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Dissolve stories & labels that hold you back from embodying your joy, passion, & authentic nature (Virtual & In-Person Sessions)

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Rate: $222-$555

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My Ideal Client

Those who feel called to work with me seek deep transformative change & are ready to heal subconscious trauma that lives in the depths of their minds. Common areas of struggle are self-esteem, boundaries, toxic relationships, & self-sabotage. The folks I help take an active role in their healing & trust that they have all the answers they need within their own minds; I am simply a guide to helping them find their inner wisdom & light within.

My Approach to Helping

All of my offerings are personalized. There’s no magic formula, or a one size fits all approach. It’s about acknowledging the emotional undercurrent & finding new ways to integrate healthy coping mechanisms & methods of being. I draw from a collection of tools, mediums & processes to meet the unique needs of each individual. If you need payment assistance through payment plans or a sliding scale, reach out so we can discuss what's comfortable for you.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Our society does not advocate for emotional intelligence. We are not taught to identify feelings or understand where they come from; we are not shown how to live by our purpose or soul's desire, & we are definitely not informed as to what it means to have healthy relationships. Instead, we are taught to expect dysfunction & difficulty from our relationships, compartmentalize & disassociate from our feelings, & live in scarcity in order to survive. So many false truths that we take as certainty. As though there is no other way. I'm here to break these structures & tear them down.

Techniques I Use


  • Hypnotherapy External link

    Too many souls in the world suffer from being placed in a box they never meant to fit into. They feel anger, shame, anxiety, fear, & rejection from denying their ambitions, dishonoring their worth, & compromising out of comfort. I am here to help you find your truest, most authentic self as you discover your strengths & learn to listen to the divine wisdom within your soul's expression. Together, we will uncover hidden gems within your subconscious mind, & map the road to your personal healing.

  • Past Life Regression External link

    Often we enter this life with karmic lessons from past incarnations. Through the process of regression, we are able to understand our souls' evolution & we can heal our karmic wounds. There's no better understanding of the self than knowing where we have been & how it makes us who we are today.

  • Narrative  External link

    The stories you tell yourself, make up for the existence of who you believe yourself to be. These stories are altered & changed over time naturally, but when we intentionally change outdated labels, true magic begins to appear. You do not have to hold onto what you have always known, or who you have been told you are. You get to choose your own narrative, your own story.

  • Feminist External link

    The systemic issues in our society run deep. Women have been treated as second-class citizens at the inception of this country & it seems as though for every step we take forward, we are pushed back three. I stand for the equal rights of all humans. I choose to break down patriarchal & toxic capitalistic conditions, so my clients feel free. In this space, you are heard & validated. There is a lot of wounding & I am honored to help those who feel called to heal their feminine nature.

Issues I Treat


  • Anxiety External link

    Anyone who has ever struggled with anxiety knows how its effects can make one crumble under even the most easeful of circumstances. Causing emotional dysregulation, anxiety becomes a chain of ruminating thought patterns that interrupt daily living. Hypnotherapy breaks this chain & allows you to cultivate mindfulness & thoughtful thinking as you learn new habits & belief structures. This healing practice leads to emotional freedom & authenticity as you live your most fulfilling life.

  • Self-Esteem External link

    Unprocessed trauma & toxic environments can make it easy to lose sight of who you are, what you want & what you stand for. Hypnotherapy gets to the root cause of this issue, understanding the core belief that's stopped you from seeing your worthiness. From here, you to reclaim your power & authenticity. Shedding liming beliefs & outdated labels that were never meant to define you.

  • Personal Growth External link

    Personal growth is a natural prosses as we age & experience life. However, when you intentionally recognize emotional wounding & shadow aspects, you choose to reach your fullest potential as you step into your most joyful, authentic self. This deep connection to self allows you to generate healthier relationships, dive into fulfilling hobbies, & find your dream job.

  • Spirituality External link

    Hypnosis allows for the integration of spirituality & the expansive Universe in which we live. As you learn how to blend spiritual principles into your life that resonate with your belief structure, you gain an unshakable connection to the spiritual world around you. Being both in connection with the physical & ethereal world.

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