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You are happy and successful, the one people come to for help, the couple others admire, the fixer. What no one knows is that on the inside, behind closed doors, you feel like a mess.

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Perhaps feeling lost or like a mess doesn't begin to describe your current struggle. Maybe you worry you're permanently damaged or that your relationship has experienced too much pain and resentment to recover. The isolation of keeping it together for the world makes the exhaustion, worry, and unhappiness even heavier. You are not alone and you are not doomed to this place forever. You can be ok, you can feel happier, your relationship can be fulfilling again. Common symptoms of these hidden struggles include: anxiety, depression, numbing, & PTSD. Whether you're an individual finding your way back to happiness, a couple adding new depth to your relationship, or you are just desperately trying to make things work, please call me. I'd love to help. What you see is what you get! My style is relaxed but direct, I want to optimize your time and growth.

I've been practicing therapy for 10 years and continue to be amazed by the clients I meet and the growth they allow me to witness, teach, and support. My background and special interests include: Successful couples on the rocks & successful individuals struggling with self, potentially experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, addiction and trauma. Ask me about EMDR! *Please check out my website,, for more info and to schedule an appointment.

Techniques I Use


  • Attachment Theory External link

    As with systems theory, I find attachment theory to be an extremely helpful model in supporting clients. We are indelibly marked by our early bonds with caregivers and typically, what we learned in those relationships sets our beliefs about the world and determines the patterns we follow in future relationships. Not that we can't change, attachment theory just helps us understand why.

  • EMDR External link

    I am EMDR Part I & II trained and find it to be one of the most valuable and efficacious tools I have gained in my 10 years in practice. Developed to address trauma and PTSD, it is now widely used for all sorts of challenges clients bring to therapy. Check out for an EMDR explanation and more specifics.

  • Family Systems External link

    No man is an island unto himself. Each person I work with is impacted by the various systems and relationships in their lives. This broad perspective allows me deeper understanding and insight into the challenges and solutions each client brings with them.

Issues I Treat


  • Sexual Abuse External link

    My work has shown me that an astounding number of us have experienced sexual abuse. Perhaps your experience was recent or maybe it is from the distant past, maybe you have buried it deep or have addressed it before but now find it cropping up in your life and causing problems. You don't have to live with the pain you are experiencing, many tools, including EMDR, can bring you significant healing.

  • Relationship / Marriage Issues External link

    For me, relationships make the world go 'round! I am passionate about couples, helping them grow, heal, and feel fulfilled in the context of their relationships. My work includes: partners who are dating, newlyweds experiencing challenges, empty nesters spicing things up, partners wrestling with separation, married, unmarried, traditional and non-traditional relationships.

  • Anxiety External link

    Anxiety is another extremely common problem faced by Americans. Again, you don't have to suffer alone and you can feel better. One of my favorite and most effective tricks to treating anxiety is EMDR. Friends, get ready to kiss anxiety goodbye!!!

  • Aspergers External link

    I've met an increasing number of adults who have been struggling in their relationships or in other areas of their lives due to undiagnosed Asperger's. If you suspect this is you and would like some help to navigate areas of your life more successfully please give me a call. My Aspie clients have been some of the most delightful, intelligent, and quickest learners I have ever met.

  • Depression External link

    Depression stats in the US are staggering, unfortunately, most of us suffer alone. You don't have to, you CAN experience relief. Symptoms can include lack of motivation, restlessness, sadness, irritability, insomnia/hypersomnia, weight loss/gain, clumsiness, forgetfulness, suicidal thoughts, among others. Depression is not a weakness of character or laziness. Let me help.

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