Transpersonal therapy is a therapeutic approach that seeks to integrate the spiritual with modern psychological theory.  The transpersonal (defined as “beyond the personal”) methodology looks at a client’s symptoms as part of a larger picture of energy moving throughout the world. Sessions are non-judgmental and transpersonal therapists will urge clients to look inward, transcending ego, and move towards spiritual self-development and awareness.

Local Experts in Transpersonal

Our individual lives are the conduit for the big stories of life spanning across generations and continents. Both the challenges and the gifts you bring tie into patterns in ancestry, spiritual tradition, and cultural mythology, and must be worked in relation to these contexts. In my work with you, we view your experience as the process of healing and wisdom finding expression in the world.

The framework of my coaching explores the relationship of self within the context of the greater whole. What does it mean to be in right relationship?

For clients who have spiritual interests, practices, or experiences, I integrate spirituality and transpersonal phenomena into therapy. My doctoral training at CIIS has included experiential and didactic coursework on transpersonal psychology and integrative approaches to healing. My background in Buddhist psychology and Tibetan Buddhism also influences my approach.

I have a degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University.

The transpersonal orientation concerns the deeper, spiritual (not 'religious') dimension of our lives. It acknowledges a higher self which can be experienced personally, rather than taken on faith. Some of the concerns with which transpersonal counseling works includes spiritual exploration and inquiry, development, practices, loss of faith, spiritual bypassing, and spiritual emergencies.

This approach focuses on the movement away from identifying with the ego self which has been created as a protective response to the experience of emotional pain.

As human beings we possess both a personal and collective unconscious, both unique and shared. Connecting the ego to the greater Self can facilitate an expanded and numinous awareness to one\'s vast potential.

Tapping into an energy-source or life force that is greater than just ourselves can be like rocket fuel to our personal growth. It can also expand our perspective and give meaning to our existance that grounds and calms us, instills hope and comfort.

There is a lot that goes into explaining this word, and I\'d like to boil it down to a deep trust I hold that we are crossing paths. From the moment we connect, I will be holding the possibility of your greatest potential as a multi-dimensional person (physical, emotional, cognitive, relational, spiritual).

Exploring the intersection of psychology and spirituality is the essence of Jungian Depth Psychotherapy

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