Sunya Grantham

Sunya Grantham

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Ditch blame and resentment...Connect, mend, and strengthen your relationship.

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Practicing Since: 2018

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My Ideal Client

Have you and your partner been sweeping things under the rug? Or maybe you're having the same ol' dance to a different song. Increased stress, broken trust, and life transitions tend to shine a spotlight on the elements of our relationships we've hoped would go away. It can cause us to act in ways we never thought possible and be counterproductive to our desired intent for connection.

My Approach to Helping

When our relationship has become (or has been) the cause of distress we often create a negative story of our partner that is difficult to re-write. Once our mind views our partner as a source of hurt and pain, it becomes difficult to see them as anything but potential danger. This further entrenches the negative story of our partner and our relationship; it seems unfixable. I help clients identify the thoughts and feelings causing them to behave in ways that prevent them from getting what they want out of their relationship. I provide my clients with education and practical tools to disrupt unhelpful communication patterns to help them share what they need from their partner in more productive ways. You can begin to interact in ways that leave you open to a renewed sense of connection and more positive story. What is consistent in my approach is: collaboration, an empathetic attitude, and laughter. Much like you would expect in your significant relationships.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I am committed to providing affordable therapy to persons within marginalized groups. I reserve sliding scale slots for BIPOC and LGBTQ identifying clients. I completed a M.A. in Marriage & Family Therapy at Pacific Lutheran University. I have experience working with couples and families experiencing high conflict, infidelity, and people living with a person impacted by mental illness. I offer a poly affirming space which acknowledges the challenges members of this community face. In addition, I have specialized training in Medical Family Therapy, allowing me to respond to the impact of chronic illness and disability on relationships.

Issues I Treat


  • Family Conflict External link

    Much like the work I do with couple and marriage issues, I focus on the patterns of interactions that find families in explosive arguments and struggling to resolve conflict. By creating a safe space, families can learn to express uncomfortable feelings to increase their understanding of each other. I seek to provide communication tools that facilitate conflict resolution and reduce blame.

  • Chronic Pain or Illness External link

    My work with clients involves incorporating biological, psychological, social, and spiritual components. I offer support by allowing for the expression of feelings and challenges in navigating chronic illness. In some cases, I collaborate with medical providers to improve communication and support client's sense of agency.

  • Personality Disorders External link

    I work with couples and families who are living with a loved one who is diagnosed with a personality disorder. I address the feeling of 'walking on eggshells' typically described by loved ones. I also recognize the very real fear of rejection and heightened emotional sensitivity characteristic of BPD. Therapy includes elements of DBT, developing a wise mind approach, and effective communication tools.

  • Relationship / Marriage Issues External link

    I approach this work by identifying patterns of interaction couples find themselves stuck in. Work includes focusing on understanding the needs of the other and learning to appreciate differences. Work around infidelity consists of determining relationship commitment, examining the dynamics of the relationship before the affair, and rebuilding the trust of the hurt partner.

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