Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Local Experts in Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Who makes up the parts of your internal whole?

I am currently pursuing/finishing the level 1 training of Internal Family Systems theory. This is a theory that many people I\'ve worked with have enjoyed since it helps them understand themselves better and clarify how they want to respond to circumstances and move forward. It also puts the client in charge, which is empowering.

When working with individuals, I pull primarily from an IFS perspective. I have advanced training in IFS. Together we will invite your emotions and identify them as messengers to guide your healing. We will use ritual, art, story telling and more to explore all the parts of yourself that have a voice. Our work will dive into your body story, uncovering your inherent worthiness and wisdom.

Most of us have some ambivalence about most things because we have multiple motivations (to succeed, to be happy, to be liked for example). IFS is a way to reach consensus within ourselves, particularly if we experienced trauma.

IFS and other parts-work modalities facilitate direct reduction of internal conflict, providing a last and felt sense of internal support, confidence, and awareness.

Internal Family Systems suggests that our inner world is comprised of many varied parts, each with different opinions, beliefs and energies. It also suggests we hold within a calm, wise and loving Core Self. The work of IFS is to heal the wounded parts and restore balance within our system by attending to our often child-like parts which need loving care.

IFS is my primary modality for individual counseling because it is both highly effective and relatively easy for most people to work with, across a range of issues. It can help bring clarity to all the myriad parts of a complex human being dealing with complex life issues. I find that IFS also supports differentiation of self, which is key to personal freedom and relationship success.

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