Gottman Method

The Gottman Method is a type of relationship counseling developed by John and Julie Gottman. The goal of relationship counseling that applies the Gottman Method is to improve how the client’s relationship works by teaching couples how to avoid the behaviors shown by the Gottmans (and others) to damage relationships. Gottman maintains that there are four emotions (criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and contempt) that harm relationships. Therapists using the Gottman Method will help couples to grow closer, increase their affection for one another and help them to resolve conflicts in a healthy and positive way.

Local Experts in Gottman Method

I am trained in Gottman methodology and I use Gottman concepts in my work with couples. I am also Certified Educator for Seven Principle workshop. Dr. Gottman’s approach emphasizes couples’ strengths, skill-building for mutual happiness, and the development of a shared meaningful future. For more information, please see

I am Gottman level one trained clinician. This work can be done individually or in couples work. The content is also applicable to new families with new or additional children in helping the parents communicate in a healthy and effect ways during this time of change and transition in their lives. This can also be applied in grief and loss work.

completed Level 1 and Level 2 of Gottman Method training for couples therapy.

I have completed Level 2 training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and primarily see couples in my practice. Using Gottman therapy is unique in the fact that couples get a full assessment of their relationship to help guide the treatment of couples therapy. The assessment is done in three sessions. Couples will learn tools for managing conflict and also improve friendship and intimacy.

John Gottman is the leading researcher on couples and relationships and what makes them work. I use Gottman Method concepts in my work with couples.

When working with couples, I use Gottman Method because it has shown in over a decade of research to be effective. The Gottman approach provides simple ways to effectively manage conflict, deepen intimacy, improve friendship, and help heal relationship injuries even when there is significant conflict in a relationship.

I am a Gottman Seven Principles trained educator, a Gottman Bringing Baby Home trained educator, and have completed the Gottman Level 1 couples training.

I’ve received training from Dr. Gottman, one of the foremost researchers in couples’ happiness, and have studied and practiced the Gottman method since predoctoral training in 1986. Dr. Gottman’s approach emphasizes couples’ strengths, skill-building for mutual happiness, and the development of a shared meaningful future.

Gottman Method utilizes years of research to help couples go from being \'disasters\' in there relationship to becoming \'masters.\' When couples work together through this method to change their negative patterns they will see real positive results.

I am Gottman Levels I and II trained and a Gottman 7 Principles Program Leader. This method combines wisdom from 4 decades of research with over 3000 couples. I specialize in this area and using comprehensive assessment, treatment planning and exercises, help you and your partner express your needs while learning from what does and does not work in relationships.

We specialize in helping couples of all types, from those who are trying to recover from an affair, those who are frequently fighting to those who are just needing some touch up in feeling connected again.\nHere is what we offer:\nwe will give you new skills to reconnect as friends\nwe will give you new ways to repair your conflict\nwe will help you re-spark your sex life

I have been trained in both level 1 and level 2 Gottman Methods. With over 35 years of scicene based research, the Gottman Method is one of the most successful interventional tools with couples today. Through research-based interventions and exercises, I assist couples to break through barriers to achieve greater understanding, connection and intimacy in their relationships.

I utilize Gottman Method with couples in order to manage conflict, deepen their friendship and intimacy. One of the most important keys to long-standing contentment in a relationship (even when there’s significant conflict!) is learning how to repair the emotional harm partners have caused for one another. Couples therapy, believe it or not, can be an enjoyable and deeply healing process. \n

John Gottman has described Collaborative Couple Therapy, my speciality, as completely consistent with his research findings for cultivating loving relationships. I have 36+ hours of training with the Gottman Institute and, in particular, utilize Gottman Institute Research to inform my practice methodology.

I have completed level 1 and soon to be level 2, with plans to pursue certification in Gottman Couples method.

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