People with panic disorder have sudden and repeated panic attacks.  Panic attacks, which generally last several minutes, are characterized by an intense and irrational fear of disaster or of losing control. A person experiencing a panic attack often also has strong physical symptoms that may feel like having a heart attack. The frequency and severity of panic attacks vary widely from person to person. Because panic attacks can occur suddenly and without warning, it is common for people with panic disorder to be stressed out about the possibility of having another attack. Panic attacks and panic disorder can be incapacitating and seriously interfere with life.  Panic disorder sometimes runs in families and is more common in women than in men.  Visiting a mental health professional can help you identify the causes of panic disorder and is an important first step in treatment.

Local Experts in Panic

I am experienced in helping clients reduce the symptoms of panic and empowering you with the skills/tools to prevent panic attacks. What has worked really well: Using a combination of Psychoeducation, Cognitive Therapy, Mindfulness, and Body-Based counseling to--- identify triggers/ physical symptoms; and develop the self-awareness/understanding/breath necessary to calm your nervous system.

Panic is an extreme expression of anxiety - and while you may find your heart racing and limbs tingling and numb, it is your body\'s response to feeling extremely threatened. By processing the memories that bring you to this state, we are able to bring your body to a place where it no longer feels threatened.

Having suffered for a long time with anxiety/panic attacks, I know very well how debilitating it can be; whether it shows up as a panic attack or just a general ongoing feeling of anxiety. Using trance and guided meditation, we can restructure and actually remove these very old thought patterns which have been lodged into place for so long.

Panic is a common reaction to situations that feel overwhelming and out of control. Learning to manage and redirect anxious energy is part of what we can focus on in our counseling sessions, inviting the panic to show us what it needs and thus allow for integration and calming of the panic experience.

Panic feels scary and overwhelming, but it can often be addressed with skills so you can get some quick relief. I help clients learn tools to help regulate their stress response, and also address underlying automatic responses that keep panic going. Counseling for panic can help you rebuild trust in yourself and help you find joy again in engaging in your life.

Panic attacks are extremely uncomfortable and frightening experiences. However they are physically harmless to you and can be resolved relatively quickly with treatment.

If you have experienced panic attacks and are constantly worried about having another one or avoiding places or situations in which you\'ve had a panic attack before, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help. I can help you regain your life and control your symptoms. Together, we will work to increase your ability to tolerate these really uncomfortable feelings and help you get back to living fully!

Panic is frightening and can be debilitating. I specialize in helping individuals free their lives from panic or the fear of panic. You can overcome panic attacks and live a life of peace.

I utilize an exposure and response prevention model (ERP) to help my clients manage feelings of panic related to anxiety, PTSD, or OCD.

Panic attacks cause some of the worst feelings you can experience as a human being. I myself have suffered with panic attacks since the age of 14 and it is actually what inspired me to become a therapist. I can help you learn tools that will easily help reduce the frequency and duration of your panic attacks and have a much better quality of life.

Our bodies have a built-in mechanism for coping when we are in danger. During a panic attack, the body’s alarm system is triggered without there being any danger. When this happens over and over again, you begin to lead a life governed by your fears, and not by your desires. I work with you to get in tune with your body’s triggers and reclaim your life.

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