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At THRIVE, we believe in the power of science and the art of compassion. Our clinicians are experts in masterfully matching clients with evidence-based interventions that are effective and time-limited.

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All THRIVE clinicians practice cognitive, behavioral, and mindfulness-based interventions that have significant research to support their effectiveness. In general, the relationship between a THRIVE clinician and client is not unlike that between a coach and player. THRIVE clinicians help you identify your goals, define a skills-based approach for attaining your goals, and practice, practice, practice until you no longer need a coach! We focus on the right balance of active engagement (i.e. skills building and practice) and compassionate encouragement (i.e. validation and cheerleading).

Our clinicians are graduates of well-established medical institutions, rigorous clinical psychology departments, and respected social work and counseling programs. Our clinical staff is comprised of LPCs, MAs, MSWs, PhDs, and PsyDs. We also have a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (for med management) and a registered dietitian. All of our staff is concurrently practicing at the Portland DBT Institute and is comprehensively trained in DBT.

Techniques I Use


  • Family Therapy External link

    Family therapy can be a powerful intervention - especially for those with a loved one suffering from mental illness. Several studies, for instance, have indicated that family environment can significantly impact the course and outcome of mood and psychotic disorders. At THRIVE, we practice Family-Focused Therapy, an evidence-based therapy for teens and adults struggling with mood disorders.

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) External link

    While we do not offer full-fidelity DBT through the THRIVE clinic, all of our providers are comprehensively trained and concurrently practicing in DBT with our sister clinic, the nationally-renowned Portland DBT institute. This means that intervention offered at THRIVE are augmented by a deep toolbox of DBT skills and are guided by dialectical thinking.

  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) External link

    As a class of interventions, CBT has received more empirical support than any other type of intervention - and this is precisely why our practice has a strong emphasis on CBT. We like to think of ourselves as cBt (i.e. little c, big B) in our implementation of CBT, meaning that we tend to emphasize cognitive change through experience, exposure, and skills building.

Issues I Treat


  • Medication Management External link

    For many people, medication can provide the steady foundation for life-changing therapy. Our medication manager is a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who is intensively trained in DBT and attends weekly case consultation meetings with THRIVE therapists and dietitian. Our PMHNP is a seasoned diagnostician and practitioner who has experience in treating teens and adults.

  • Insomnia External link

    At THRIVE, we believe in the power of sleep and have formed a knowledgeable team of sleep treatment providers who practice gold-standard interventions that improve sleep. In fact, recent guidelines by the American Medical Association designate CBT for Insomnia as the first-line treatment for insomnia. We also treat CPAP difficulties and recurrent nightmares using evidence-based protocols.

  • Anxiety External link

    Although anxiety is a debilitating condition, research has uncovered powerful and relatively quick interventions for reducing symptoms of GAD, social anxiety, panic disorder, phobias, and PTSD. Namely, we practice cognitive behavioral therapies for anxiety including exposure-based therapies (e.g. graded exposure, prolonged exposure, interoceptive exposure).

  • Bipolar External link

    Research indicates that bipolar disorder is best treated with a combination of medication and psychotherapy. At THRIVE, we offer both medication management and evidence-based therapies for teens and adults with bipolar disorder. Our clinic manager, Dr. Christopher Hawkey, was intensively trained in Family-Focused Therapy by the treatment developer, Dr. David Miklowitz.

  • Depression External link

    When it comes to depression, we rely on cognitive, behavioral, and mindfulness-based interventions to improve mood and decrease risk of relapse. Specific interventions that we use include behavioral activation, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy.

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