The U.S. immigrant population faces a unique set of challenges. Every experience is different and there can be a number of factors that impede or facilitate your adjustment in your new home. You may have experienced trauma on your journey or in your country of origin that can have a lasting effect on your health and happiness. Or perhaps you are having trouble connecting with your new community or are worried about the recent growing controversy about immigration policies. Whatever your experience, a qualified mental health professional can help you understand how immigration is impacting your life and provide you with useful tools for your challenges.

Local experts in Immigration/Acculturation

Joaquin Lopez (he/him)

Professional Counselor Associate


Drawing from my experience and identity as a Mexican American person, I understand the nuanced experience of code switching and managing family and social dynamics that come with being bicultural and bilingual (Spanish/English) in a mainstream dominant culture. Immigration issues create additional barriers that affect familial and social interactions.

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Art Chaklader (He/Him)

Licensed Professional Counselor


As an immigrant to the U.S. myself, I have had a lifelong experience of acculturation. Changing one's culture, or attempting to fit it into another touches each aspect of one's life. In doing so, it can rock your identity as a whole. Please consider setting up a consultation appointment, to receive some professional support on this journey.

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