Courtney Watson

Courtney Watson (She/Her)

Licensed Professional Counselor


Accepting Registered Associate Supervisee's for IFS, Relational, Trauma, and Private Practice support.

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Rate: $125-$150

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Practicing Since: 2020

Languages: English


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My Ideal Client

Whether you are an associate needing a supervisor for licensure hours, or you are a licensed therapist who wants deeper support or practice around a particular modality, I am able to support your professional growth. I offer supervision or consultation through Internal Family Systems (IFS), Relational Therapy, Attachment Theory, Grief, Trauma, Diagnosis, and Private Practice.

What I Specialize In

I specialize in working with clients through a therapy modality called Internal Family Systems (IFS). This modality utilizes parts work to support clients going through a myriad of struggles. With parts work, we are able to access compassion and understanding to create a different dynamic in your internal experience. I utilize a relational, trauma-informed approach in my clinical practice and supervision. I heavily incorporate Internal Family Systems (IFS) and somatic approaches into my clinical practice, which are also available to supervisee's if clinicians are interested in those approaches. I’m available for supervision with associate therapists and consultation with licensed therapists to hone their skills with Internal Family Systems (IFS), Relational Therapy, Trauma Therapy, and Private Practice. I also work with therapists in private practice to help streamline their business.

My Values as a Therapist

My style is collaborative, strength based, and compassionate. I see it as a priority to support you in recognizing the best of who you are and who you can be as a practitioner. It is my hope that you experience supervision as a safe and supportive place to ask questions, be self-reflective, share mistakes and struggles, and to get the help you need to feel increasingly effective in your work. I will strive to elicit ongoing feedback about how this process is working for you and hope that you will find the courage to let me know if you have concerns or unmet needs.

Techniques I Use


  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) External link

    For those who have completed or are interested in taking a training on IFS. Learn or practice how to explain parts, recognize when parts are present, and help clients find more compassion for their parts. Also focus on how to bring your full self to IFS in session, not just the IFS process.

  • Relational  External link

    The therapeutic relationship has been shown time and time again to be one of the most important factors for sustained change in therapy. Relational therapy can harness this change agent and allow true healing for your clients.

Issues I Treat


  • Historical Trauma External link

    Trauma sticks with us and seeps into every part of our lives. Working with trauma is a difficult and delicate process, so you need to feel safe with your therapist. IFS has a gentle and slow approach to trauma that will never ask you to re-experience the memories or event. Instead, IFS uses a trauma-informed, evidence based approach which accesses the trauma through a different method. You are with it, not in it. This is an important distinction when we work to heal trauma. Reach out to start.

  • Loss or Grief External link

    Grief can make you feel alone, isolated, lost, and empty. Having strong social networks and supports are key to our healing. This can also include having a skilled grief therapist on your side. I have an extensive amount of experience working with individuals who are grieving - both in and out of therapy. I also have my own personal experiences with grief and death. Reach out if you are experiencing grief and are ready to begin the healing integration process.

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