Contemplative therapy combines traditional Western therapeutic practices with the principles and philosophies of Buddhism. Contemplative therapy seeks to help individuals work through problematic issues and identify ways to make positive changes, while also encouraging acceptance. Like other types of mindfulness-based therapy, contemplative therapy is designed to help a client’s attention focus on the present moment and achieve clarity. A therapist practicing contemplative therapy will take a warm and compassionate approach, inspiring the client to use their natural wisdom.

Local experts in Contemplative

Luke Colbourn (he/him/his)

Professional Counselor Associate

MA, Professional Counselor Associate

Contemplative psychotherapy is based on integrating the wisdom of the buddhist tradition with modern psychology. We emphasize the present moment experience and each client's inherent mental and emotional well-being, and help clients recognize this quality in themselves.

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Karel Chan

Licensed Professional Counselor


We are often weighed down by self-defeating messages and interpretations of painful experiences, and think that there must be some answer "out there" to feeling better and being happy. I believe that the answer is deep within you, buried underneath all those messages and interpretations. We will work together to excavate the outer layers that have formed over the years and investigate the true heart, spirit, and wisdom that begins to shine through.

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Shannon Rice (she/her)

Licensed Professional Counselor


I specialized in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology for my MA training. This largely informs my work and how I hold space for clients. My daily sitting meditation practice supports this.

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