Gender Identity

Gender Dysphoria is characterized by an inconsistency between the gender a person identifies as and his/her/their physical gender. People with gender dysphoria are typically referred to as transsexual or transgender. Some common signs of a gender dysphoria include cross-dressing, a feeling of being in the wrong body and a desire to live as a person of the opposite sex. Additionally, in children, gender dysphoria can manifest itself as feelings of disgust with their own genitals and a certainty that they will grow up to be the opposite sex.  Many people treat gender dysphoria by physically modifying their bodies through surgery so that they better match their gender identities. Children and adults with gender dysphoria face an increased risk for depression, anxiety, self-esteem problems, suicidality, bullying and stress. A mental health professional can help with these and other challenging aspects of gender dysphoria.

Local Experts in Gender Identity

Maybe that feeling that something doesn't feel right with your gender has been knocking at your brain for awhile? I'm here to help. About 75% of my clients come to me with the primary presenting difficultly of gender dysphoria. I've worked with hundreds of transgender and gender variant people since 2015. I am also qualified to write letters of recommendation for gender-affirming surgeries.

I seek to hold space for you wherever you are on your journey of exploring your gender identity. I view gender as existing outside of a binary system. Although I hold a cisgender identity, I have made efforts to obtain specialized training to assist trans/nb folks meet their mental health needs, including training in writing letters of support for gender-affirming medical interventions.

I work with families and individuals to explore the gender spectrum in support of exploration about who we are as human beings and how to navigate schools systems, society\'s idea of who we are and other potentially challenging meetings on this topic.

I am both personally and professionally involved with Trans community and am well aware of the daily micro-aggressions that occur within our families, at work, and socially. You will not have to provide me with Trans 101 basics. We can start right away with what you are bringing into therapy. I am able to provide letters that many doctors require before beginning HRT and prior to surgeries.

I specialize in LGBTQ populations, including trans, non gender-conforming, and poly populations. I consider it an honor to be trusted by so many in this community. I have specialized training in working with LGBTQ populations, especially trans, and continue to update my training.

Gender expression is a passion of mine. I have been honored to work with individuals on their journey in living their truth and feeling safe to do so. I also support parents looking for resources while they may have a child transitioning. I also worked on a project with 29 brave individuals honoring their journey in gender expression.

I have experience working with teens and young adults in exploring gender identity. I also provide readiness evaluations for those seeking medical transitions.

I have extensive experience working with adolescents and adults experiencing gender dysphoria. I have done many assessments for hormones and surgery and have worked collaboratively with medical professionals to ensure appropriate treatment of those struggling with gender dysphoria.

I continuously increase my knowledge and skills for helping clients address Gender Dysphoria. I'm well versed in the WPATH & the emerging 'Informed Consent' standards of care, as well as associated psycho-social challenges (e.g., social anxiety) experienced by transgender and gender-queer people. I help clients to embrace their identities through coming out, social and medical transition, & more.

Part of my education in LGBTQAI+ identity includes understanding gender identity. Aside from formal education, I have intimate experience of watching close friends and partners during transition, as well as personal experience as someone who identifies as non-binary.

During graduate school I interned at TransActive Gender Center, providing mental health services for transgender/gender non-binary youth, adolescents, and their families. I continue to provide affirmative care for the community and their families.

I have navigated the journey of gender with each of my children, and helped many parents navigate this journey with their children. I can help you too!

I have been working with clients with Gender Dysphoria for the last five years. I have attended several specialized trainings for working with gender identity issues before and during that time. I have experience supporting individuals and families who are navigating the transition process and I'm able to write letters in support of your process as needed.

Healthcare at the Pearl Health Center is always safe and affirming. Our providers are passionate about advocacy and use a collaborative approach to therapeutic services and community resources.

Being transgender or non-binary presents a unique set of personal and social challenges. Simply stated, our society has not caught up with what it means to identify as a gender other than the one you were assigned at birth.As part of the Brave Space community, I offer counseling and medical referrals to transgender individuals who need support and affirmation to live authentically in the world.

I have direct experience working with gender expansive teens and adults. My work focuses on deconstructing social constructs around gender; exploring gender identity; finding voice and empowerment; and writing assessment letters for gender-affirming health care.

The dominant culture is often abusive of people whose affirmed gender is different than their assigned gender. I can help you clarify your affirmed gender, including being gender fluid and support you in addressing the prejudice directed toward you for not fitting others expectations about gender. I am also training with Brave Space to provide support psychological support in gender transition.

Over 8 years of experience working with trans and non-binary clients, providing transition related care and general life support beyond identity. WPATH-informed.

Gender expansive work, honoring all identities including trans folks, non-binary, gender non-conforming.

Joe has trained and presented widely in the area of gender studies as well as having worked extensively with clients around issues related to gender transitions, including assessment and documentation for medical needs.

I bring my own experience of being trans and want to be here for your experience of gender, your story, your life, your identity, and your family, culture, and communities. And I'm here to write letters for gender affirming medical care too.

Gender identity and gender exploration is the main focus of my work. I have experience working with children, teens and adults who are questioning their gender, going through gender transitioning, or just needing a safe space to discuss life as a gender non-conforming person. I have received academic training on working with gender non-conforming folks as well as my personal life experience.

Navigating our gender identity can be layered with confusion, influenced thoughts or feelings from society, parents, or ourselves. Therapy can aid in navigating to understanding your gender identity to feel more at ease and comfortable while you become the self you want to be.

I have written multiple referral letters for gender affirming medical interventions and procedures based on WPATH standards. I have worked with several clients who are transgender and/or non-binary, and I have lived experience as well.

As a transgender clinician, I have first-person understanding of the impact a person\'s identity can have on their lives and families. I am a parent, a husband, and an artist. I believe strongly that every person deserves to live healthy and full lives as their authentic selves. I have experience working with transgender and gender non-conforming children, teens, and adults.

Ideas of gender are forced upon us before we are even born. It is a force than can be incredibly difficult to overcome and to stay attuned to oneself within. It is important to have people and spaces we can explore being ourselves with in a safe and supportive way. Like the definition of gender itself, I help you decide your own path, labels and lack of labels.

I am deeply sensitive to the unrelenting challenges faced by those who have been assigned a gender that conflicts with their lived experience. I consider it a privilege to support clients in bridging this conflict to whatever extent they choose, from explorations of identity and experiences through social and medical transitions.

I identify as a non-binary or genderqueer individual, and am connected to many different queer and trans communities.

“If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. If you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”~Lilla Watson. Your story matters. We'll explore your experience and needs collaboratively and compassionately. As a co-conspiritor, I honor your process-- YOU are the expert on YOU! WPATH standards of care are used in therapy and letter writing.

Do you need a letter, or support on your gender journey? You've come to the right place. I identify as nonbinary/genderqueer, so I understand the complexities of gender and transition. I've completed professional training in gender-affirmative care and I have experience working with trans women, trans men, and nonbinary, genderqueer, agender, and other gender non-conforming folks.

I am a gender specialist working primarily with transgender, non-binary, and questioning folks looking to explore their gender, access gender congruency measures, and learn skills to respond to the impacts of minority stress.

I have extensive experience providing gender affirming care for transgender and gender diverse individuals. This includes supportive therapy for children, adolescents, and adults who are in the early stages of exploring/questioning their gender identity, as well as assessment and letter-writing for clients pursuing hormones and/or surgery

As a queer person, it is important to me to create space in my practice to serve my community. Gender is a unique and complicated space, and no two people\'s process around their gender identity will look the same. Throughout my training, I have focused on working to apply what I have learned to help people navigate gender.

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