Body Image Issues

Everyone has a body image, which is essentially defined as what we think we look like.  A person's body image is created through a combination of their personal life experiences and external influencers, like culture and society. It is not at all uncommon to feel dissatisfied with your appearance occasionally. However, some body images issues, like body dysmorphic disorder, are more serious and can interfere with your daily life. Developing a positive body image can significantly improve your happiness.  If you are experiencing excessive concern about a perceived physical defect, you may benefit from counseling. A mental health professional can be helpful in dealing with normal, negative body image feelings as well as specific body disorders.

Local Experts in Body Image Issues

We are not our thoughts and we don't have to believe them. Body image struggles are likely attached to unskillful and habitual thinking. We can work together to dis-empower the habitual thoughts that hold you hostage. We can craft accurate thoughts that support your self esteem. Lets work collaboratively to improve your relationship to your body, mind and emotions.

Your child may not have an eating disorder, but struggle with messages they receive daily regarding the ideal women\'s body.

In our society there is constant messaging that we must look a certain way. We are taught to feel inadequate and a general sense of shame if we don't live up to society's beauty standards. I can help you move from that place of shame, to a place of self-love and acceptance of who you are and what you look like today. You have inherent value because you are a person. I will honor that in our work.

Are you struggling with your relationship to your body, food, or both? With my background in eating disorder treatment, I help clients reconnect with an inner sense of health & balance in an affirming, body-positive space. I will support you in challenging external messages about how you should be, and help you connect instead with your needs, your values, and your intuitive healthy self.

\' The first wealth is health\' Ralph Waldo Emerson. This quote embodies my philosophy and in working with clients I strive to embrace health and and conquer the doubts that lead to ongoing struggle to self acceptance.

I know we can liberate ourselves and each other from the fear-based, body-shaming beliefs and behaviors we have learned. We can learn new ways of thinking about and living in our bodies. I work to encourage us all to bring our most loving relationship values into partnership with our bodies.

We are not our thoughts and we don\'t have to believe them. Body image struggles are often attached to perpetual thinking, and we can work together to change the habitual, negative thoughts that hold you hostage. Learn to create accurate thoughts that support your self esteem. We work collaboratively to improve your relationship to your body, mind and emotions.

My work provides hands on ways to change one's relationship with his/her body, while also providing deeper process work to find a more authentic experience of oneself.

I have a great deal of compassion for individuals who struggle to accept themselves and their body. Facilitating body image groups has been an incredibly meaningful part of my career thus far.

Too often we are told we are not good enough and we need to change how we look, sound, move etc. Entire businesses run on making us feel less than. In such a cultural environment, being ourselves fully and unapologetically is the best revolution we can engage in. I work with clients using tenets of HAES and Intuitive Eating to create tailored programs of radical self love and body diversity.

Our culture is oppressive on body image, both for women and also for men. It is possible to (re)claim a gentle relationship with one\'s body through pleasure and sexual expression.

I have worked with hundreds of people in support of finding love and appreciation for themselves. There are so many deeply ingrained messages around how we should or shouldn't look/act/be. I work with shifting those beliefs on a deep subconscious level so that it becomes easy to make healthy choices and you can have the confidence that you know how to take good care of yourself with ease.

I work with people to help them cultivate a healthier, more connected and loving relationship between mind and body. We do this collaboratively, by exploring concerns, the emotions connected to them and if helpful, where they came from. I often use art and expressive techniques to help guide this exploration.

We work with Body Dysmorphic Disorder which is a close relative of OCD.

Your body is the one thing you have with you every moment of your life so if you have messages inside that you're body is not acceptable, that's a tough place to be. I will work with you to understand where these messages came from and gently listen to what's underneath so that gradually there's more space for you to live and feel okay.

We live in a society that can flood us with negative messages as to how our bodies are wrong. I work with clients to decrease shame and guilt around the body they reside in, and find safety and comfort in taking up the personal space you have the right to occupy .

Many of my clients seek my help because they crave a healthier relationship to their body. With my background in somatics, yoga, and massage along with my core values of 'health at every size', I support people navigate back to their body in a balanced and empowered way through a gentle yet powerful body-centered approach to counseling.

I work from a Health at Every Size, or HAES®, approach in providing support for clients working to find peace with their body and food. HAES encourages us to trust our body by listening to hunger and fullness cues, seeking joy and moderation in physical activity, celebrating body diversity, and rejecting diet culture, sizeism, and the thin ideal. I also incorporate intuitive eating techniques to a

With my background in eating disorder treatment, I work with clients to help them nurture a healthier and more connected relationship with themselves and their bodies. I will support you move from a place of shame, towards a place of acceptance.

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