Family Caregiving

While caring for an aging parent or sick family member can be rewarding, it is also tough. Sacrificing your time and money can lead to feelings of bitterness and regret, causing ill will toward the very people you love and want to help. With the right support system in place, caregiving, though difficult, is made manageable. Whether you are facing a specific problem or you just need a sounding board and some general guidance, a qualified mental health professional can help with caregiving challenges.

Local experts in Family Caregiving

Xan Scott (she/her)

Professional Counselor Associate

I have personal and professional experience as an in-home caregiver. Whether you are caring for chronic illness yourself or caring for both elders and youths at the same time let's connect. Finding small ways to replenish and nurture yourself first provides the abundant energy to care for our loved ones. Simply providing a space to vent frustrations and perceived limitations outside of family and friends is a big beginning step. I am here for you.

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Camille Keith (she/her)

Licensed Professional Counselor


Caregiving is stressful and you may be feeling overwhelmed trying to make everyone happy! I can help you be compassionate as you find a way to balance your needs and the needs of others. You may have mixed feelings about being in the role of caregiver, and I provide a safe place for you to express all of your feelings. You may also be adjusting to changes in your relationships, and I can support you in improving your boundaries with your family.

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Kerry Powers, LPC (She/Her)

Licensed Professional Counselor


Caring for a loved one is tremendous act of love an can be a highly stressful and complicated experience. It's important to know that your own self-care is paramount to being an effective caregiver. I am experienced in working with caregivers and their loved ones who are coping with a chronic medical and or psychological impairment. Having access to resources, education and support is essential.

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Lori Eckel (she/her)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


I work with individuals and families to navigate the complex landscape of caregiving. Together we can explore the meaning for you in your caregiving experience as well as the strain in mind, body, or sprit, that may accompany this experience. I help you to process the shifting relational experience and expectations with your care receiver as well as create space to consider your own well being while you care for others.

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