Past Life Regression

Past life regression therapy is a therapeutic practice that uses hypnosis to retrieve memories of past lives. Past life regression therapy is based on the belief that people have lived before their current life and that it is possible to recover repressed memories of other lives. Clients undertaking past life regression therapy can expect to be asked a series of questions while hypnotized with the intention of revealing the occurrences of previous lives. Past life regression therapists believe that the technique can be used to help resolve a host of issues including anxiety, fears, phobias and trauma.

Local Experts in Past Life Regression

I believe we are far more complex and mysterious than we can imagine. Most of the planet believes in reincarnation. Often problems and dynamics seem to transcend present time. I've had the privilege of studying with Dr. Brian Weiss. This work can facilitate deep, powerful transformation, allowing patterns and conflicts to quickly resolve. Insurance is not accepted for these sessions.

The title is a misnomer as you won’t necessarily go into “past” lives as sometimes they are 'future'. I help you connect to non ordinary reality in which time doesn’t exist. The intention of this service is to seek and obtain clarity to questions that you are too clouded by your ego mind to access or accept. Anyone can connect and no special skills are required. Insurance does not cover this.

Certified in hypnosis for past life regression, between life regression, and regression therapy, and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

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