Pregnancy (Prenatal Mental Health)

Preparing to welcome a baby can elicit many powerful emotions. Expectant moms and dads can expect to feel excitement, fear and everything in between. Additionally, some women experience a heightened level of depression or anxiety during pregnancy. A mental health professional who specializes in pregnancy can help expectant mothers and their partners address the wide range of issues that pregnancy and childbirth may cause.

Local Experts in Pregnancy (Prenatal Mental Health)

In my private practice and in my work at a hospital birth center, I have witnessed a wide range of mental health, relationship, and health related issues that people can experience during pregnancy. This awareness informs my work around pregnancy as does the importance of helping people create space and energy for the upcoming labor and delivery and the ensuing adjustment.

I focus on women’s issues including perinatal mental health. This may include emotional and psychological changes during pregnancy or as you try to conceive. In our work I will take into consideration the many factors—hormones, your environment, social support, family of origin issues— that contribute to your wellbeing.

As a mother of three, i can identify how important is to to receive extra support during such a transitional time. As a practitioner, I focus my work to support women throughout each stage of motherhood from preconception and beyond. I continue to refine my skills as a provider by completing training in areas of Maternal Mental Health, Pregnancy Support, Birth Trauma, Adoptions & Perinatal Loss.

Many women experience an increase in depression or anxiety/panic during and after pregnancy. Our work together will focus on normalizing what is happening to you, and support you in developing practical skills for taking care of yourself during this important season.

I specialize in maternal mental health

I specialize in perinatal mental health which includes making decisions about starting a family and the journey to birth. For some, the path is straightforward. For others, it winds, bends and leads to unwanted places - infertility, loss, sadness, anxiety, or grief. I help families address these concerns so they move toward parenthood feeling exceptionally supported, encouraged and well.

As a Baby Blues Connection volunteer for 5 years, I have received training to support mothers during the postpartum period. As a mother myself, I can draw from my own experience as well.

Pregnancy is a time of great excitement and possibility, but it is also physically and emotionally demanding and can be stressful or frightening, particularly for those with a history of trauma. I am passionate about helping women* experience all stages of pregnancy from a place of choice and empowerment. (*Not all who are pregnant identify as women; I recognize and affirm all identities.)

Pregnancy has many different meanings depending on who you ask. Whether you are pregnant and you want to process your pregnancy and or your birth or choices, are post partem and are experiencing intrusive thoughts/anxiety/depression/ and or are recovering from a traumatic birth, or you a grieving the loss of a child from miscarriage. I welcome and encourage partners join if this works for you .

I am certified by PSI in prenatal, pregnant and postpartum mood disorders. I provide therapy and support to families, individuals and couples who are experiencing challenges prior, during and after this time. This population is my passion and I enjoy being able to help individuals who feel like \'I should be happy this is an amazing time!\' But might not really feel that way!

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