Chronic Pain or Illness

Chronic pain is considered to be any pain that lasts longer than six months. Chronic pain might start with an injury or an illness, although many people suffer chronic pain without any past injury or evidence of illness. Chronic pain may come and go and can range from mild to agonizing. In addition to the physical symptoms, chronic pain can take an emotional toll. Individuals suffering from chronic pain are more likely to feel depressed, irritable or anxious and may experience other related symptoms, such as insomnia. If you are dealing with pain that won’t go away, a mental health professional can help you learn ways of coping.

Local Experts in Chronic Pain or Illness

Chronic Illness can be extremely draining to someone's sense of self and support system. I work with you to reinforce the ways you are already coping with your symptoms, continue to support you as you go through the diagnostic and treatment process, and advise on self-advocacy for your support network in ways that get your needs met.

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I have worked for 12 years in a medical setting supporting patients who have a wide variety of chronic and acute conditions. I have worked to prepare patients for bariatric surgery, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, transplant and supporting family members as well.

There is now so much information about how the brain creates pain. Fortunately there are ways to turn down the volume of pain. It takes time and effort for the brain to minimize the production of pain signals AND it's worth it. Chronic illness impacts sleep, diet, inflammation, immune system, pain, emotional health, relationships, etc. Special care is needed for self management.

I have specialized in working with chronic pain & illness since 2007. While you may think that you already have too much awareness of your body (it's so uncomfortable!), increasing a fine-tuned awareness is actually a valuable tool in finding relief from pain and discomfort and creating a safe space within your own body.

I specialize in supporting those rebuilding a life worth living as they adjust to a chronic diagnosis. Work includes acceptance, grief, behavioral changes to support wellness, uncovering changes in our basic needs and getting those needs met in new ways within self and in our family systems. Example diagnosis includes heart conditions,diabetes, lupus, fibromyalgia, bipolar, adult adhd...

I'm a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, which means I have specific education and training in working with people who have disabilities and chronic illness.

My approach here is not to cure pain or illness or even suggest that I could. However what can be addressed is our relationship to pain and illness. Often when we are faced with health issues whether they be curable or life threatening we often develop various stories around that that contribute greatly and unnecessarily to our suffering.

I have worked with many people dealing with chronic/severe illnesses, either in themselves or a family member. I have also had success in helping people manage chronic pain without opiates and those in recovery from chemical dependency.

I have worked a psychologist in medical settings and hospitals for the past 13-years and have experienced working with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families experiencing problems related to ones own health or that of a loved one such as cancer, any terminal illness, degenerative condition, hospice care, impending death, or grieving the impending loss of self or loved one.

Navigating chronic illness along with mental health symptoms can be difficult, but you don't have to go it alone. I can help you utilize tools to successfully manage these conditions and have the best quality of life for you and for your family.

Having gone through Lyme Disease, I understand the invisible suffering of chronic pain and illness. There is the condition you suffer and the fact that many people do not perceive or believe your experience. I work to support with all aspects of your what you are going through.

I am specialized in working with individuals experiencing disability and chronic pain/illness onset or progression. The fear, anger, confusion and hopelessness you may be experiencing are very normal, and I look forward to working with you to explore your self-identified goals for wellbeing today and in the future.

In my experience as a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician, I have seen firsthand the issues with modern treatments for pain. Pain is not just a purely physical condition involving the back, knee, or any other body part. Pain affects the entire person, which is why treatment should involve the whole person.

Pain and illnesses have a subtle way of cutting us off from every aspect of our lives. Through the courage to look deeper into pain, and explore the lessons of illness we can find more ways to manage and live with it, and work towards greater healing.

Chronic pain can be suffocating. The endless visits to providers, some of whom don't even trust that you are in the pain you describe. The loss of previous freedoms and activities. Physical pain can lead to depression, anxiety, and panic. There is evidence that therapy can reduce stress and therefore reduce and/or help pain. My hope is to connect with your personal/unique story of pain.

I help clients live better with conditions their medical team is treating or with conditions that may not benefit from further treatment.

Cancer survivors describe experiencing a range of emotions as well as times when feelings were difficult to identify. My work with people draws from what we know about survivors' experiences, while leaving room for an individual's own interpretation, meaning and means of coping during their cancer journey. My work has typically been with young adult survivors.

Depression is often experienced as feeling separate from the world, as if you are all alone. Receiving healing with and among the natural world is the perfect antidote to feeling this way. Nature does not judge or impose. Nature models acceptance and love. At the nature retreat, you will not only feel inspired to think differently about yourself and your life, you will experience deep connection.

In addition to being a somatic therapist, I am also a yoga instructor and massage therapist. I bring elements of these practices to my therapy clients and find them particularly helpful for folks who are navigating chronic pain and illness. I have experience working with people living with chronic pelvic pain, traumatic brain injuries, lyme\'s disease, and fibromyalgia.

It is believed by professionals who practice Mind-Body healing that there is no separation of the two and they both influence one another. I work with clients who have chronic pain or illness who continue to have symptoms despite medical treatment. We work to identify past experiences and traumas that are unresolved that may influence the manifestation of physical illness and pain.

I have considerable experience helping individuals navigate both the practical challenges and emotional ramifications of facing acute medical crises and of living with chronic illness.

One of the first surprises I discovered when I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis was the sheer exhaustion of chronic pain. I have learned to specialize with chronic pain as I've had to heal my own. I provide nutritional counseling, and mindfulness therapies to improve overall pain management. My partner provides yoga and massage to aid you in increasing flexibility and function.

Having a Chronic Illness can bring a whole other set of issues to ones life. I often work with folks who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness and help to support them in this challenge.

I understand that living with chronic pain or an illness doesn't just impact your body but it can impact many areas of you life - your relationships, how you feel emotionally, your activity level and ability, your thoughts and even your financial situation. All of this may cause you to feel hopeless. But you can become a healthier person and have a healthier quality of life. You are not alone.

Chronic Pain can be so frustrating and exhausting. It often leads to symptoms of depression and /or increased use of medication that can make the condition worse and lead to overuse. From my own experience with chronic pain as well as from working at a chronic pain management center, I have learned the pain management skills that appear to best provide relief and maximize functioning.

My current primary practice in a medical setting has provided me with the training and experience to address chronic pain and illness issues that get in the way of living a high quality of life. We will explore a combination of self care techniques (ie sleep, nutrition, movement, addressing inflammation etc) as well as alternative methods to decrease your pain and increase your functionality.

Chronic issues are defined as mental or physical issues that last 3 months or longer. These can include mental health diagnosis, physical injury or illness and chronic pain. I believe that physical illness/pain can affect our emotional state, and our emotional state can affect our experience of physical illness/pain. My holistic approach focuses on the \'whole person\', not just the symptom or malad

I have training in hypnotherapy and Sensorimotor psychotherapy for addressing pain management issues.

Working with clients dealing with chronic pain and illness is part of my experience in the area of grief and loss. Living with pain/illness is a loss of life as they knew it before - the process gives clients an opportunity to identify/discuss issues associated with their condition- to feel validated and supported; and to learn coping techniques.

Chronic pain and illness can impact every aspect of life; work, play, emotional wellbeing, relationships, thinking, physicality, and spirituality. I have helped people with chronic pain or illness to live fuller, more content lives for the past ten years. I can help you explore emotional, intellectual, behavioral, social, physical, and spiritual solutions to bring greater comfort to your life.

As an Ayurvedic practitioner, I have extensive knowledge of the mind-body connection. I can help you identify potential mental and emotional sources that may be contributing to your physical symptoms, including functional somatic symptoms. I also have a special interest in the psychosocial factors that are affected by living with gastrointestinal disorders, such as IBS and SIBO.

My master's degree focused on advanced training in supporting individuals living with chronic illness and disability (CID). This included medical aspects of disability, psychosocial adjustment to disability, career exploration, and related topics. I offer support for the emotional impact of CID on relationships, daily living, identity, independence & any other topics relevant to each individual.

I specialize in treating chronic pain and illness utilizing CBT as well as a mindfulness-based approach. We are able to train our brain to experience pain differently by how we respond and react to it. Pain and illness can cause depression, isolation, anxiety, and I try to help others find relief

Methods of treatment used are evidence-based, supported by research, and by the American Psychological Association (APA). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy are highly effective in living with pain and illness, so are the main methods I use in working with clients.

Nationally certified clinical rehabilitation counselor. Experience working with diverse clientele with barriers and issues created by disabilities and/or chronic pain and/or illness.

I have specific training and understanding of the physical and psychological impact of chronic illness and pain on one's emotional well being, interpersonal relationships, career, and financial stability. I can support you as you adjust to these challenges, assist you with identifying resources, and teach you techniques that may reduce stress and moderate your pain.

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