Anger Management Therapy

Everyone feels anger or frustration at times. Anger can be constructive and gives people a way to express their emotions. But if you have trouble controlling your anger, it can quickly become destructive and impact your quality of life and mental and physical health. Anger management therapy won’t try to keep you from feeling angry; anger is a normal, healthy emotion. But when you can learn to recognize the signs that you're becoming angry, you can implement learned strategies to calm down and deal with the situation. Anger management therapy can be done individually or in a group.

Local experts in Anger Management Therapy

Monica Bloom (She/Her)

Licensed Professional Counselor


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Rebecca X Casanova (she/her)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


I have been serving people who identify anger as a problem in their lives since 2013. I have training in using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Anger and have worked with people on their anger in group and individual therapy settings since 2017. My approach is not to "manage" your anger, but to help you understand where it comes from, what it could be masking, how to move through it without it making your decisions for you, and, most importantly, to live a meaningful life.

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Slade Wolf (he/him/his)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


I use cognitive behavioral therapy to help individuals better understand where their anger comes from, rethink the beliefs that lead to that anger, and build solid skills for responding to difficulties in life differently.

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