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Arrival Counseling annie dolle LCSW (she/her/hers)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


If you are ready to heal I am ready to meet you exactly where you are. Together we can get to a place that feels better than OK.

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2285 NW Johnson Street

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Rate: $150-$200

Provides telehealth services

Practicing Since: 1998

Languages: English


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My Ideal Client

Do you wonder why you can't relax and make peace with yourself and/or others? Do things from the past continue to haunt you and create turmoil in your life? Do you dredge up old stories and replay them over and over wondering what went wrong? Do you fight with yourself and wage inner war~ battling it out without conclusion? Do you question what is blocking you from vitality and playfulness? Do you seek meaning and fulfillment beyond the life that you are living? Lets open to something new.

My Approach to Helping

I would like to know the world in which you live. It is only through careful tracking that we can find our way to what is ailing you. I will join you in this journey. It must be safe, accepting, warm, curious and natural. I am not the expert with the wand (unless doing EMDR;) but rather a fellow human working to find meaning, freedom and truth in this lifetime. I have lived, trained, read, meditated, and contemplated throughout my life/education/career to be a better and more skillful vessel for healing. This is both my interest and passion. Mental health issues are a natural response to trauma and a toxic culture and I understand. It is OK. We will find our way through and you are not alone.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

As a Peace Corps volunteer decades ago, I found my passion listening and learning from others. I saw first hand that much of what we know and believe comes from our unique families, culture and environment. I then began a career in social services drawn to unfair and painful aspects of our society. My work was very strength-based and problem focused. Always growing my capacity to listen with my heart, I developed greater internal space for truth, pain, and beauty. I shifted my focus from crisis response to curiosity, safety and compassion. Amazingly I found that this led to healing all on its own! I have worked with people of all identities and celebrate diversity. I even had the opportunity to work with a team providing mental health therapy to expats in HCMC Vietnam for five years. I listen with my mind, body, and spirit and know that if I track clients closely, they know what needs to happen. As a student of many modalities I know that I will never stop working to hone my craft.

Techniques I Use


  • Attachment Theory External link

    From family work (family crisis and adoptions) to the most vulnerable peoples (Emergency Department social work), I know that our attachment templates are primary to the way that we experience ourselves, our relationships, and our world. I keep this awareness close and utilize attachment theory in my work, always.

  • EMDR External link

    EMDR trained, Im a believer. Let me offer this intervention to you. Let us soften your trauma response and heal your nervous system.

  • Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) External link

    A focus softening the conditioning of our attachment patterning and gently fostering a safe, more secure relational style to foster feeling and dealing in relationship. AEDP level 3.

  • Somatic Therapy (Body Centered) External link

    As a student of Hakomi and AEDP I am focused on the most gentle, effective, and powerful tools for self awareness and choice. I believe that we can attune to our bodies, minds, emotions, moods, memories, beliefs, and spirit to move towards greater inner peace and joy. Carefully attuned body awareness is an effective tool in driving this process. This background makes me an excellent choice for integration therapy.

Issues I Treat


  • Personal Growth External link

    Experiential therapy provides an incredible path towards self awareness, empowerment, greater choices, and healing. From there the only thing to do is to grow inward and outward.

  • Aging Concerns External link

    As a mid-life woman and therapist I am passionate about providing support for others during all phases of life. It is a rich and challenging time! Grief, loss, physical challenges, pain, changing roles, relationships, personal meaning, and certain realization of time; I would like to support you wherever you find yourself. Let us connect and assure that presence and choice are at the forefront of your life.

  • Adjustment Disorder External link

    Make time to explore what ails you. I will follow you wherever you'd like to go, only this time you will be well supported. Lets find our way into the pain so that the path out can be cleared.

  • Self-Harming External link

    Working in Level 1 Trauma Emergency Dept I have significant experience working to assess and support individuals in acute pain and crisis. I know this serves a purpose and I want to know more. I also use EMDR and experiential therapy to heal the deeper wounds that are managed through any form of self harming behaviors.

  • PTSD External link

    I have worked with individuals with developmental and acute trauma and use EMDR and trauma informed care to provide somatic and emotional healing from trauma response.

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