Nancy Pearson, LCSW

Nancy Pearson, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Welcome to FAMILIES THRIVE. I am here to help with play therapy, teen and young adult counseling, parenting consultations, and mediation.

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Portland, OR 97202-7033

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Rate: $115-$140

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Practicing Since: 1983

Languages: English


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My Ideal Client

Do you want the very best for your child and your family? Are you concerned that your child is not getting the emotional/psychological support they need to thrive? Do you feel that your very best efforts have not stemmed the conflict, depression, anxiety, or behavioral outbursts in your family? Your concern and passion have brought you to the right place and will help you find greater peace and satisfaction in family life.

My Approach to Helping

Through active listening, individualized problem solving, and experiential activities, your family will receive the best support for stabilization in transition (school, divorce, relocation, new family member, health crisis), emotional self-regulation for all family members, and skill building to reach maximum potential. I work individually with children and with parents and then work together with the family at large. We build action plans based on your wishes for the outcomes you desire. All families are welcome, regardless of size, composition, race, orientation, or belief systems. My goal is for parents to fall in love again with their children and for children to live joyously and harmoniously within their families. I also offer family mediation for custody and parenting time issues. I am collaborative and focused and can help you find solutions that you are not able to reach on your own. Having done more than 1000 meetings of these kinds, I can offer your experienced support.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I have been in practice for more than 30 years, working in client homes, offices, clinics, and schools. I sometimes practice with my Labradoodle, Sophie, who lends lightheartedness and joy to the work. I practice from my home office space which is warm and inviting, not coldly clinical. I work for you and with you, not on you. That means that I honor your goals, priorities, and values and work together to achieve your desired ends. Working with Nancy Pearson, "Families Thrive!"

Techniques I Use


  • Relational  External link

    There is no dispute that attachment, bonding, and attuned interpersonal relationship forms the foundation for thriving children. When that is achieved the child and the family move together as a working unit. When it is disrupted, all manner of chaos can pursue. Let me help you identify practices to help you strengthen your connections and improve the working ability of your family.

  • Play Therapy  External link

    Play is the medium for children to express themselves and to gain mastery over challenges in their environment. It is their 'language' and their course of meaningful action. I have trained and practiced in support of children gaining full expression of themselves. It is also a way for me to learn about a child so that I can assist the parent(s) to find harmony with their child.

  • Coaching External link

    Coaching is another way of describing problem solving. It is generally delivered by someone who has experienced the very thing they are assisting with. The coach has mastered both information and technique and can use the experience thus gained to help others do their best in the field of endeavor. Let me be a source of experience for you to draw on as you work to make your family uniquely yours!

Issues I Treat


  • Postpartum External link

    The postpartum period is one of the most sensitive periods in a family's life. Major shifts in life experience mingle with the joy of bringing new life into the world and are unsettling for mothers, fathers, and siblings. I have trained to assist you with both the practical and the emotional and can help you smooth out this very important period of transition.

  • Parenting External link

    Parenting is one of the biggest challenges and biggest sources of satisfaction that some of us will ever take on. We have such big expectations for ourselves and our children and we struggle to live up to who we want to be. It can be helpful to get perspective and assistance from a trained professional who has also walked this walk. Together we can explore, problem solve, and actualize success!

  • Divorce External link

    Having experienced the trauma of divorce first hand, I had to find ways to protect my children from the deleterious effects it can have. So I studied, and I practiced, and I took risks both professionally and personally until I could co-parent harmoniously and coach others in how to achieve that outcome. The result is a satisfying co-parenting family life where children flourish!

  • Child or Adolescent Issues External link

    Family is the organizing principle that allows each of its members to grow and prosper. When family is going well, each individual is stronger for the experience; when it is not going well, all members suffer. I have helped thousands of families as they struggle with barriers and find solutions to harmonious living that supports the individuality of each of its members.

  • Loss or Grief External link

    There are so many kinds of loss and grief . . . divorce, death, illness, failure, and poignant missed opportunity. They are a part of the life cycle and can not be avoided or overlooked. Instead, they become markers of change that can help inform us and inspire us to meaningful ways of living. I can work with you and your family to integrate grief and loss into your bigger life story.

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