Jessica Feinsmith, MA, LPC Associate, NCC

Jessica Feinsmith, MA, LPC Associate, NCC (She/her/hers)

Professional Counselor Associate

LPC intern

Supervisor: Julianna Vermeys MA LPC

We all have times when we feel buried beneath the challenges of life and we need a gentle, caring and compassionate hand to help us out.

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Portland, 97217

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Rate: $$100

Provides free initial consultation

Provides telehealth services

Practicing Since: 2020

Languages: English

Faith: Christianity, Judaism


  • Individual

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My Ideal Client

You are feeling depressed, anxious, hopeless, lost, alone. The things that once brought you relief or pleasure no longer do. The people you used to rely on for support are burdened with their own problems. The world no longer feels like a safe place. You have dreams, hope and purpose but you feel a loss of motivation, energy and interest. You feel an overall sense of “this is not where I want to be in life.” You know that getting support would help but where do you begin?

How I Can Help You

I understand. I have been there. I bring myself and my own mental health experiences to our work together, to support you in an authentic and compassionate way. By listening to you and finding out what is stopping you from reaching the goals you have, we work together to unravel the past and the limiting beliefs that are in your way of achieving the life you desire. We all seek meaning and purpose in life and I have found mine in supporting other people through their journey. Whether you are looking for support for healing a specific mental health issue or you feel an overall sense of “this is not where I want to be in life,” you are in the right place. I bring my own life experience and challenges with mental health as well as years of personal growth, professional training and compassionate intuition to our work together. Please reach out for a free consultation.

Why I am a Good Fit for You

I combine years worth of life experiences that have been leading me here with practical, useful therapies to assist you on your journey to solid mental health. I combine knowledge of attachment systems, compassion, strengths, mindfulness and awareness, and physical and creative activities, uniquely for each client and your goals. I bring post traumatic growth and deep understandings from my own personal struggles with depression, grief and loss, chronic pain and anxiety. I walk the walk in my own life, as I am also learning new modalities and processing my own issues. No one is perfect and I bring caring kindness and compassion to my work and to all those around me to be authentically and honestly ourselves in a safe and secure environment.

Techniques I Use


  • Attachment Theory External link

    I believe that to heal we must feel, and that can be very scary to do alone or with a stranger. If you struggle with insecurity within yourself and relationships, connecting and building a trusting relationship with a therapist will take time. I utilize attachment and bonding interventions to holistically develop a trusted relationship between myself and the client to create a secure attachment.

  • Mindfulness-based External link

    Whether you are looking for assistance and support for healing a specific mental health issue or trauma or you feel an overall sense of “this is not where I want to be in life,” mindful awareness and somatic-body interventions can be very beneficial. Using stress reducing meditations, increasing present awareness and self compassion and gentle care are all aspects of the work I utilize.

  • Humanistic  External link

    If it's a relationship issue, depression or anxiety, grief, or another of life’s many challenges, we all face times in our life where we feel overwhelmed and underneath the heaviness of life. Empathetic guidance and support can help us achieve our goals. I work with clients in an authentic and transparent manner, always applying my natural gifts of intuition, compassion and empathy.

Issues I Treat


  • Personal Growth External link

    Are you curious about yourself, your patterns, and your relationships? Are you struggling with a mental health issue that you might need some support in addressing? I believe that all humans are faced with problems and challenges in their lives and therapeutic connection and support is helpful for achieving positive mental health and resiliency. We all seek meaning and purpose in life.

  • Loss or Grief External link

    In life, we will experience some form of loss, whether the passing of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or the loss of hopes and dreams. I believe that an empathic, resilient, strengths-based approach will eventually result in your ability to discover your silver lining and deeper insight into yourself. Through therapeutic healing, we can develop inner wisdom unique to ourselves.

  • Body Image Issues External link

    Growing up in “diet-Culture” can leave us feeling less than loving towards our bodies. I understand. Whether it is disordered eating behaviors or shame about your body, I can offer support. Utilizing increased mind and body awareness and self compassion, we can become allies of our bodies.

  • Anxiety External link

    These are difficult, anxiety provoking times and we can all benefit from stress reduction and self care. My approach combines mindful awareness, self compassionate kindness and somatic-body techniques to reduce the challenges of living with anxiety and panic . I walk the walk too.

  • Depression External link

    Having experienced depression myself, I understand its challenges of shame, heaviness and isolation. After both studying and applying multiple therapeutic and alternative treatments to my own healing, I can help support your healing with compassion, kindness and useful tools to decrease your depression. I walk the walk too.

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