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Kristen Genzano (she/her)

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I focus on Women's Issues including Infertility, Postpartum, Childfree Women, Female Entrepreneurs, Mother/Daughter Relationships, & more.

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1017 SW Morrison St.

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Rate: $180

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Practicing Since: 2014

Languages: English


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My Approach to Helping

There is so much noise around us – particularly as women – it is often difficult to discern our own truth. I believe when we are given the space to slow down, reflect, and connect with our inner selves, we find the answers we are searching for. If you are feeling stuck, unsure of how to move forward, drained from listening to the expectations of those around you, therapy could be helpful. In our sessions together we will explore thoughts and feelings that may be interfering with your sense of peace, joy, and contentment. We will work collaboratively to create an environment where you can hear your own inner wisdom. In our work together, I will be honest and direct, gentle and challenging. I will do my best to understand your experience so that, together, we can discern a path forward that leads to your personal fulfillment.

Why I Became a Therapist

Before I was a therapist, I worked in the corporate world. During this time, I witnessed many of the complicated challenges women face as professionals, as business owners, as mothers, as daughters, as partners, and as friends to one another. It was this experience that led me to become a Therapist. I attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. During graduate school I completed two years of advanced training in Mindfulness & Behavior Therapies and specialized in working with survivors of childhood sexual trauma. Since graduating I received additional training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples, Experiential Therapy, and Relational Psychotherapy. I created my practice to offer women a compassionate and nonjudgmental place to talk through the many unique challenges they face. To learn more about my practice please visit my website -

Techniques I Use


  • Feminist External link

    I specialize in working with women. In my practice, I am consistently looking at my client’s experience through the feminist lens. From this perspective I work collaboratively with my clients to allow for a more balanced, accepting, and self-compassionate experience of themselves.

  • Mindfulness-based External link

    Bringing mindfulness into one's life can lead to profound change. As a result, I aim to integrate mindfulness into my clinical work in a variety of ways. This intention is supported by two years of advanced professional training in Mindfulness & Behavior therapies. In addition to my professional experience, I maintain a personal meditation and yoga practice.

  • Emotionally Focused External link

    I am trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy and use this orientation to inform my work with individuals and couples. Emotions are central to the human experience. By being aware of and expressing our emotions we can more deeply understand ourselves. Deeper self-understanding gives way for more authentic self-expression.

Issues I Treat


  • Postpartum External link

    In 2015 I completed a year-long training and consultation group focused on perinatal/postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. I approach this work from a holistic perspective, collaborating with you to identify the multiple factors that contribute to your wellbeing during and after pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy (Prenatal Mental Health) External link

    I focus on women’s issues including perinatal mental health. This may include emotional and psychological changes during pregnancy or as you try to conceive. In our work I will take into consideration the many factors—hormones, your environment, social support, family of origin issues— that contribute to your wellbeing.

  • Personal Growth External link

    Therapy isn’t solely for those in crisis or pain. If you feel a pull to expand, to transform, to grow, we can work together to explore the opportunities ahead of you. I have trained in a variety of treatment orientations related to personal growth. Be it behavioral, spiritual, or mental growth you are seeking, we will work together to identify blocks to growth and to expand possibilities.

  • Premarital Counseling External link

    I have extensive training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, a structured approach to couples therapy anchored in the science of attachment and bonding. Through this lens we will work to create a secure foundation as you enter into a new phase of your relationship.

  • Women's Issues External link

    I have dedicated my practice to working with a variety of women’s issues including perfectionism, work-other-self balance, fertility issues, romantic relationships, mother/daughter relationships, and coping with experiences of sexual abuse.

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