Family Caregiving

While caring for an aging parent or sick family member can be rewarding, it is also tough. Sacrificing your time and money can lead to feelings of bitterness and regret, causing ill will toward the very people you love and want to help. With the right support system in place, caregiving, though difficult, is made manageable. Whether you are facing a specific problem or you just need a sounding board and some general guidance, a qualified mental health professional can help with caregiving challenges. 

Local Experts in Family Caregiving

Caring for an aging or ill family member is a top life stressor. I am here to help support and validate people as they navigate this challenging life experience.

Facing the role of caregiver to a loved one, child or elder can be a daunting task. The balance between caring for oneself and caring for another requires skill, mindfulness and support. I help caregivers learn how to discern what self-care means for them, and how to maintain it amidst the stress, grief and hard feelings that emerge along the way.

Caregiving can be stressful, and it is important to take care of yourself so you have the energy to support the other important people in your life. You may also have conflicting emotions about your role as a caregiver, and I provide a safe place for you to express all of your feelings.

Supporting parents and caretakers in implementing tried and tested strategies that support their child\'s mental and emotional well-being.

Caring for a loved one is tremendous act of love an can be a highly stressful and complicated experience. It's important to know that your own self-care is paramount to being an effective caregiver. I am experienced in working with caregivers and their loved ones who are coping with a chronic medical and or psychological impairment. Having access to resources, education and support is essential.

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