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Taylor Kravitz (She/Her/Hers)

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist


I'll help you feel more at ease in your sexuality, relationships, or your sense of self. You deserve empowerment, pleasure, and fulfillment.

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6011 NE Oregon St

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Rate: $225

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Practicing Since: 2018

Languages: English


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My Ideal Client

While I’m currently full, I have a wonderful team of like-minded clinicians in my practice. Do you want to have better sex and/or a better relationship? Maybe you’re struggling with a sexual concern such as sexual anxiety, mismatched sexual desire in your relationship, erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire, sexual pain, or sexual trauma. Maybe you and your partner are struggling with communication issues, open relationships/ethical non-monogamy dynamics, infidelity, or past hurts.

How I Can Help You

I’ll help you your partner understand why you’re not aligning sexually, learn how to communicate about sex in a more connecting way, and incorporate exercises that will help you access more pleasure together. If you're here to feel more at ease with your own sexuality, I'll help you better understand what barriers are getting in the way of sexual empowerment and pleasure & will give you tangible tools to build a more fulfilling relationship with your sexuality. If you're here to get support with your relationship, I'll help you and your partner navigate whatever challenges are coming up in your relationship so you can feel more connected, understood by one another, and happier together.

Why I am a Good Fit for You

I know finding a therapist who is a good fit can be a vulnerable and challenging process. You may have read a lot of these bios and just want to finally find the right person to support you. I’ve studied sexuality & relationships for over 9 years and I bring that professional expertise and my own experience with how hard it can be to be a human/partner/sexual being into the therapy room. I’m gentle and compassionate, but will still hold you accountable to the changes you want to make. I truly love doing this work and it’s such an honor to help. I’d love to hear from you and offer a free phone consultation to ensure we feel like a good fit.

Techniques I Use


  • Emotionally Focused External link

    Do you find you and your partner(s) are getting stuck in the same argument over and over? You know you both care for each other but neither of you feel heard and seen. Using Emotionally Focused Therapy, I can help you get in touch with your deeper emotions, address your relational conflict cycle, and build safe & emotionally connected relationships.

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) External link

    Sometimes it feels like we have many conflicting parts of our internal world. This can lead to feeling a lot of confusion and self doubt. Using Internal Family Systems, I can help you untangle what may feel like a jumbled mess in your mind so that you can get to know your true Self and all the “parts” of yourself, especially the protective parts of you that can sometimes get in the way of your goals.

  • Narrative  External link

    We all have stories about ourselves, our relationships, and our sexuality. Sometimes these stories keep you stuck in anxiety, shame, guilt and disconnection. Using Narrative Therapy, I help you get to know these stories you have and begin to identify what you really believe and value. Narrative Therapy also involves looking at how your family, past partners, and societal messaging may impact these stories that hold you back.

Issues I Treat


  • Sexual Problems External link

    As a sex therapist, most of my professional work has been centered around helping folks navigate sexual issues. I use a sex-positive lens in working with sexual concerns. I will help you develop awareness of emotional and sociocultural factors that impact your sexuality, while also giving you practical tools that can create shifts in your sex life.

  • Relationship / Marriage Issues External link

    I have extensive experience working with couples/partners to address relationship and marriage issues. I can help you and your partner(s) learn how to communicate in a way that feels more connecting, identify your strengths and appreciations for one another, find a way to balance both of your wants and needs, and feel more fulfilled in your relationship.

  • Polyamorous and Open Relationships External link

    I am affirming of ethical non-monogamy and have supported partners in opening their relationship. I will help you clarify your wants, need & boundaries, tune up your communication so you have a solid foundation, and develop tools for navigating the feelings that may come up on this journey.

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