Child or Adolescent Issues

Most children and teens, even those who seem very well adjusted, will face bumps in the road occasionally. As part of growing up, they may go through tough periods of atypical behavior. Sometimes, there may be an underlying issue that the child or teen has trouble managing on their own. Things like divorce, adoption or bullying can be difficult for a child to work through without help. Additionally, children and adolescents can suffer from many of the same problems facing adults, including depression, insomnia, anxiety, poor self-esteem or eating disorders. A qualified therapist can help a child or adolescent to develop healthy ways to cope with whatever issue is on their mind.

Local Experts in Child or Adolescent Issues

It\'s tough being a kid today. Heck, it was tough being a kid when we were kids. I have worked with kids of all ages for over 10 years. I am specifically trained as a child and family therapist, and have worked with some of the toughest social/emotional/behavioral challenges out there, including anxiety, depression, self-harm, aggression, school problems, ADHD, Autism.

Children and Adolescents: Drawing on my 10 years as a special educator at the elementary and middle school levels, I am familiar with the broad range of emotional and behavioral challenges parents often face. Using a structural family systems approach, I work directly with the parents, children, and the overall dynamic within the family system. Coupled with my own experience raising a daughter.

I work with children 0-6, within the context of family therapy with their caregiver.

I have undergone specific training in adolescent issues, including development, attachment, relationship issues, healthy functioning, and skill building. I have extensive experience working with adolescents in a variety of settings.

As a child and adolescent therapist, I have supported youth in processing and coping with environmental and developmental stressors . Some of the stressors include, but are not limited to bullying, adjusting to family/parental transitions, social pressure, body and gender issues, and self-harming/suicidal ideation.

Adolescents face a host of challenges that can get in the way of stability and life satisfaction. Relying on their family support system is often not an attractive option for young people. It can be helpful for youths to seek support outside the family. I strive to be down to earth, nonjudgmental, and relatable. I have spent around eight year working with teens in a variety of contexts.

We want the best for our kids and hope that we give them the love, support, limits, structure, and experiences they need to grow into their potential. Teens these days are navigating all kinds of pressures: academic, social, family, just to name a few! I have been working with kids and teens since the start of my career, and it’s my favorite population.

Facing the challenges of childhood and adolescence can be daunting at times. I enjoy supporting our children and youth in attaining their goals and making positive changes in their lives.

Western culture is void of markers that signal to youth their impact and need of by those around them. Without these rites of passage or meaning-making milestones in a young person\'s life, they can become easily adrift. I aim to support a sense of agency and being needed within young people, in an effort for them to find meaning in the lives they choose to lead.

I have worked with teens and their families for over thirty years as a therapist and school counselor.

In my private practice I treat children/adolescents from the age of 10 and up. Common issues I have experience treating are mood disorders, ADHD, adjustment issues, victims of bullying, cutting, family issues, peer problems, divorce adjustment, and LGBTQIA2+ affirmative therapy.

Children frequently have difficulty talking about what is bothering them or talking about events that have occurred in their lives. My approach to counseling children and adolescents is to use a prescriptive method of play or expressive arts therapy (using the best fitting evidenced based practice that meets the needs of your child, integrated into hands-on work that brings counseling to life).

Extensive training and experience working with the problems associated with adolescence.

I worked with adolescents in different environments for most of my life. I taught children and teens karate when I was in high school, I was a mentor to Freshmen college students during my undergraduate years, I worked with teens on the autism spectrum and answered phones for the Youthline before graduate school, and I worked with teens at an emergency shelter during my graduate program.

I specialize in supporting children and teens through difficult times, including gender and identity exploration, depression, anxiety, and adjustment to changing life circumstances. Art therapy is an excellent tool for helpful young people navigate their feelings.

I have worked with youth and their families for over 30 years (as a youth mentor for 20 and in the schools for seven as a school counselor). I love helping young adults find a path to their future and help parents become the best consultants they can!

Using art and creative modalities, play and talk therapy, as well as working with the parent and child together, I have a broad sense of how to support children through challenging times including parents\' divorce and separation, school anxiety, and social-emotional skill building.

I have been working with children and teens for over a decade in treatment centers and schools on issues such as anger, anxiety and grief through mindfulness, CBT and other modalities. I am currently a licensed school counselor as well as an LPC intern.

I have been working with children and teens directly in many different capacities since 1998. I felt a calling to do so from a very early age. I have a BS, MSCP, and two certifications in people-centered, helping fields that have taught me much about how to connect with children and adolescents.

I have over 18 years of experience working with adolescents, with a vast amount of education and trainings in having healthy and productive interactions with them. I am very passionate about this age group and desire to help individuals not just survive these years, but to thrive in them.

Adolescence can be a confusing and difficult time for both parents and teens full of behavior and emotions that teens and parents don’t always understand or know how to handle. I work with families to address specific emotional and behavioral concerns including adolescent depression, anxiety and high risk behaviors.

I have over 10 years providing mental health therapy to children and adolescents in residential, outpatient, home-based, and school settings. My graduate training took place in child and adolescent clinics and I received intensive training in family therapy during my internship year. I have also worked as a research interventionist at University of Oregon on child issues.

I have been extensively trained in issues around adolescent mental health through my academic and professional background. I support teens in developing a healthy values system and sense of self as they navigate their transition to adulthood. Working with teens is unique, delicate, and extremely rewarding, as their growth and change seems to be accelerated and magnified in this stage of life.

I bring in-depth knowledge of adolescent development and experience in helping older adolescents pursue growth-enhancing relationships, post-secondary education, and work.

Therapy can help children & adolescents adjust to life transitions, improve social skills & self-esteem, manage fears/worries, better understand & regulate their emotions and heal from difficult or traumatic experiences. I love working with children & adolescents (and their families), using techniques such as play therapy, art, humor, talk therapy and skill-building activities.

My truest focus as a therapist is working with young people, & whatever issues or struggles they may be facing, with a developmentally & culturally relevant approach. All theoretical or practical training has been filtered through this lens, leading to a specialized style of building strong therapeutic relationships, supporting & facilitating young clients' ability to navigate their way through...

I have training in Lifespan Integration for kids and adolescents as well as Play therapy interventions and Sandtray therapy. My experience with kids has been over 25 years including grief work, psychoeducation, special needs support, and therapy models to address attachment and trauma.

Gina Parks, QMHP is a pre-licensed intern who is trained in Art Therapy. She specializes in children and adolescents with anxiety and trauma, integrating play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and collaborative problem solving for a client centered approach. \n

I have extensive training and experience working with teens and pre-teens. Adolescence is a period of stress; both for teens and the adults that love them. With stress comes growth and teens are growing a lot! They are managing day to day life and developing personally, cognitively, and emotionally. I enjoy supporting parents and teens navigating this important life transition.

Working with teens and tweens is my passion, and comprises much of my experience.

I have provided individual and group art therapy for severely emotionally disturbed girls in residential treatment. I have also provided individual and group art therapy for children in foster care as well as sexual minority youth in the juvenile justice system.

Children and teens are not mini-adults. They are on a learning and self-discovery path that is unique and can be hard to understand. We will take a look at the developmental needs of your child or teen and how to foster health and independence.

I have worked as a Child and Family Therapist in community mental health for the last 5 years. My experience includes supporting families through transition, assisting parents in restructuring expectations and setting limits, and increasing communication within family system. My work also includes running girls groups for adolescents that target self esteem, social expectations, and self worth.

I've been working with teens since 1998 when I began volunteering as a mentor for at-risk youth in Portland. Since that time I've worked extensively with teens and families within a wide range of contexts and backgrounds. I typically connect well with teens and parents. Depending on the circumstances, I may work with parents, teens, siblings, the whole family or combinations.

Behavior struggles, trauma, identity, social skills, adapting to middle school, high school.

Kids who come to see me often learn how to tame big feelings, make sense of their experiences--even hard ones, increase resilience, and learn new ways to express needs. I use play therapy, family sessions, and art materials to help kids build skills, develop new perspective, and feel understood by the people they love. I especially enjoy working with kids 3-12.

Kids face unique challenges as their identities emerge and they start to figure out who they are and how they fit in. Refresh Therapy is here to support kids as they work on becoming their best self and prepare for teen years.

Youth today face an ever-growing number of challenges. From family stress, school deadlines, social pressures. If left to spiral, these can result in them suffering from depression, stress-related conditions, low self-esteem, drug and alcohol abuse, and relational difficulties. Therapy can help support your child/teen cope with life stress in a creative and interactive approach.

Working with children and adolescents is a passion of mine. Treatment usually includes an individual and family component. Depending on what the issues are and the age of the child, together with the family we develop a plan for treatment to address the issues at hand. Playful and creative activities are almost always part of the process for children and families.

Family is the organizing principle that allows each of its members to grow and prosper. When family is going well, each individual is stronger for the experience; when it is not going well, all members suffer. I have helped thousands of families as they struggle with barriers and find solutions to harmonious living that supports the individuality of each of its members.

I have experience working for an intensive experiential wilderness therapy program in Washington state. The average student in our program struggled with chemical dependency, behavioral problems, communication, and high levels of family conflict. I have years of experience working with all parties to help heal and seek resolution.

Melanie has extensive experience working with at-risk youth and families, using the Collaborative Problem Solving approach to reducing family conflict.

I primarily work with teenagers.

I work with parents on really \'listening\' to what the child truly needs.

I have been trained to treat children and adolescents, particularly in developmental changes and trauma. I often utilize music and play therapy techniques to enter into a child\'s world and help them express what they\'re unable to process or say. I specialize primarily in working with teens and issues such as depression and anxiety, peer relations, parenting skills, and school concerns.

There are many issues that are common for this age group that I treat. Common issues I see are: emotional distress from first time romantic relationships , sexuality exploration, using self harm for coping, distress resulting from childhood trauma, problems with social media, and more. I use an integrative approach tailored to the needs of the client and the values of the family.

I have experience working with adolescents assisting them in navigating the complex issues they face during this stage of development. I assist them in gaining insight into themselves and developing coping skills to manage their experiences.

Most of my career has been working with youth in foster care, mentoring, and in residential placements for youth who have been adjudicated and are on probation or parole. I am goofy, a gamer, relatable and patient.

I offer highly attuned, empowerment-based, relevant and uniquely tailored long-term therapy to teenage girls and women. My work emphasizes the cultivation of mindfulness and meaning-making capacities, so that teens learn to navigate the complexities and challenges of life in a way that is true to their authenticity and supports healthy decision-making.

I have special training in child development, parenting support and Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT), an evidence-based treatment approach for working with children ages 3-10. I have experience working with children, and their families, facing social, emotional, or behavioral challenges, or life transitions.

Kids and teens have specific needs in therapy. They\'re facing increasingly complex and challenging situations earlier, and more frequently. They also don\'t always have the verbal skills to adequately explain or identify their inner struggles. We can use art, games and movement to help kids begin to create a vocabulary for noticing and labeling their feelings.

I have a passion working with adolescents, and their passion for life. Adolescents present with a unique perspective on life, which is encouraging to experience.

Your kids are held up and nurtured by many different relationships. From siblings, to parents, to grandparents, to friend, and teachers, your child thrives when they are connected to many safe and caring people. When your child experiences a difficulty, they need a therapeutic approach that takes into account their most essential relationships.

For 10 years, I've worked with children, teens and young adults at the K-5, middle, high school and college level. I help children age 8 & up with mental health and its impact on their scholastic and general self-esteem. I'm interested in working with children and adolescents coping with anxiety, bullying issues and children who perceive themselves to think and feel differently than others.

I have specialized experience working with adolescents, teenagers, and their families, to navigate an array of issues, to include: depression, anxiety, transitions and change, and sexual orientation/gender identity. I am most interested in working with teens who are interested in engaging in therapy and have family members who are available and willing to be part of the change process.

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist I worked with National Geographic Student Expeditions and Carpe Diem Education as an experiential educator and guide, leading groups of adolescents across 10 countries. Especially with the advent of the #MeToo movement, boys are now more than ever being asked to rapidly change their behavior and become educated around issues of consent, sexuality, and power.

I have years of experience working with children and adolescents in community mental health settings, helping families address a wide range of behavioral issues and diagnoses. Although I have a strong grounding in trauma recovery services, I treat children without trauma histories as well.

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