Anxiety, at one time or another, is a fact of life.  Many people experience feelings of anxiousness when facing stressful situations or important decisions.  An Anxiety disorder, however, is a serious mental illness and can interrupt a person's ability to lead a normal life. For people with anxiety disorders, irrational worry and fear are overpowering and relentless. There are several different anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social phobia. The symptoms for these disorders vary, but all generally include some type of extreme, irrational fear and feelings of dread. Many people with an anxiety disorders also have physical symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, tension headaches, nausea, or muscle weakness. Anxiety disorders (characterized by at least six months of symptoms) are fairly common, affecting about 18% of the population. A mental health professional can be helpful in dealing with normal feelings of anxiety as well as specific anxiety disorders.

Local Experts in Anxiety

I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to decrease the symptoms, and improve functioning.

Anxiety can interfere with daily life, causing you to feel so nervous that you don’t follow through on plans or do what you want to. Anxiety often manifests in the body as an upset feeling in your stomach, tense muscles or a rapid heart rate. FHT is a process that allows you to connect to your body and soothe your fears and anxieties.

It is no wonder so many individuals suffer from anxiety. We live in a society that is constantly promoting fear. Together we will work to acknowledge and demystify the anxious mind, find stability and coping through grounding, behavioral and mindfulness exercises, and move towards valued action and balance.

Anxiety can be a real challenge in today\'s world with so many sources of information and perceived demands upon our time and mental energy. Learning to understand how we can manage the feelings that come along with stress and anxiety is essential to better living. Developing strategies to lessen the toll it takes on us and finding ways we can resolve it when we feel overwhelmed are key.

Stomach churning. Palms sweating. Heart racing. Sometimes, our bodies know we're anxious before we do. My approach to anxiety sees you as a whole person, taking into consideration your family context, life events, strengths, and hopes for the future. It can get better.

Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional by the Institute of Certified Anxiety Treatment Professionals

Although anxiety is a debilitating condition, research has uncovered powerful and relatively quick interventions for reducing symptoms of GAD, social anxiety, panic disorder, phobias, and PTSD. Namely, we practice cognitive behavioral therapies for anxiety including exposure-based therapies (e.g. graded exposure, prolonged exposure, interoceptive exposure).

Anxiety is one of my favorite issues to treat because it responds well to CBT, a theory I use, and to my warm and inviting approach. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, rest assured you are not alone. We will work to build the skills necessary for symptom reduction, so you can function at a higher level.

I have a lot of experience helping people to successfully cope with mild to severe anxiety. People with anxiety often experience: Restlessness or feeling on edge, difficulty falling or staying asleep, intrusive thoughts, fear and panic, indecisiveness, difficulty concentrating, muscle tension, irritability

Life can be overwhelming , panicky and constricting at times due to our past and present circumstances and fear about the future. I will work with you to learn ways to let yourself return to calm and find productive ways to continue living your life.

I have received advanced training in treating anxiety via hypnotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I often use spiritual models to address anxiety as well.

With anxiety, it is important to take a whole-person approach. I can help you to develop more effective coping tools for managing anxiety day-to-day so you can function. At the same time, Expressive Arts practice offers you tools to gain insight into your unconscious so you can begin to heal the roots of your anxiety. This dual-focus approach can help you gain short-term and long-term relief.

I specialize in working with people who are experiencing anxiety-based disorders (generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, phobias). I assist clients in developing a deeper sense of meaning through the investigation of patterns of suffering. Stop feeling paralyzed in your thinking and your life, break free from constantly second guessing yourself and learn what it takes to trust others.

There are tons of reasons to experience anxiety in the world we live. Anxious feelings and the struggles it creates is a central part of my practice. I work with you to become more grounded and calm in the hectic world we live. I blend narrative therapy, mindfulness practice, and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, to reduce levels of anxiety.

Anxiety can be a feeling we experience a little here and there or something that is paralyzing to day to day life. I help people manage those feelings by learning to stop fighting themselves and accept their fears in an empowered way.

Anxiety can become very overwhelming at times in our lives. There can be a number of reasons like fear of unknown, frustration, feeling 'stuck', anger, etc that may be the reason for anxiety. I focus on various skills to help reduce the intensity of these symptoms and hope to help you restore peace in your lives.

Often anxiety comes from neurological dysregulation (you feel like running away when there is no danger) or unexamined beliefs ('Everyone hates me'). I use treatments that address both of these causes specifically. Anxiety is also very treatable using mindfulness based strategies.

An activated Nervous System can make satisfying engagement with others nearly impossible. My anxiety clients come from family backgrounds they say were \'fine,\' \'happy,\' or \'normal.\' These terms often overlook the emotional dependency of children. Neglect of this subtle type can create relational anxiety. Somatic, attachment work can make connecting easier.

Anxiety in children can look like tantrums, demanding behavior and meltdowns. Dealing with the root problem of anxiety can alleviate these otherwise baffling behaviors.

Many of us experience anxiety to a disruptive level at some point in our lives. And, you can control it. I provide skills and tools on how to cope and reduce anxiety. Through my education, experience, and passion, many clients have found relief and gained a greater sense of self control.

Many of my clients struggle with either underlying issues of anxiety and/or depression. I have worked in individual, couples and group settings addressing both anxiety and depression.

Do you have difficulty sleeping, focusing, or managing anxious thoughts? Anxiety does not have to run your life. I can help you identify patterns of feeling, thought, and belief that trigger anxiety, develop strategies to lower anxiety, and begin to heal root causes of this challenge.

A little bit of anxiety is not a bad thing, however when we experience too much anxiety, it can be overwhelming and crippling. Our therapists can help clients cope by getting to the root of the anxiety and learning a variety of techniques aimed at reducing stress and suffering.

Anxiety can arrise in people's lives for various reasons; difficulty coping with life changes, relationship conflict, unresolved trauma, biological predisposition or living a lifestyle that is incompatible with your core beliefs or values. I treat Anxiety through a combination of finding ways to cope and reduce anxiety in the moment, and inviting clients to explore options for deeper healing.

Anxiety is currently the number one issue being treated by mental health professionals in the U.S., and I think that makes perfect sense. We live in an anxious culture! If you think you could use some help, you're on the right track -- we ALL need help with our anxiety. I can offer support, tools and empathy along the way to you feeling better.

I have been working with students and clients to help them overcome anxiety since 2003. I utilize two pronged approach to treating anxiety, first by teaching my clients skills and techniques such as mindfulness practice to help them cope with and reduce anxiety. Second, I work with clients to uncover the root causes of anxiety and help them process those causes in our therapeutic sessions.

I utilize a multifaceted approach to the treatment of anxiety incorporating mindfullness, CBT and DBT techniques as well as mini meditation.

Anxiety can be a paralyzing feeling, riddled with symptoms of nausea, rapid heart beat, shallow breathing, racing thoughts, and/or excessive worry or fears. I work with individuals suffering from a variety of anxiety related issues including social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic attacks and fears related to social places and encounters. See my page for additional information.

Anxiety is a normal human reaction to stress, but it can become problematic when it gets in the way of our goals, ambitions, and day-to-day needs. I use a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness practice to identify negative thoughts/judgments of our anxiety experience, and to regain control of how our body reacts to anxiety.

Anxiety can be experienced as fatigue, restlessness, racing/ unwanted thoughts, excessive worry, fear, anger, feeling of impending doom and insomnia. Phew! Those experiences can cause self-esteem to plummet, social phobia to rise and make everyday experiences that seem like they should be normal and easy exceptionally difficult. Together we can move towards a different experience.

I have a lot of experience and success in helping individuals who experience regular anxiety, worry, a sense of panic and distress. I often focus on effective coping skills to gain better control over anxiety and supporting small steps toward what my clients value the most in life.

Extensive experience working with populations suffering from anxiety and anxiety related symptoms.

Anxiety is a great motivator, but it can also paralyze you and prevent you from living fully. Using mindfulness principles and practice, I will guide you in gaining the tools and confidence to face your fears and anxiety. Over time, you'll spend less energy worrying and more energy embracing whatever life brings you.

Anxiety can be a response a daily stressor or can be rooted in past traumas. For some, it can feel like they have been struggling with symptoms for most of their lives and for others it may be intermittent. With the right support and guidance you can learn to access the internal resources needed to step back, change our perception of a situation and experience life with less stress and more ease.\n

In a society that prizes individual strength, it can be hard to open up with others. Your therapist should be someone with whom you feel comfortable doing this hard work, and who genuinely cares about you and wants to help you succeed. My goal is to help you feel accepted and supported when talking about the issues that are closest to your heart.

Anxiety is a series of thought patterns that limit and paralyze a person\'s activity and well-being. Some people also experience physical body reactions with their anxiety. Counseling offers skills for relief and management of anxiety symptoms/patterns.

I help people struggling with worry, excessive stress and major life transitions. We\'ll work together to help you feel more in control and hopeful about the challenging aspects of your life.

Experienced in mindfulness based CBT for anxiety

Anxiety is physically and emotionally debilitating and can leave you feeling like your well-being is at the mercy of chance. I treat individuals struggling with all types of anxiety issues. Using a blend of mindfulness and interpersonal neurobiology, I help clients identify triggers, find relief, and develop a stronger sense of inner strength and awareness.

I have over 20 years experience and expertise guiding others to live differently and more skillfully with anxiety., panic and OCD. I understand anxiety from first-hand experience and can attest to evidence-based practices that work.

Through trainings and professional experience, I have a number of techniques to help clients learn relaxation, mindfulness exercises, and gain a greater understanding of what promotes their anxiety.

Throughout my career, I have worked with people of all ages experiencing anxiety, typically stemming from abuse, trauma, and lack of meaning and social supports in life. I have been trained in working with people struggling with social isolation, intense worry and fears, generalized anxiety, and struggles of motivation and achievement using cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused therapies.

Using CBT and mindfulness techniques, I help clients find real solutions to manage anxiety.

Anxiety is one of the issues I treat most often in my practice. Through exploration of your story we can better understand the source the anxiety you experience so you can manage it rather than it getting in your way. We will also discuss what happens in your brain and body when anxiety rises, using this information to develop tools and techniques specific to your experience of anxiety.

I utilize Mindfulness practices

Sometimes anxiety can seem overwhelming, unbearable, and even terrifying. We help people understand what triggers anxiety episodes and help you learn new skills for coping and healing. In addition to individual counseling, my practice offers an anxiety support group. You don't need to be alone in your anxiety recovery any longer.

Depression and anxiety is incredibly painful and affects most people in some way at some point in life. It can be sporadic or completely consuming. Together, we can work to identify the root and look for patterns that might unknowingly contribute to your anxiety and depression. I can help you develop effective skills to move forward enjoy life more fully again.

Anxiety often results from feeling overwhelmed and unprepared. While some anxiety is our bodys natural way of warning us of a possible threat, it can often feel like our lives are spinning out of control. Through mindfulness practices and centering techniques, we can begin to feel more empowered and less controlled by our emotional responses.

I use mindfulness techniques tailored to each client.

We are all wired to sense threats to safety and survival. Being constantly on-guard, though, is exhausting both physically and emotionally and we long to feel safe and to thrive. I work with clients to understand and befriend this adaptive response, calm the chronic or traumatic distress, and build emotional resilience in the safety of the client-therapist relationship.

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