Johanna Courtleigh

Johanna Courtleigh

Licensed Professional Counselor


Healing is the process of recovering the true self, so we can begin to live authentically and thrive. Moving into self-love, ease and peace.

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Practicing Since: 1991

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My Ideal Client

Please see my web site,, for more information about me and my work.

My Approach to Helping

Together we explore the beliefs and patterns that hinder you from living fully, that keep you ‘safe’ and separate from self and others, and from fully experiencing, expressing and enjoying your unique self. As you become aware of and reclaim the parts of yourself that you have repressed, numbed or disowned, you are able to move toward a deeper sense of self-love, awareness, personal empowerment, ease and integrity--internally, and in your relationships with others. This allows for a deeper sense of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual security and integration; the experience of Coming Home to your Self.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (#C1612) and Hypnotherapist. I have been in private practice since 1991, and working in the helping professions for over thirty-five years. I have had a broad and varied background working with: • Depression • Low Self-esteem • Relationship Problems • Adult Children of Alcoholics • Eating Disorders • Co-dependence • Fertility • Stress management • Transitions • Grief and Loss • Separation and Divorce • Spiritual issues • General Life Confusion Beyond my formal therapeutic training, I have also trained in the Regression work of Dr. Brian Weiss, which is now the primary focus of my practice. This work is deep, powerful, fascinating and transformative.

Techniques I Use


  • Past Life Regression External link

    I believe we are far more complex and mysterious than we can imagine. Most of the planet believes in reincarnation. Often problems and relationship dynamics seem to transcend present time. I've had the privilege of studying with Dr. Brian Weiss. Regression work can facilitate deep, powerful transformation, allowing patterns and conflicts to quickly resolve. Insurance is not accepted for these sessions.

  • Interpersonal External link

    The relationship between client and therapist is an important part of the therapy. In that relationship, the therapist can model what a healthy relationship can sound, feel and look like--supporting the client to become more gentle, supportive and compassionate internally, toward themselves. This is a kind of re-parenting that assist the client in greater self-kindness, care, healing and growth.

  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) External link

    Our thinking impacts everything! Our sense of self. How we relate to the world. What we allow, and what we believe we deserve. Much of what we've learned, and continue to repeat to ourselves, actually isn't true. We want to make our mind an ally, not an adversary. As we develop a healthier relationship with our own mind, our stress reduces, our self-esteem grows and life becomes easier.

Issues I Treat


  • Spirituality External link

    We are far more vast, complex and beautiful than our human minds can fathom. In my decades of working with people, I have found that a spiritual foundation based in curiosity and reverence allow for deeper healing and transformation. As we meet the mystery of our existence, and call in an awareness of something Higher, our lives expand in beauty, patience, understanding and greater peace.

  • Self-Esteem External link

    We come in as joy. Watch any toddler. But over time, we learn shame, inadequacy and comparison. We feel lesser-than, which undermines our sense of self-worth, worthiness and happiness. The mind turns on itself, and we plummet. What we were taught wasn't true! Therapy helps you recover your true self, and reclaim the enjoyment and sense of well-being that is your birthright!

  • Loss or Grief External link

    Life is full of losses. Most of us were trained to suppress our feelings and get over it. The people who taught us were folks who couldn't manage their own feelings. Grief in the face of loss is normal and deeply human. There's no right way or timeline to process our feelings. Therapy offers support so you can both feel, and learn to care for yourself in these deeply human, challenging times.

  • Anxiety External link

    Everything is frequency. Ideally, our minds and bodies are a harmonious place for us to reside in. However, for many of us, stress has become an energetic habitual pattern. Healing is the process of learning how to bring compassion to our suffering, and cultivating techniques for self-soothing, so we can calm and nurture ourselves in times of stress--thus lessening anxiety, distress, fear.

  • Depression External link

    Being human can be a daunting assignment. It's easy to fall into thinking of hopelessness and despair. We are raised with impossible expectations and a corresponding sense of inadequacy. How to manage? We must learn how to value, take care of and think kindly to ourselves, and make choices that support our highest well-being. To be our own ally instead of a cruel adversary.

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