There is no single, agreed upon definition of spirituality and it means something different to nearly everyone. For some, spirituality refers to the beliefs associated with religion, organized or otherwise. Others look at spirituality as the search to understand the meaning of life or achieve inner peace, enlightenment or contentment. Exploring what spirituality means to you may provide stress relief, help you develop a deeper, more grounded sense of self, and help you to feel more connected to those around you.

Local Experts in Spirituality

Fundamentally, I believe the medicine offers a spiritual experience that affects all aspects of one\'s life (there are also brain chemistry changes). If you have decided to embark on this adventure, I believe I have ways to improve your experience and to help keep you safe. So much of what can be done requires a trusting relationship. I\'m looking forward to meeting you.

There is a divine spark in all things. Each has its own purpose, plan, and destiny. In trusting this truth and respecting the interconnection of all things we recognize our own spiritual selves within the greater whole. From this concept we can begin to recognize our own spiritual power and utilize it to evolve and grow.

I view Christian Counseling as a healing relationship—one where we enter deeply into the lives of those in pain and crisis to bring them to a place where they can love God, love others, and love themselves. After all, most lasting wounds come through relationships. I believe lasting healing does as well. I honor that everyone comes to with their own perspectives on God and faith.

Questions of life and death are embedded in philosophy and spirituality. These questions must be addressed in order to gain self-awareness.

All personal work is spiritual. There is no separating mind, body and soul. It's all related. Taking time to reflect on purpose, values and meaning is powerful and restorative 'medicine.'

Sometimes the spiritual beliefs, communities, and values you once held just don\'t seem to fit anymore. Maybe you\'ve just changed, or you were badly hurt, or you just want to explore other ways of understanding. It\'s my intention to create a space free of judgment, expectation, or agenda to navigate this new terrain and move towards healing, connection, and meaning that makes sense for you.

Many times we have spiritual questions or concerns and aren\'t sure where to go for help. I do not have a denominational bias and will strive to support you and guide you according to your beliefs, using the Bible and prayer. \'All Scripture is God-breathed and is valuable for teaching the truth, convicting of sin, correcting faults and training in right living.\' (2Tim 3:16)

My racial/multi cultural identity is Buddhist. I have experience working and living within Indigenous Native American Spiritualism. I am intimately familiar with Mormon/Post-Mormon culture.

From my own experience I understand the benefit of understanding \'what life is all about\'. Having a spiritual compass can provide greater clarity to one\'s path in life.

Psychotherapy is care of the soul (psyche+therapy). You are already whole and our journey in this life is to regain the Life, the Passion, the truth of our Being... often by examining the layers of beliefs and traumas that are clouding our access to our truest Self.

I offer an open-minded approach for supporting clients in their unique spiritual endeavors.

Have you been through a toxic spiritual experience? Is it important for you to have a counselor who values and understands your faith? I am religiously literate and familiar with many denominations. I don’t impose my beliefs on you but rather seek to help you clarify your beliefs and the role of the divine in your life.

For people for whom spirituality is a main focus of their lives, I enjoy incorporating a spiritual perspective into my therapeutic work. I work best with clients who have a non-dualistic spiritual perspective or mystical leanings.

Discovering and emerging in your spirituality is a highly personalized journey. My accepting guidance and skilled can assist you in defining and living your personal truth. My goal is to honor your experience and offer a sounding board of unconditional openness for the safe expression of your spirituality.

Techniques and practices of mindfulness and connection have been used for many thousands of years to clear space for meaningful self connection and connection to greater sources of inspiration. I have decades of experience with spiritual mindfulness, Yoga inspired practices and tools to guide clients in their discovery of spirituality.

I blend a mixture of talk therapy and energy healing to help recognize egoic patterns of fear with the intent of diminishing these patterns and replacing them with new ways of relating with your authentic self.

This dimension in life can create much peace, confusion and sometimes distress. I'm comfortable sorting through whatever need you have regarding your spirituality.

As long-time meditation and spiritual practitioner, I am able to guide my clients to open their hearts and minds. In this way, their true nature or Higher Self can emerge as the source of inner wisdom and truth forging deep feelings of unconditional Love, Compassion and inner Peace.

It is my belief that our spirituality needs a strong psychological foundation. We need to identify and process our earlier woundings and negative conditionings in order to enter fully into a more expanded field of consciousness and not be highjacked by our nervous system. My work at its best is psycho-spiritual growth work.

Mind, body, spirit, relationship—to our selves, to one another, to our environments, No good therapy will ever ignore your entirety. We are complex beings that require multiple elements for survival. Neglect in one area often leads to imbalance in others. Reallign with your sense of purpose by honoring your whole self.

Joe is a twice ordained minister and a long time buddhist practitioner. He brings mindfulness to his work around exploring our connection to \'that which is greater than us\' no matter what name we may call it.

Our spiritual lives are often developed in isolation. Many of us have been wounded by spiritual and religious communities and no longer participate in the groups we once belonged to; yet we yearn for spirit deeply. As we sort through what your spiritual life looks like you can find freedom to explore and question.

I have a background in transpersonal psychology and spiritual studies, and a genuine love and appreciation for the many spiritual traditions of the world. If you are interested in incorporating your spiritual path into our work, let me know, and we can talk about how to bring this into to the therapeutic work we are doing together.

We live in a society where we have lost the value of believing in a force greater than our human selves. We will explore your history, beliefs, and spiritual goals, including roadblocks and barriers to help you embody your most alive spiritual self.

I have been in contact with the spirit world since I was born. Without any support I had to train in many approaches in order to mature this relationship and integrate it into our current society (with its many violences). I help people to have clear and direct communication with the spirits in ways that are centered in consent, rooted in resiliency, and appropriate to neurophysiology.

I help clients stabilize their view of themselves, so that their identity is not rooted in their failures or their accomplishments, but in their trusted higher power. I support clients with their faith values, which enable them to transcend the complexities of life. I help them gain a sense of grounded-ness in their lives that will stand the test of time through the good and the bad times of life.

Spirituality has become somewhat of a funny and very vague word. The way I interpret it is simply the capacity to look within. It is seeing something beyond or deeper, yet right here. I am here to help one see what has simply been overlooked.

I have a strong background and many experiences in working with Christian, Zen and Buddhist, Taoist, Yogic, Mindfulness, and Meditation orientations. I am open and flexible in working with all spiritual and religious orientations.

To me, life is a spiritual journey and each of ours are unique! I see all the areas of life meeting in this center and believe that our relationship to ourselves is where our spirituality most manifests. Many of my ideas come from a Buddhist perspective, though I am open to helping anyone on their path. You describe for me what you want and need in this area, and I provide your container.

As a practitioner, I am comfortable working with you within your spiritual framework. Therapy is also a space for anyone who has suffered harm from their experiences in religion, has questioned their faith, or has experienced the disorienting experience of leaving your faith community. This is challenging and important work, and I am comfortable sitting with you in that discomfort.

As a deeply spiritual person myself I personally find value in understanding ones own spirituality, or even a lack of, when in comes to making meaning of ones life. Graduating from a Christian college, and traveling the world experiencing a variety of cultures, I've been offered an opportunity to understand how important individual spirituality can be in finding contentment.

My faith tradition of origin is Christianity. My spiritual formation has been highly influenced by eastern philosophies, postmodern thought and Orthodoxy. I will never preach, or pressure you to change, nor will I ever judge. However I believe that discussing spiritual, or ultimate things, is sometimes crucial to finding purpose and meaning in a chaotic world.

Spirituality is not religiosity. My integration of a spiritual dimension in my practice offers non-sectarian support of my clients who are curious about the Mystery in which we live, and would like support and guidance in their search.

For many years I studied and practiced in a Tibetan and Chan Buddhist lineage, on the path of ordination. I now practice a deeply Buddhist-influenced path of intuitive and non-affiliated spirituality that centers service and empowerment. I teach meditation and hold womxn\'s circles, and spirituality shows up in work with clients because the state of our spirit is not disconnected from the body.

Discovering what spirituality means personally often feels awkward, daunting, or conflicting, especially in people having experienced invalidation and judgement for their beliefs or inherent qualities. I respect each person’s authentic self, and strive to be an objective, encouraging companion in the exploration process while you learn or come to accept the role of spirituality in your life.

With an educational background in comparative religion and culture, I am passionate about meeting clients where they are on their own terms. This includes religious and spiritual perspectives. I am always curious how my clients\' spiritual lives influence how they make meaning from their experiences. If relevant, I will support you in integrating this into our work.

I have both a background in mental health as well as a Masters of Divinity from a Seminary. Regardless of the faith each of us have a spiritual component to us which if is out of balance can impact us mentally and emotionally. I have worked with clients from a variety of faith backgrounds to help them to have a good relationship with the spiritual side of them and integrate it into all of life.

We are far more vast, complex and beautiful than our human minds can fathom. In my decades of working with people, I have found that a spiritual foundation based in curiosity and reverence allow for deeper healing and transformation. As we meet the mystery of our existence, and call in an awareness of something Higher, our lives expand in beauty, patience, understanding and greater peace.

How do you define spirituality? Such a personal thing, like a fingerprint or a dream. I encourage clients to explore their spiritual origins. When did you first discover your spirituality? Was it given to you? Was it found? Was it abandoned? I assist clients in the interpretation of their spiritual past, contextualization of their present, and manifestation of their future.

Western culture tends to focus on the material world, not just commercialism, but also on things that we can see and believe to understand. When we step into the unknown and gain greater ease embracing the unknown, our life can open up in unexpected ways. I have an Eastern perspective and often bring in concepts of meditation, yoga, and martial arts into the here and now of one's life.

I have experience helping clients sort through spiritual baggage ranging from damage done by religious institutions/people to exploring a sense of /or desire for connection to God, self, & the rest of creation. I hold non-judgmental space to explore your worldview: what you believe about the way the world works, the nature of God & how you desire to connect with the divine/your purpose in life.

Spirituality is often the component most often neglected in our modern lives. Though it can have many expressions , its absence of expression can often be the root of our own disquiet and dissatisfaction. Spiritual work is hard work, and we will often avoid to engage in more immediately gratifying activities. Therapy can help create your own spiritual identify and clear away blocks to practice.

Have you had spiritual experiences, yet you struggle to integrate them? Do you want to integrate spirituality into your therapy? I can help! My master's degree integrates psychotherapy, mindfulness practice, and Buddhist psychology, and my Ph.D. coursework integrates world wisdom traditions and transpersonal psychology. I think there's room for all kinds of experiences in our human journey.

I am familiar with earth-based spiritual traditions, and can help you explore the role you want spirituality to play in your life. I respect all religious traditions, and recognize that you can be spiritual whether or not you consider yourself religious.

I have worked as a hypnotherapist since 2011. Working on this deep level and doing energy work, past-life regression, life between life work, and shamanic journeys has taught me a lot about spirituality. I feel honored to be a safe space for people to bring their metaphysical experiences too and that they can know that they will be heard with an open heart and mind.

We hear about the importance of exercising our bodies, stimulating our minds, and feeling our feelings. Many of us lack spiritual nourishment, which it vital for us to be our best selves. Common spiritual truths include love and compassion for self and others, and taking personal responsibility. You can gain immense security and profound peace by living from the wisdom of your higher self.

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