Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a method of communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. NVC is founded on the belief that if individuals can recognize and express their own needs, as well as the needs of others, conflicts can be resolved. Often used in couples counseling, NVC helps people to settle disagreements and resolve their differences. NVC places a strong emphasis on fostering compassion, empathy and honesty and focuses on facilitating peaceful dialogue between disputing parties.

Local Experts in Nonviolent Communication

I have had training in Nonviolent Communication, helping others communicate more effectively and have more meaningful relationships.

Nonviolent communication helps to communicate from a place of compassion and empathy to share thoughts, feelings, basic human needs, self-responsibility, and the desire for connection.

Compassionate (Non-Violent) Communication identifies feelings and needs, reduces negative thoughts about others, invites empathy, and increases self-agency. NVC directly and immediately empowers the speaker.

I have over 14 years of experience teaching and practicing NVC and hundreds of hours of training. NVC is s core component of my approach and practice.

Nonviolent communication is a skill I teach both individually and in a group. I utilize and teach its core skills of nonjudgmental observation and taking ownership of feelings without blame in my work with clients.

I have been trained in conflict resolution and mediation. I hold a BA in Peace and Conflict. Miscommunication is at the root of conflict. I can guide better communication and help resolve conflict you are experiencing in your life.

By learning NVC or sometimes called \'compassionate communication\' you\'ll gain knowledge to: communicate your wants and needs to others in a more effective way; Treat others with compassion and empathy to foster greater understanding, respect, acceptance, and self-esteem for you and them.

I use nonviolent communication (NVC) as a tool for helping those who are new to awareness-based communication methods, sharing their emotions and needs, or as a first step in beginning to build one's capacity for more authentic communication. I see NVC as a stepping stone for many looking to deepen their communication with partners, friends, and others.

Nonviolent Communication is an excellent tool to learn what your own feelings and needs are, as well as how to express them to others in a way that opens the conversation and increases understanding, rather than creating or perpetuating a conflict where each party is trying to 'win.' This will help you develop more compassion for yourself and others, and deepen meaningful connections with others

After studying Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for myself, I decided to incorporate it into my work with clients. It is an empowering technique that teaches effective communication strategies that can be implemented right away. NVC also helps people look through another lens and develop compassion - both for oneself and for others.

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