Taunya Gesner

Taunya Gesner

Professional Counselor Associate


Supervisor: Arianna Lloyd, MSCW

If you are looking for someone who is invested, sensitive, intelligent and has a sense of humor, I might be the right therapist for you.

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510 NE Roberts Ave, Ste 200

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Gresham, 97030

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Rate: $15100-$150

Provides telehealth services

Practicing Since: 2019

Languages: English


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My Ideal Client

Many people feel hindered in life by struggles with anxiety, depression and anger. Often we don't even know where these things came from, just that we are suddenly overwhelmed with these emotions and feel like they are holding us back from living our fullest life. They may leave us feeling trapped in a job we hate, in relationships that are toxic or just struggling to keep our head above water. Let's work together to make some change - that brings a new perspective and a fresh breath of air.

My Approach to Helping

I believe our emotions move beyond our control when we've experienced traumatic events that cause a build up of unprocessed stuff. That "stuff" comes up and causes us some pretty significant problems - that in processing those memories so they are no longer painful, we have more bandwidth to deal with day to day living and the things that come at us. I have a variety of ways to help you approach these triggers and get relief. This will help you eliminate anxiety, depression, panic attacks and be better able to work with challenging relationships whether at home or work.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I studied Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Lamar University located in Beaumont Texas. I have also taken training in EMDR - which is a technique that helps process deep painful memories. I've also studied DBT, CBT, and currently am training in Internal Family Systems (IFS). Additionally - I've lived life pretty fully and have a wide range of experience to pull from; most recently I spent a year sailing in the Caribbean, but I also have extensive family and trauma experience.

Techniques I Use


  • EMDR External link

    I have taken trainings 1 and 2 and am working on certification. My experience with EMDR has been overwhelmingly positive and I have been able to utilize this technique in a variety of ways to reach clients who had been at a high level of distress prior to our work together.

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) External link

    I am formally trained in IFS through their program. Let's heal your wounded inner parts.

  • Anger Management Therapy External link

    I did training through Allies in Change who has a program on anger management and domestic violence treatment. I combine this education with my EMDR/trauma focused background to combine a therapy which helps relieve emotional triggers as well as teach better communication and collaboration skills.

Issues I Treat


  • Abuse External link

    I have trained in working with offenders of domestic violence, so I have a better understanding of what abuse looks like, how it's expressed and what causes it. This enables me to better understand how you might be experiencing abuse and to clear up confusion you may be experiencing. This understanding combined with trauma relief offers effective treatment.

  • Anger Management External link

    Anger management is a combination of emotional reactivity which can be reduced with trauma processing, combined with psychoeducation on controlling and abusive behaviors. It's a matter of changing from a competitive to a collaborative perspective.

  • Panic External link

    Panic is an extreme expression of anxiety - and while you may find your heart racing and limbs tingling and numb, it is your body's response to feeling extremely threatened. By processing the memories that bring you to this state, we are able to bring your body to a place where it no longer feels threatened.

  • Anxiety External link

    Anxiety comes when your body is not feeling safe, which is usually due to an accumulation of unprocessed memories. By identifying the emotions surrounding your anxiety and then processing them until they are no longer triggering - relief of anxiety is the automatic side effect.

  • Depression External link

    Depression comes from feeling stuck and tired and angry at where you are in life. Being able to relieve the emotions around what brought you to this state, will help you to find your joy in living once again. I can do this with EMDR - it's an awesome technique that helps remove the emotional angst from your memories.

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