Aging Concerns

Getting older can be scary. Your body begins to deteriorate and you may have to rely on others to complete your daily tasks. You may feel marginzalized by society or lonely as your peers die. Whether you are facing a specific problem or you just need a sounding board and some general guidance, a qualified mental health professional can help with these challenges. 

Local Experts in Aging Concerns

We all want to age more gracefully. Creating healthy habits now is the key. Chronic and degenerative diseases are not a given. They are lifestyle related. I help people feel ten years younger in a year.

The Third Phase of Life (over 65) is a time of opportunity. It is a time of reflection, review, summing up. It becomes necessary for our well-being to discuss topics held within Carl Jung's question: What meaning does the second half of life hold for us? I work directly with individuals 65+ on these topics. Senior rate available.

I specialize in helping older adults, their families, and caregivers with the myriad issues associated with aging. These may include memory loss, medical challenges, changes in family dynamics, depression, anxiety, loss of relationships, and the complexities of long term care and end of life planning.

Yes, aging brings challenges that some view as negative. There are definitely physical changes and many myths about age that may be hurtful. However, life as an elder can be rich and rewarding. Exploring internalized beliefs about aging and constructing new narratives about your own life as an elder can help you create a new story for the remaining chapters of your life.

As a woman and therapist experiencing mid-life I am passionate about providing support for others who face this phase of life. Be it grief, loss, physical changes or changing roles, relationships, personal meaning and certain realization of time; I would like to support you wherever you find yourself and assure that presence and choice are found at the forefront of your life.

Sexuality, parenting adult children, estrangements from family members, living with chronic illness and chronic pain, retirement, choices about where and how to live, and end of life issues are just some of the topics I have enjoyed addressing with my clients of mature years. Being a not-so-young person myself, I have a particular interest in helping my peers live full and interesting lives.

As we age we encounter numerous experiences of loss. We may experience the loss of an identity that a profession or relationship offered us, the loss of connection and companionship, and loss of previously vibrant physical attributes. Together we will create a new relationship to your evolving self, focusing on the richness and deepening wisdom these losses also deliver.

I draw heavily from Erikson\'s Psychosocial Development Model

As we advance in years our sexual relationships may change. Bodies change, interests change. Our culture is at a loss for what healthy, vibrant sexuality looks like in older people. There is no age at which sex becomes inappropriate! It is possible to manage aging in a realistic way around sex. Sexuality may awaken and flourish after you\'ve given up on it, and it may take on different dimensions.

We live at a time when we are bombarded with the latest remedies to avoid aging. This creates a culture of resistance instead of finding healthy and joyful ways of keeping ourselves as flexible and strong in both mind and body. I am passionate about living a meaningful life at any age.

We will work together to embrace the natural cycle of being human, demystify the myths, and acknowledge the facts as we create a personal pathway of wisdom that feels safe, inspiring and unique to your journey.

In a long and varied career, my #1 area of emphasis has been in geriatric psychology, and I'm considered expert in providing treatment to mid-life & older/elderly adults and their families. For years I was Clinical Supervisor of Geriatric Services program in San Francisco prior to moving to Portland and continuing to work with older adults in private practice, and other settings.

Are you challenged in thinking you are not where you want to be at this point in your life. Did you imagine yourself married? With children? Different career? Living on own? Do these thoughts cause you anxiety and/or depression. If so, I specialize in helping individuals who feel stuck with the transition they are facing.

I have very little formal training in this arena. I would suggest that being 72 and facing most of the problems associated with aging, that I can bring a small amount of wisdom and a large amount of empathy to aging issues. Entheogens have a proven track record with many aging concerns. Let's talk.

I bring extensive training and experience in helping clients to negotiate difficult life transitions and find meaning and purpose in their life.

Aging is a natural part of life development. No one should have to navigate this phase on their own. I work to normalize these experiences and find ways to make meaning through the experience.

I help you to successfully navigate life changes and to feel more secure in yourself and your ability to welcome new possibilities

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