Anger Management Therapy

Everyone feels anger or frustration at times. Anger can be constructive and gives people a way to express their emotions. But if you have trouble controlling your anger, it can quickly become destructive and impact your quality of life and mental and physical health. Anger management therapy won’t try to keep you from feeling angry; anger is a normal, healthy emotion. But when you can learn to recognize the signs that you're becoming angry, you can implement learned strategies to calm down and deal with the situation.  Anger management therapy can be done individually or in a group.

Local Experts in Anger Management Therapy

'If Mr, & Mrs Ego would only allow me Grace to accept the fact that anger rises unexpectedly, without notice, i might have a chance to put my attention somewhere else.' It is true we do not like being upset, when things are going smoothly. There are reasons to react, yet there are no good reasons to react destructively, Making friends with Anger is not so hard when there complete understanding.

Because anger is often a component of relationship problems, it's important to understand it's underlying dynamics. All anger has its origins in some kind of foundational vulnerability. I help people intentionally self-soothe their innate fears and anxieties so they can deepen relationship through increased transparency (self-disclosure) and decreased blaming of one another.

Anger is a healthy emotion when processed healthfully. Sometimes, we allow anger to rule our lives. I work with my clients to process the feelings that contribute to their anger so that they are able to live the lives they want without feeling out of control with their anger. I help my clients learn and utilize specific anger management skills to help them better manage their expression of anger.

I have experience providing court mandated Anger Management groups.

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