Anxiety, at one time or another, is a fact of life.  Many people experience feelings of anxiousness when facing stressful situations or important decisions.  An Anxiety disorder, however, is a serious mental illness and can interrupt a person's ability to lead a normal life. For people with anxiety disorders, irrational worry and fear are overpowering and relentless. There are several different anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social phobia. The symptoms for these disorders vary, but all generally include some type of extreme, irrational fear and feelings of dread. Many people with an anxiety disorders also have physical symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, tension headaches, nausea, or muscle weakness. Anxiety disorders (characterized by at least six months of symptoms) are fairly common, affecting about 18% of the population. A mental health professional can be helpful in dealing with normal feelings of anxiety as well as specific anxiety disorders.

Local Experts in Anxiety

Extensive training in trauma informed therapy.

My unique professional experience with nature-based therapy and Cross-Cutural Music and Sound Healing offers helpful alternatives to conventional approaches. Treating anxiety is about cultivating safety in your body and mind. I will show you how to develop a loving, supportive relationship with your self.

I support clients to alleviate anxiety by gently supporting them in expanding their self-awareness and working together to problem solve.

There are a variety of counseling techniques that are helpful in the treatment of anxiety symptoms. Mindfulness techniques are particularly effective as they allow for an increasing awareness of the external triggers and subsequent thought processes that lead to anxiety. Body-focused therapies are also proven to be effective in the treatment of anxiety.

Using CBT and mindfulness techniques, I help clients find real solutions to manage anxiety.

I have been working with students and clients to help them overcome anxiety since 2003. I utilize two pronged approach to treating anxiety, first by teaching my clients skills and techniques such as mindfulness practice to help them cope with and reduce anxiety. Second, I work with clients to uncover the root causes of anxiety and help them process those causes in our therapeutic sessions.

I have cooperatively created, with my clients, successful individualized exposure procedures for those who struggled with anxiety, specifically social anxiety and PTSD.

Anxiety can make it hard for us to connect with people around us, and affects a huge part of our community. Almost all my clients have experienced some form of anxiety.

Anxiety often stems from worries about the future or unknown experiences. I work with clients using a variety of methods including desensitization, thought record, somatic work, grounding, and mindfulness.

Anxiety is the unpleasant experience of excessive worry, fear, and stress that can interfere with daily activities and your ability to rest/relax. Anxiety can manifest in repetitive thoughts and acute physical symptoms, such as heart-racing and difficulty breathing. I have had success treating anxiety with a combination of relaxation, problem-solving, and graded exposure exercises.

In a society that prizes individual strength, it can be hard to open up with others. Your therapist should be someone with whom you feel comfortable doing this hard work, and who genuinely cares about you and wants to help you succeed. My goal is to help you feel accepted and supported when talking about the issues that are closest to your heart.

Anxiety is such a shapeshifter, and seems to be a nearly unavoidable companion of the modern era. Learning to recognize & diminish signs & symptoms, as well as transform how we relate to anxiety can facilitate movement, new experience, and a sense of relief from dominating impact.

Anxiety is a common issue but it can get so bad it becomes demobilizing. Let me come a long side of you and help you through this. Not every technique is going to work for you but I would love to help you find out what works best for your anxiety.

Throughout my career, I have worked with people of all ages experiencing anxiety, typically stemming from abuse, trauma, and lack of meaning and social supports in life. I have been trained in working with people struggling with social isolation, intense worry and fears, generalized anxiety, and struggles of motivation and achievement using cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused therapies.

I have many years of experience treating anxiety and stress successfully inter and intra-personally. I use both mindfulness practices as well as coaching interventions to tackle stress and anxiety in relationships to other people.

Anxiety and depression can lead us to feeling stuck, limited in our relationships, and at a loss for where to turn. In some circumstances, these conditions are influenced by a specific situation, and in other cases they are a component of our biology. Through mindfulness training and cognitive behavioral therapy, we will develop an effective, skills-based plan that will bring you peace and joy.

Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional by the Institute of Certified Anxiety Treatment Professionals

Anxiety is the issue that I treat the most in my practice. I provide my clients with tools and techniques that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives and pull from whenever they feel anxious. I am proficient at using cognitive behavior methods to provide coping strategies, using a narrative therapy approach to create mindfulness and non-attachment to your triggers while also addressi

From a somatic perspective, anxiety can be framed as a fight/flight/freeze response to distress. In 'the wild' animals are able to run away, fight or play dead. This response goes away when danger has left. I work with clients to remember how to recognize these bodily responses and be able to tap into our organic ability to come back to baseline after stress.

*extensive supervised training in CBT and mindfulness approaches to working with anxiety including 2 yrs with Matthew McKay PhD who has written texts such as The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook and The CBT Anxiety Solution Workbook * completion of week-long mindfulness-based stress reduction training * practiced in Buddhist monastery + 30 yrs of meditation * 30 yrs in mental health field

Through trainings and professional experience, I have a number of techniques to help clients learn relaxation, mindfulness exercises, and gain a greater understanding of what promotes their anxiety.

Life can be overwhelming , panicky and constricting at times due to our past and present circumstances and fear about the future. I will work with you to learn ways to let yourself return to calm and find productive ways to continue living your life.

I have worked with adolescents and adults dealing with anxiety throughout my career. I approach anxiety with a mixture of psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral approaches.

Although anxiety is a debilitating condition, research has uncovered powerful and relatively quick interventions for reducing symptoms of GAD, social anxiety, panic disorder, phobias, and PTSD. Namely, we practice cognitive behavioral therapies for anxiety including exposure-based therapies (e.g. graded exposure, prolonged exposure, interoceptive exposure).

I am able to treat specific anxiety disorders including social anxiety, panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder using evidence-based approaches. I am also able to work with clients to treat anxiety that is more specifically related to the effects of trauma or oppression. Sometimes people also experience anxiety and have no idea why they are experiencing it.

In helping you find effective relief from anxiety, I utilize a mindfulness-based approach coupled with cognitive-behavioral skills and strategies.

If you suffer from general anxiety, social anxiety, or other anxiety, I can help through the use of mindfulness practices and assisting you in uncovering the root causes of the stress. As society becomes more fast paced, social media takes our attention, or our children become time-pressured, training the mind to respond in a way that effectively calms during stressful moments becomes essential.

Experienced in mindfulness based CBT for anxiety

I have decades of experience working with individuals with anxiety and panic disorder, helping them learn to self-regulate, self-monitor, and turn negative thought cycles into supportive and affirming ones. I am adept at Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) in regard to anxiety and panic, having completed training with the Beck Institute. I integrate mindfulness and psychoeducation into my approach.

Serving those who struggle with anxious thoughts and feelings. Providing a mindfulness-based anxiety treatment.

I incorporate a mindfulness-based approach to working with anxiety, working to help others change their relationship to their own anxious thoughts. Mindfulness can help us focus on the present moment rather than on feelings of worry or panic, meaning anxious thoughts become temporary, and are no longer viewed as reflections of reality.

I have a lot of experience and success in helping individuals who experience regular anxiety, worry, a sense of panic and distress. I often focus on effective coping skills to gain better control over anxiety and supporting small steps toward what my clients value the most in life.

Ongoing training and experience related to understanding and treating anxiety. Specialized training in mindfulness and interpersonal neurobiology.

A little bit of anxiety is not a bad thing, however when we experience too much anxiety, it can be overwhelming and crippling. Our therapists can help clients cope by getting to the root of the anxiety and learning a variety of techniques aimed at reducing stress and suffering.

Anxiety can cripple lives. It can suffocate clients’ personal and professional growth, shut down their ability to start relationships and take away their freedom to choose their own destiny. The worst part? Without successful treatment, anxiety can then become a ravenous vacuum - sucking clients’ confidence and talents and leaving them vulnerable to the “quick fixes” that serve to sustain fears.

Extensive experience working with populations suffering from anxiety and anxiety related symptoms.

There are tons of reasons to experience anxiety in the world we live. Anxious feelings and the struggles it creates is a central part of my practice. I work with you to become more grounded and calm in the hectic world we live. I blend narrative therapy, mindfulness practice, and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, to reduce levels of anxiety.

I have provided treatment to reduce and management anxiety for over 7 years. Ages 13-adults. Evidenced-based practices I use include EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and mindfulness (DBT).

Anxiety is a part of us that needs our attention and compassion in order to be tamed. My own anxiety has led me to seek healing in various forms. Beautiful trees remain to be my source of grounding and comfort. Praise nature! Practice mindfulness.

An overly activated nervous system can be a result of trauma, which can manifest in anxiety symptoms. Learning how to better regulate on a somatic level can help clients manage anxious thoughts and feelings.

I completed specialized training through the International OCD Foundation in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) in the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and anxiety related disorders. I have provided treatment as a senior clinician at a treatment clinic specializing in anxiety disorders.

Anxiety can plague our lives, making it difficult to function. I specialize in connecting with the parts of ourselves that are living in conscious or unconscious fear, bringing care and compassion to these parts.

Nature is a true sedative. People who participate in nature based activities in or out of therapy are more calm. We add professional therapist to the mix and see wonderful results.

Anxiety is displayed differently for everyone. Sometimes it feels as if your thoughts cannot slow down, you become frustrated and irritable, or you cannot focus on anything else. I believe that together we can work to improve your ability to observe what is happening in the moment, slow your thoughts, and take the appropriate action, allowing you to feel in control again.

Anxiety is very common - we all experience it to some degree, but when it keeps you from doing the things that you love and are important to you, a change is needed. It can be a result of over-analyzing or over-thinking situations to the point that it no longer serves you. I will help you “get out of your head” and embrace your inner strength to enjoy the things that are important to you.

I have experience diagnosing and treating an array of anxiety issues from social anxiety to bipolar induced agoraphobia and panic disorder. I treat these issues through the therapeutic relationship, coaching, mindfulness based exploration, community resources & collaboration with other practitioners. These issues are surprisingly common and I work to provide safe, non-pathologizing support.

I utilize a multifaceted approach to the treatment of anxiety incorporating mindfullness, CBT and DBT techniques as well as mini meditation.

A feeling that is meant to protect us and keep us safe can take on a life of its own and become overwhelming. The energy spent on anxiety, nervousness, fear, and dread can come out in a variety of ways but is always exhausting and restricting. Together we can develop awareness of your symptoms and triggers and then develop coping strategies to help you reclaim ownership of your life.

Anxiety is one of the most commonly experienced human emotions. However, if you are feeling worried more often than not, if reassurance and checking is no longer helping reduce anxiety, or you find yourself avoiding things that might cause anxiety, you may be experiencing symptoms of an anxiety disorder. Therapy can help you regain control of your life and put your anxiety back in it's place.

Anxiety can be a paralyzing feeling, riddled with symptoms of nausea, rapid heart beat, shallow breathing, racing thoughts, and/or excessive worry or fears. I work with individuals suffering from a variety of anxiety related issues including social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic attacks and fears related to social places and encounters. See my page for additional information.

Anxiety can be a paralyzing feeling, riddled with symptoms of nausea, rapid heart beat, shallow breathing, racing thoughts, and/or excessive worry or fears. I work with individuals suffering of a variety of anxiety related issues including social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic attacks and fears related to social places and encounters. See my page for additional information.

I utilize a Mindfulness based approach to treating and understanding anxiety. Anxiety presents different for everyone and there is no one cause. Together we will work to understand underlying causes, discover coping strategies that work for you and ultimately helping you to take back your life so you are no longer being controlled by anxiety.

I have helped many clients learn new skills to cope with symptoms of anxiety, and to understand how their anxiety developed.

Anxiety is a normal part of life - until it becomes so overwhelming, until it becomes so overwhelming that it shuts us down. I use cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical therapy and mindfulness techniques which have been shown to effectively lessen or eliminate extreme anxiety symptoms.

Often early life adaptation has lead us to feel anxious and blocked in current life. I work with you to go beyond the feelings of anxiety and toward what the underlying issues may be. I use varied theoretical approaches depending upon what you feel would be useful and helpful to you. Often anxiety is linked to depression. I work with depression in adults as well.

Something happened in the past to activate your alarm system, probably a series of events. Together, we will gently explore your thoughts, feelings and memories held deep in your body. I will encourage you to compassionately question your beliefs about yourself. I will support you in patiently walking through your fears so that you can flourish in your life.

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. I help clients learn tools to cope with feelings of panic, anxiety and stress. I believe using food, mindfulness and cognitive techniques can be helpful in conquering anxiety.

Anxiety is a common problem, and I have helped many clients decrease their symptoms as well as increase coping skills.

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