If getting pregnant has been a challenge for you and your partner, you're not alone! Many couples struggle with trying to conceive. Coping with fertility issues can be tough and the emotional burden may be considerable. In addition to addressing the physical root causes of infertility with a trained medical professional, working with a mental health therapist who specializes in fertility issues can be helpful in processing the emotional pain and grief you may be feeling.

Local Experts in Infertility

The experience of infertility may be the hardest thing an individual or couple has ever faced. I have a deep understanding of the toll it can take on a person's energy, mood, relationships, sense of worth, finances, and more. I can help you reclaim a sense of balance and strength so that you can continue working hard toward your dream of building your family.

I have personal experience of infertility and am reading everything I can and meeting with other therapists who specialize in this.

I look at issues around fertility as equal parts existential and practical. People reevaluate themselves and their world while figuring out what to do with a backlog of baby shower invites. I create space and safety to look at the ways this experience changes a person’s relationship to themselves, their partners and the world and what decisions a person wants to make to establish their new normal.

I have worked with women and couples experiencing difficulties conceiving and/or keeping a pregnancy for the past seven years, and have facilitated fertility/adoption support groups via Brief Encounters.

Infertility and secondary infertility, (struggling to get pregnant despite having a previous child), is a painful reality that is fairly common, but so rarely talked about. This makes the already heart-breaking experience that much more difficult. Don\'t struggle alone. I can help you process the pain of this reality in an emotionally healthy way, so you can address it the best way possible.

I know firsthand that issues surrounding fertility are emotionally, physically and financially grueling, and at times devastating. Without support, the experience of infertility can take a toll on your self-esteem, quality of life, work, and relationships. I provide an environment where you can experience the highs and lows, losses and celebrations and figure out how to cope.

I have had personal experience with infertility and pregnancy loss that informs my work. There are unique struggles around infertility and pregnancy loss, and it\'s often difficult to feel understood by someone who hasn\'t been through it.

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