Isabel McCune

Isabel McCune (she/her)

Qualified Mental Health Professional

Mental Health Intern

Supervisor: Sawyer Salameh, LPC

Mental health intern specializing in OCD, queer and trans populations, and therapy for service industry professionals.

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825 NE 20th Ave

Suite 250

Portland, 97232

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Practicing Since: 2022


  • Individual
  • Group
  • Relationship

Insurances Accepted

  • OHP CareOregon/HealthShare

My Ideal Client

I serve LGBTQIA+ folks as part of a queer-focused, justice-oriented group practice. I also have extensive experience working with clients who are service industry workers. Diagnoses or concerns that I specialize in include trauma, OCD/intrusive thoughts, anxiety, and relationships/attachments.

My Approach to Helping

I believe that people are experts in their own lives and make the best decisions available to them with the resources that they have. I am interested in how we all interact with and are affected by systems of power, and in how counseling can help decolonize mental wellbeing. My core commitment as a counselor is to affirm your autonomy and witness the many facets of your life. I approach therapy with curiosity, and invite you to explore how histories, structures, and intersections shape who you are and what you do. I use metaphors and thought experiments to offer new perspectives and meanings. I practice mind-body techniques to identify how emotions and experiences show up in the body as well as the mind. In our work together, I hope you find rich meaning in your experiences, build connection to your community, and make changes that are meaningful to you.

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