Grace Carter

Grace Carter (She/Her)

Professional Counselor Associate

Supervisor: Catherine Nyhan

I am a creative and intuitive counselor, with a background in performing arts.

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Rate: $80-$95

Provides free initial consultation


  • Individual
  • Relationship
  • Teen

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How I Can Help You

MY VALUES. MY WORK. Assisting others in releasing tension, grief, guilt and shame. Finding a sense of calm and acceptance in that release. Holding space to bear witness to other’s experiences and processes. Providing a safe place to unburden. Helping others find their unique beauty. MY APPROACH. I believe presence and attunement are two of the most important elements of the counseling process. Through these skills, I strive to create an environment where a person can feel seen, heard and empathetically felt. I pay close attention to physical manifestations of emotional and psychological experiences, as I feel the physical self can provide clues and opportunities for the emotional self and the "thinking" self. I have the capacity to work creatively and visually, using these tools to find other ways to express and discover during sessions. Finally, I believe humor, warmth and acceptance are essential to any counseling journey.

Why I Became a Therapist

I started my path to the counseling profession in the theatre arts. As a director and performer I learned to actively and empathically listen, be present in the moment, and bond and heal with my fellow artists and the audience. I gained an understanding of the transformative nature of bearing witness to, and sharing with a community, the human struggle and condition. After many years in the arts, I began my training as a counselor. Through my experience of performance and creation I now apply my skills as a guide in personal growth and discovery, via the counseling process. I have found profound joy in this work, and continue to explore ways to deepen my practice so I can be of service to others.

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