The purpose of the coaching is to help an individual move forward and make changes in whatever ways they need assistance. Although coaching and other forms of therapy have much in common, they are sometimes differentiated by assertion that coaches work with healthy individuals to help them achieve their full potential and therapists (or counselors) work with clients suffering from mental illness or mental health problems. A client and a coach will generally set very specific goals that will focus on enhancing performance, improving relationships (personal or professional), or accomplishing a specific objective.

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Coaching sessions are an opportunity to cultivate awareness beyond a known set of behaviors, so we can choose how to exist, and how to react. Coaching is designed to follow the individual goals of each client, to create frameworks for skill development, and to own and embrace the self-growth of persisting through challenges.

I utilize Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) for children ages 2-6 with behavior problems such as tantrums, defiance and aggression toward others. The 15-week course of therapy focuses on relationship enhancement as well as discipline strategies to improve behavior, and emphasizes concrete skill-building, live parent coaching and home practice.

Coaching allows one to bring about positive changes in their life more quickly and efficiently than they might on their own. Coaching makes use of collaborative goal formation, problem solving and accountability.

Coaching is another way of describing problem solving. It is generally delivered by someone who has experienced the very thing they are assisting with. The coach has mastered both information and technique and can use the experience thus gained to help others do their best in the field of endeavor. Let me be a source of experience for you to draw on as you work to make your family uniquely yours!

Much of my therapeutic approach is derived from the life coaching perspective. We return to our common connections by loving, honoring and valuing ourselves and others. Wonder, curiosity and inquiry are the source of all learning. I believe awareness is the precursor to choice. Finally, contribution based on purpose generates true fulfillment and that connection is the wellspring of creativity

I provide parent coaching, rather than therapy.

Coaching offers fresh outlooks and perspectives, as well as support and new ideas. Growth and change are imperative to forward progression, and since those times tend to be the toughest, it\'s my honor to offer support and encouragement. Through process-oriented techniques, we will explore your high and low dreams and what is looking to happen next.

We are Certified Life Coaches with extensive experience in personal and professional growth. Our focus is on relationships and transitions as we walk along side you to create the life of your dreams.

Life coaching shifts the stories we tell about ourselves and each other away from pathology, aka the something here is bad/wrong story line. I am a counselor with 17 years experience but have found that we are all most powerful when we tell our stories from 'what matters and what works' instead. I invite you to experience this radically yet subtly different frame of reference with me.

Some of my clients need support in exploring their values, career directions, or simply making progress in a part of their life they feel stuck on. I use an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approach to coaching, whether it's career coaching, ADHD coaching, or partner coaching for the loved ones of people with OCD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, etc.

With the current state of the world, sometimes results need to be immediate. We don't always have time to explore the roots of our challenges. Coaching can be a great way to tackle a problem at face value and get it taken care of and behind you.

Coaching is not therapy or consulting, so the focus is not on “treating” or advising. We are companions on a journey that I am familiar with, and my role is to listen deeply, asking questions that help you look deep inside yourself to find your own answers and strengths.

Strengths-based, Acceptance and Commitment oriented coaching, cognitive-behavior coaching for growth and development

As a professional symphonic musician and international presenter on the intersections of music and interpersonal neurobiology, I have developed a unique style of coaching particularly useful in personal leadership development and team building. I have served as a consultant in this capacity in numerous industries, including healthcare, academia, the arts, and manufacturing.

Coaching techniques include clarifying your values and goals and the action steps that will bring these goals to life.

ADHD Coaching, non ADHD partners coaching ADHD-nonADHD relationship coaching

As a Professional Life Coach and Consultant, for over 20 years I have dedicated my life to the betterment of individuals, families, relationships and various companies. After graduating from SUNY Stonybrook with a Bachelors Degree in psychology I proceeded to Hofstra University to earn my Masters Degree in Psychology and systems theory. I have been featured on radio talk shows and have had the pl

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