Hypnotherapy, or hypnosis, is a type of therapy in which clients are put in a trance-like state that leaves them more open to suggestion. Hypnotherapy is used to help a client create unconscious change, which may result in new behaviors, feelings or thoughts. Unlike how it is sometimes portrayed in pop culture, hypnosis will not cause you to lose control over your behavior. People under hypnosis typically feel calm and relaxed, and remain aware of what is happening. Hypnotherapy can be helpful in treating conditions including depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia. It can also be beneficial in conquering negative habits, like smoking or over eating.

Local Experts in Hypnotherapy

I help you to communicate with your unconscious mind, and to shift the areas where your thought patterns, feelings, and beliefs don't match up with your conscious goals. This process makes profound changes more easily, efficiently, and enjoyably than we typically assume, and gives you greater control over your experience of life.

I am a member of ASCH - unique among organizations for professionals using hypnosis. Members must be licensed healthcare workers and, at a minimum, have obtained a master’s degree. If you have a problem you haven’t been able to solve, hypnosis offers a safe, time-tested, effective solution.

I use an inquiry based language model to help direct your attention to what is naturally emerging from your body, mind and spirit. We work with your whole self from a positive, solution based and consent centric approach where YOU are the empowered agent in your transformation.

Hypnotherapy has been one of the tools I have used in my practice for the last 20 years. Hypnotherapy allows a client to get into a deep focused state where access to internal skills and understandings becomes more possible. I do not like to provide anything in hypnotherapy, that the client is unaware of. Any hypnotic suggestions are direct and clear.

I am trained in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy and am an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy is incredibly useful in enabling a person to relax and quiet their mind and as a result of this accessing deeper areas of consciousness allowing for drastic shifts of mind patterns resulting in greater happiness and depth of being.

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