Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is any forced and unwanted sexual activity. Since children are unable to consent, sexual child abuse is any sexual activity involving a child. Most of the time, the victims of sexual abuse know their attacker and sexual abuse often becomes worse over time. A person who has been sexually abused may feel anger, shock, shame, guilt, fear or disbelief. If you have been sexually abused, as a child or an adult, you may develop depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem or post-traumatic stress disorder.  A qualified mental health professional can help victims of sexual abuse, both children and adults, to recover from the trauma they have experienced.

Local Experts in Sexual Abuse

I have had 50+ hours of training working with sexual assault survivors. I volunteered for a year answering the crisis line for an organization. It was immensely valuable to my understanding and education about sexual assault and sexual abuse. Through this volunteering and training I\'ve become more well-versed and able to work with people who have suffered such trauma.

Sexual abuse does not discriminate, it effects all people no matter their age, gender, ability, socio economic class, race, sexual orientation and or culture. You are not alone, someone else is at fault not you. As a volunteer Rape Victim Advocate with Multnomah District Attorney I have seen the many ways sexual abuse and sexual assault effects people and their lives.

Children who have been sexually abused often have untrue thoughts about the abuse such as blaming themselves or feeling embarrassed and ashamed. Ruth provides Trauma-Focused Therapy that targets these thinking errors and teaches the child coping skills to deal with trauma symptoms. Children learn to recall the abuse safely helping them feel in control and stronger than before.

Sexual abuse and eating disorders can go together. I will support you in addressing the abuse so emotional eating and disordered eating can be a thing of the past.

I specialize in abuse and trauma, and have a particular focus in sexual abuse. Using various tools, we can de-code the nervous system\'s language so that you can understand better the ways to support your healing. Post-Traumatic Stress is something that can be very daunting, but can definitely transform to allow for resiliency and growth.

Sexual abuse affects all areas of our lives. Depending on our age, who abuses us, how others react to our abuse and other life circumstances, we are injured in varying ways. To recover, we need to address our physical, psychological, emotional, behavior and spiritual injuries.

I often work with clients that have a history of being abused. For some, that history is the prime focus of our work, for others it is in the background. I create a safe place that will allow you to address these concerns as you wish, at your own speed.

As a survivor myself, I know the extra care it takes to wade in these waters. The gift I can give other survivors is to hold space for healing. \nThere are some wonderful and gentle techniques to make the past fade into it\'s rightful spot, so you can relax deeply and reclaim your life. The gift of wisdom is your birthright.

My work has centered around sexual abuse clients for the past 25 years. Eliminating flashbacks, restoring normal sexual functioning and gaining the power to protect our bodies are all focuses of this therapy.

I have worked directly with sexual able/assault survivors of all genders for many years including over 4 years as a therapist at a Rape Recovery Center. I work with adults who are survivors of any kind of sexual and physical abuse trauma from ongoing childhood abuse to single incident rape or other sexual violence.

Sexual abuse is a complicated and unique trauma but one that can be healed using your personal strengths and sources of resiliency. I work with w three-phased approach to healing that is tailored for each client, and can work on this issue both with individuals and with couples.

Being a survivor is immensely complicated. I have extensive experience working with sexual abuse survivors and their families, and will witness and support your healing work with care and compassion. I use a family systems perspective to work in a relationship-based manner to address the complexities of abuse in individuals and families.

Children recovering from the trauma of sexual abuse need a supportive environment to express themselves and learn practical techniques to cope with triggers. I have experience working in a sexual abuse child advocacy center like CARES NW and domestic violence program.

My work has shown me that an astounding number of us have experienced sexual abuse. Perhaps your experience was recent or maybe it is from the distant past, maybe you have buried it deep or have addressed it before but now find it cropping up in your life and causing problems. You don\'t have to live with the pain you are experiencing, many tools, including EMDR, can bring you significant healing.

Sexual abuse affects us in ways that we may not realize. This often includes anxiety, depression, difficulty trusting others, and difficulty forming and maintaining healthy relationships. I am here to help my clients learn how to reestablish their lives and begin to recover.

Healing past sexual trauma from assault or early abuse, repairing relationship wounds, and creating trust to feel safe tapping into your sexual self, is a big part of my work. The wounds can take years to heal, and require a sex positive, trauma informed perspective.

Using hypnosis, rapid trauma resolution, community engagement, and narrative therapy, together we create space for healing. I am also the founder of an online community for female survivors of sexual trauma and abuse called I AM A ROCKSTAR.

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