Beth Ann AKA BA Short LCAT, ATR-BC

Beth Ann AKA BA Short LCAT, ATR-BC (they/them)

Art Therapist


Our lives are multidimensional and full of intersections. Art therapy is a judgment free and process driven approach to counseling.

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1600 SE Ankeny St

Portland, OR 97214

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Rate: $75-$110

Provides free initial consultation

Provides telehealth services

Practicing Since: 1999

Languages: English


  • Individual
  • Child
  • Teen

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My Approach to Helping

In my work with clients, my theoretical lens aligns with a postmodernist approach, drawing from intersectionality, social constructionism, feminism, queer theory, and antiracism. I believe human beings will always be growing and the therapeutic relationship relies on empathy, language, storytelling, and art. Sometimes this may mean there are multiple truths and realities to explore, understand, and witness. We all experience transitions in life and many social locations (some seen and unseen). Sometimes these transitions are welcome and exciting, others may be confusing, tragic, or containing grief. My goal in the work I do is to support individuals honoring their creative process, personal strengths, and intersections while providing tangible opportunities for healing and growth.

My Values as a Therapist

Locations of Self: I identify as a mixed race, gender queer/nonbinary person. I also experience two unseen disabilities. I grew up around the Great Lakes region, living in both Michigan and Ontario throughout my youth. My upbringing was divided into two family experiences. The earlier portion of my childhood included less privilege and chaos with multiple moves, while my adolescence brought privilege into my experience. My Indigenous heritage was white washed by family members focused on the family white passing. These experiences and aspects of my own identity and social locations are always interacting within me and the work I do as clinician, supervisor, and educator. I am committed to provide therapy and supervision that affirms all the social locations of those whom I serve. I also believe in the importance of acknowledging, questioning, and creatively dismantling historical systemic power structures that have been in place and have unfairly disadvantaged individuals.

Techniques I Use


  • Mindfulness-based External link

    I have a consistent meditation practice and believe in the importance of practicing mindfulness in the many things we do. In my practice I also provide groups, Creative Mindfulness, that incorporate meditation, art making and process. Creativity is a choice and can be found in all areas of life. Mindfulness is another way to honor this process and experience life to the fullest. I have written two books on the Creative Mindfulness Technique.

  • Art Therapy External link

    Art therapy requires specialized training and certification. Art therapy is a human service profession that serves to increase self-awareness and self-esteem, improve social skills and behavior, increase the ability to problem solve, decrease stress, improve reality orientation and resolve emotional conflicts through the process of making art. In Oregon there are two art therapy licenses: Licensed Art Therapist (LAT) and Licensed Certified Art Therapist (LCAT).

Issues I Treat


  • Child or Adolescent Issues External link

    I have worked with youth since the beginning of my practice in 1999. Attachment impacts each of us in significant ways including brain development. I have always been drawn to this work in hopes of supporting clients in addressing struggles early to potentially avoid or diminish life long struggles with anxiety and depression.

  • Gender Identity External link

    Gender expression is a passion of mine. I have been honored to work with individuals on their journey in living their truth and feeling safe to do so. I also support parents looking for resources while they may have a child transitioning. I also worked on a project with 29 brave individuals honoring their journey in gender expression.

  • Loss or Grief External link

    Grief is fluid and the emotions that one can experience in this state can be volatile and difficult to face. Using art therapy in the grief process for any age is a safe container to externalize feelings. In our sessions clients are often able to find words for thoughts and feelings they may not have understood in previously.

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