Heather Lokteff

Heather Lokteff

Licensed Professional Counselor

Taking care of your mental health and adding to your self-care. I use a collaborative, non-judgmental, skilled, warm and caring approach.

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4800 Meadows Rd

Suite 300

Lake Oswego, 97035

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Rate: $125-$175

Provides telehealth services

Practicing Since: 2011

Languages: English

Faith: Christianity


  • Individual
  • Relationship
  • Teen

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  • Aetna
  • ComPsych
  • First Choice Health
  • PacificSource
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My Ideal Client

Relationships, in all of its beautiful forms, can be challenging! Whether you’re a teen, a 20-something branching out on your own, someone going through a divorce or difficult life transition, or a couple getting married and/or blending a family, we all have times in our lives where we need outside support. Therapy can be a dynamic and helpful way to add self-care to your life and make lasting changes.

My Approach to Helping

Finding the right relational fit for a therapist can be a challenge. My hope for you is that you find a therapist who is compassionate, knowledgeable, collaborative, and makes you feel safe and encouraged. This is how I operate in my practice. I’m passionate about people living full, thriving lives and being holistically healthy. I value identifying people’s strengths, sharing insights and feedback, providing practical educational resources and tools, and creating a compassionate, non-judgmental space to be heard and listened to. My clients inspire me, I enjoy partnering with them to work through problems and make lasting changes, and I love coming to work everyday. I’m humbled by my clients’ vulnerability and willingness to examine their lives and make changes that make sense for them. If you would like to learn more about my approach, have questions, or would like to find a time to meet, contact me today. ​ ​

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I finished my Masters in Counseling Psychology in 2006 and I have 13+ years experience providing therapy to a variety of clients. Prior to starting my own practice in 2011 I worked at various non-profit agencies providing in-home and intensive community-based treatment for children and families in crisis and/or DHS involvement.

Techniques I Use


  • Attachment Theory External link

    Our early childhood relationships and experiences provide a blueprint for how we see ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us. Is this world safe? Am I alone or can I rely on others? Can I find trustworthy people? It can be extremely helpful to know what your attachment style has been in your life and also hold onto hope that you can move into a place of security with others.

  • Relational  External link

    Our therapeutic relationship is the most important predictor of success in therapy. My main focus is creating an environment where you feel heard, validated, and have a safe space to express your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Together we can move towards having more connection, vulnerability and authenticity in your relationships.

  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) External link

    In Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, we take a look at how your thoughts, emotions and behaviors interact and effect one another. It helps identify unhealthy ways of thinking and replace them with more beneficial thoughts that are in our own best interest. You’ll learn tools to practice outside of session in a practical, helpful way.

Issues I Treat


  • Personal Growth External link

    Focusing on your own personal growth can be an exciting, daunting, liberating, and insightful time. It’s some of my favorite kind of work and collaborate and partner with! It’s a time to develop insights, pause and reflect, be more intentional with your time, and focus on goals that maybe you’ve been putting off but are feeling that now is the time to make changes.

  • Child or Adolescent Issues External link

    We want the best for our kids and hope that we give them the love, support, limits, structure, and experiences they need to grow into their potential. Teens these days are navigating all kinds of pressures: academic, social, family, just to name a few! I have been working with kids and teens since the start of my career, and it’s my favorite population.

  • Relationship / Marriage Issues External link

    I work with couples who are wanting to increase their sense of vulnerability, partnership and security with one another. I also work with couples who are blending families and navigating being previously divorced. I use Emotion-Focused Therapy and the Gottman Method as well as my experience as a stepparent to inform my practice.

  • Adjustment Disorder External link

    Life is full of adjusting to changing circumstances. These are the adjustment issues I often run into in my practice: moving to a new city, a break-up or divorce, a career change, becoming a parent or empty-nester, graduating college, just to name a few!

  • Anxiety External link

    Most of us have some degree of anxiety, so you’re not alone! For some it can be debilitating or take control of your mind. I work with my clients on processing situations both past and present that create anxiety and identify skills to shift mindsets, be more relaxed, and be more in charge of your own mind.

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