treatment used are evidence-based, supported by research, and by the American Psychological Association (APA). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Exposure and Response Prevention are the most scientifically supported methods of treating anxiety, so are the main methods I use in working with clients.

We can help you manage your anxiety in a holistic, whole health approach. You don\'t have to struggle alone anymore.

Although anxiety is a debilitating condition, research has uncovered powerful and relatively quick interventions for reducing symptoms of GAD, social anxiety, panic disorder, phobias, and PTSD. Namely, we practice cognitive behavioral therapies for anxiety including exposure-based therapies (e.g. graded exposure, prolonged exposure, interoceptive exposure).

Anxiety is a common issue but it can get so bad it becomes demobilizing. Let me come a long side of you and help you through this. Not every technique is going to work for you but I would love to help you find out what works best for your anxiety.

I added anxiety as a specialty about 5 years ago and have become skilled at helping those with anxiety. I understand the way an anxious mind works and have tools and techniques that can help you change your thinking patterns so you\'re less anxious.

Introducing the ability to access a calmer space, if only momentarily at first, teaches the brain and the individual that it is possible FOR THEM! Once an individual can begin to notice the content of calm and the content of anxiety, they can begin to find hope and then true success to returning to a calmer, centered state.

Anxiety can cause us to avoid the things we most want to engage with. It can keep us from setting goals and reaching for what's most meaningful to us. Through mindfulness and focusing techniques, I help clients learn to respond differently to their anxiety. We work together to reduce anxiety's power to cloud emotions and intentions and we build skills and confidence for managing stress.

I have experience helping clients reduce and manage symptoms of anxiety. I use mindfulness techniques, teach body-awareness skills, and encourage the exploration of personal sense of meaning/purpose/direction to treat anxiety. I also offer individualized therapeutic Yoga sessions to compliment our work in counseling, empowering you with skills to calm your mind & body on a daily basis.

Anxiety is the issue that I treat the most in my practice. I provide my clients with tools and techniques that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives and pull from whenever they feel anxious. I am proficient at using cognitive behavior methods to provide coping strategies, using a narrative therapy approach to create mindfulness and non-attachment to your triggers while also addressi

When we experience anxiety, it can feel like our nervous system is on chronic 'high alert.' This can be frustrating, exhausting, and disruptive. Using mindfulness, self-soothing techniques, breathing exercises, and deep exploration, we will get to the root of anxiety so you can calm and soothe your nervous system and fully enjoy your life.

I specialize in social anxiety and phobia. I use a narrative and mindfulness approach to normalize and limit fears of social engagement.

Many of us experience anxiety to a disruptive level at some point in our lives. And, you can control it. I provide skills and tools on how to cope and reduce anxiety. Through my education, experience, and passion, many clients have found relief and gained a greater sense of self control.

Anxiety becomes problematic when chronic repetitive thoughts, a sense of dread, or physical symptoms of nervousness get in the way of experiencing your life as it unfolds. We can work together to help you recognize anxiety when it gets activated inside you, manage the symptoms to limit distress, and decode the the information anxiety provides about your emotional and psychological life.

Anxiety often creeps up on us and the effects of anxiety can be dramatic and devastating. We withdraw and limit our experiences with the hope of protecting ourselves and our lives become centered on avoiding exposure to anxiety. I work with clients to help them develop the skills to manage their anxiety and to feel confident in their ability to engage in new experiences in their lives.

My specialty is helping children experiencing anxiety. This ranges from separation anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, specific phobias, school avoidance, and post trauma recovery.

Probably one of the most common complaints express by people today which can range from a long-term condition to a situation in your life where there just doesn't seem to be enough time to manage all your responsibilities in a balanced way, feeling a sense of well-being rather than a constant state of stress. I rely on a number of therapeutic approaches to help you find a healthier way to live.

The body let's us know how it's doing through feelings of anxiety, fear, and panic. By learning how to attend to and care for these feelings, we can re-pattern how we respond to the circumstances of our life, which are often unpredictable. Empathy and body attunement are the tools we use here.

Anxiety lives in the future. My work with crisis intervention has given me tools for getting and staying in the present moment.

Anxiety and depression can lead us to feeling stuck, limited in our relationships, and at a loss for where to turn. In some circumstances, these conditions are influenced by a specific situation, and in other cases they are a component of our biology. Through mindfulness training and cognitive behavioral therapy, we will develop an effective, skills-based plan that will bring you peace and joy.

Anxiety is one of the worst experiences we have. It can take us hostage and cause us to shut down or to act impulsively. As we work together you will learn to change your relationship to anxiety, it may never completely go away, but it doesn't have to control your life.

Anxiety is our body's rational response to an unstable and overwhelming environment. When we get stuck in those anxious loops of thought and fear, it can be hard to break free without reaching for substances and behaviors that numb or distract us. With self-compassion, mindfulness and bodily awareness, we can change our relationship to anxiety and grow more comfortable with uncertainty.

Some level of anxiety is to be expected with life- especially around major life events. When anxiety starts to impact our daily lives- leading to things like loss of sleep, a short temper or bad habits- it can be beneficial to have tools and techniques to manage your day. I help clients develop these skills to reduce stress in the short term and look at the root causes to reduce anxiety overall.

I can help you to feel less anxious and experience more security and self-confidence through a guided mindfulness based process

A feeling that is meant to protect us and keep us safe can take on a life of its own and become overwhelming. The energy spent on anxiety, nervousness, fear, and dread can come out in a variety of ways but is always exhausting and restricting. Together we can develop awareness of your symptoms and triggers and then develop coping strategies to help you reclaim ownership of your life.

Many of us come to counseling with some sort of an issue like anxiety, depression, or low self esteem. I believe that these \'issues\' are actually pathways inward to wholeness and freedom. Anxiety is life force energy that is stuck, obstructed or unchanneled. The more we clear fear, resistance and doubt from our systems, the more usefully our life force energy will flow.

I have a lot of experience successfully helping people with mild to severe anxiety. Symptoms of anxiety can include: changes in eating or sleeping patterns, irritability, having persistent uncomfortable thoughts and/or feelings, and many other stressful events.

Everyone experiences anxiety and for some it can become so severe that it interferes with the quality of life and functioning. Walt offers skills, support, and lifestyle planning and to manage panic attacks, social anxiety, and general anxiety.

We all have anxiety, but when it begins to rule your life, you need to get help. Together we will explore the ways that anxiety has increasingly become a problem for you. Using CBT mindfulness techniques and others methods of therapy the hold anxiety has on you will begin to decrease. You don't have to allow anxiety to control you.

Anxiety can be overwhelming and impacts all areas of a person's life. It takes courage to seek help and make changes, yet finding out where to begin can be overwhelming. I will work with you at your pace to help you identify and reconnect with the things most important to you, while also supporting you in letting go of whatever may be getting in the way of feeling better.

Anxiety issues are very common and can include panic attacks, obsessive thinking, compulsive behaviors, constant worrying, and irrational fears. Anxiety often goes hand in hand with depression. I work with people with all of these struggles and any other anxiety issues.

There are a variety of counseling techniques that are helpful in the treatment of anxiety symptoms. Mindfulness techniques are particularly effective as they allow for an increasing awareness of the external triggers and subsequent thought processes that lead to anxiety. Body-focused therapies are also proven to be effective in the treatment of anxiety.

I have extensive experience with anxiety disorders, chronic worry, and panic attacks. As someone who had her first panic attack at age 14, I can not only empathize with people who struggle with anxiety, but have learned many amazing tips and tricks along the way in my own journey towards health!

Anxiety often stems from worries about the future or unknown experiences. I work with clients using a variety of methods including desensitization, thought record, somatic work, grounding, and mindfulness.

I use mindfulness-based exploration to help clients explore the roots of their anxiety and learn to release stress from the body in ways that create lasting change.

Everyone experiences anxiety to some degree in their lives and it can be difficult to deal with. Working on calming the anxiety can be very valuable and can help ease some of the fear associated with it. Much of my coursework has been around learning how to recognize and process anxiety.

Worrying does not empty today of its troubles, it empties tomorrow of its strengths. We can work on ways you can grab control of the wheel, and not let anxiety do the driving anymore!

Anxiety builds on patterns of anxiety. Together we will find the negative voice that supports those patterns, blocking the process and infusing a voice that creates confidence and peace. EMDR is often used as a treatment.

Life is always happening to us and it can feel overwhelming. We may want to get some control of things, but we can't so the anxiety escalates. I can help you reduce the symptoms, and develop an awareness about the anxiety so that gradually it softens and you can better live life.

Life can be overwhelming , panicky and constricting at times due to our past, present circumstances and fear about the future. I will work with you to learn ways to let yourself return to calm and find productive ways to continue living your life.

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