Sarah Kendrick

Sarah Kendrick (she/her)

Professional Counselor Associate


Supervisor: Ariana Lloyd, LCSW

The parenting path can leave folx feeling responsible for & alone in their suffering. I provide a safe, healing, & less lonely way through.

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Practicing Since: 2011


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My Ideal Client

I see the impossible expectations etched onto your very being. How you bring them to birth, parenting, & the stories you tell yourself. They leave you navigating postpartum depression, anxiety, birth trauma, grief, & wearily raising wee ones feeling responsible for & alone in your suffering. You’re not responsible, or alone. Let go of getting it right & reclaim your right to be well. You are your own best compass. I’m a skilled map-maker. I can help you be safe, seen, & supported on your journey

My Approach to Helping

I’m a story-catcher, empath, advocate, feminist-researcher, & wounded-healer serving whole-hearted hurting humans. After years working with traumatized children, I aim to heal & prevent suffering for those bravely & wearily raising them. I earned a doctorate in clinical & somatic psychology to help folx experience their life rather than analyze their experience. As a certified clinical trauma specialist & mindfulness teacher, I offer ways to safely ground the storied-body in brave vulnerability & joy. I utilize trauma-informed & flourishing-focused tools to help people understand symptoms as instructive points of pain rather than signs of brokenness. There is no symptom that diminishes the inherent capacity to heal. I’m certified in perinatal mental health and know personally & professionally how profoundly suffering & healing in birth & beyond shapes the way we show up in the world. I invite you to shed shame, grow compassion, & live into the safety & relationship you’re wired for.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I’m in the business of shame-dousing, patriarchy-smashing, paradox-holding, & resilience-building. My deepest desire is for an equitable system in which all parents have the support needed to flourish. Until then, I’m committed to counseling & customizing roadmaps to help folx make the journey. As a wounded healer, my traumas & losses have taught me that I could suffer-with-meaning & that no symptom diminishes our inherent capacity to heal. Birth & parenting are personal, political, relational, ambiguous, & transformational. Their outcomes are deeply rooted in our embodied need for safety & relationship. Toward Freedom advocates for that safe connection with immediate unreserved respect for the inherent worth, wisdom, & autonomy of all who connect here. It stretches out to my humble learning of trans-birth experience, parts-work for racial trauma, & refusing a culture of white-supremacy from which I benefit. I uphold non-violent communication (ahimsa) & advocate radical compassion.

Techniques I Use


  • Somatic Therapy (Body Centered) External link

    I could have spent my whole life talking about trauma instead of moving it through. As a student who stumbled into the field, I was its biggest critic. I wanted evidence that the body mattered. In my most profound relationships now as client or healer, we don't talk a lot & the evidence is right there in the ability to process & release pain without analysis paralysis. I lead folx to learn from their own body how stress shapes the way they walk the world & they let it lead them toward freedom

  • Mindfulness-based External link

    How we take in information leads to both trauma & flourishing— depending on whether or not we expect to feel safe & connected. I got certified to share mindfulness & positive psychology because we can interrupt the auto-pilot ways we anticipate hurt, danger, & disconnection. Learning to sit in a moment with curiosity turns into many moments, less fear, & fierce compassion. While we work on other barriers, we can condition the brilliantly adaptive body-mind to expect & receive just what it needs.

Issues I Treat


  • Depression External link

    Hormones & neurotransmitters wreak havoc in the transitions of pregnancy & postpartum. Still, depression is often about oppression. What fearful parts do we try to cast aside? What parts seek perfection only to show up & leave a mess? In depression we disown & fight pieces of ourselves because the world demands it. I treat depression from the perspective of the Whole, embodied, contextualized Self with trauma-informed & flourishing-focused tools to uncover the wise adaptive Self & its compass.

  • Postpartum External link

    When I first saw someone collapsed on a stack of perfect-parenting books with shame & tears falling onto her baby, I hid the books & held them both. It was all I could do. I became a certified Perinatal Mental Health therapist (PMH-C) because parents navigate depression, anxiety, exhaustion, scary thoughts, confusion, rage, & shame with an unbearable weight of ridiculous expectations. I help them let go of getting it right & reclaim their right to be well so they can be safe, seen, & supported.

  • Historical Trauma External link

    Years of grappling with trauma both personally & professionally reminds me that while we inherit traumapost-traumatic growth. When we rewire how we read information & reeducate the hyper-vigilant parts, we can keep potential trauma from becoming embedded & passed on to our children. Our bodies hold the hurts brought through relationship, but it holds the healing too. When we reshape how we safely show up in world, we heal & reveal our full Selves & pave the way for healthy whole-hearted children

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