Suzanne Sanchez

Suzanne Sanchez (she/her)

Licensed Professional Counselor


I'm Suzanne. I am an awakener of emotional spirit, a cheerleader through difficulty, and a nurturer of the broken-heart and soul.

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9725 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Ste. 210A

Beaverton, 97005

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Rate: $125-$175

Provides telehealth services

Practicing Since: 2007

Languages: English


  • Individual
  • Teen

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  • Kaiser
  • Lyra
  • MODA
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My Ideal Client

Is anxiety responsible for hardship in your life? Maybe your a parent and have a hard time trusting your judgment. Maybe you are a teen worried about academics, friends, or doing a good job. Maybe you struggle with body image and engage in unhealthy behaviors. Maybe you worry about safety because you don't fit into the majority culture. Maybe life just changed up big time for you and you some support navigating this life transition. If any of these are you, I will be a great fit for you!

My Background and Approach

I believe we all have the power to change habits and feelings through increasing our self-awareness. We often know what it is we need, but we need help establishing commitment to change. I believe all people are good, we just need help to see the good inside. Most importantly, I believe as a therapist, I am responsible for seeing a person’s entire environment as perpetuating a problem rather than a person wholly being at fault. I help my clients examine how their mental health and behavioral issues are affected on the different systemic levels of their life. I have much diverse experience as a therapist and have worked in residential settings, outpatient settings, schools, hospitals, and day treatment programs. I have a M.A. in counseling psychology from Lewis and Clark College, Portland (2007), and I have a B.A. in both psychology and sociology from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (2000).

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I use a health-at-every-size (HAES) approach in counseling, and I am anti-diet culture. I have served on boards focusing on helping individuals and families with eating disorders. I am adjunct faculty at Lewis & Clark College Graduate School and teach an annual course on eating disorders in the eating disorder certification program. Cultural issues are also really important to me. I am half-Asian and half-white (mostly Finnish) and understand what it's like living as a multi-racial individual and a POC in the Portland-metro area. I love working with all cultural issues, and believe that everyone has culture (even those who are white) which impacts their emotional health. I am a spiritual person in that I believe we are all interconnected. Gratitude and meditation practices are so important to balanced mental health, and I love helping people find their unique balance.

Techniques I Use


  • Motivational Interviewing External link

    Motivation is always changing in that some days we might feel very motivated to change and others we feel little motivation. Through use of motivational interviewing, I am able to work with you where you are at and help you find what it is that motivates you to want to make change in your life.

  • Experiential External link

    I use experiential techniques to help clients access parts of their sub-conscious mind. Examples may include art therapy techniques, role-playing, writing, and play therapy. Through experience, insight is often increased, and as self-awareness grows so can self-esteem, self-confidence and motivation.

  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) External link

    Thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are all inter-connected. In making alterations to your perspective, you will also be able to change how you feel and change habitual behavior. Through identification of core beliefs, challenging thinking errors, and use of chain analysis, I help clients make changes in their life.

Issues I Treat


  • Racial Identity External link

    I work with people who are seeking to understand more about how racial identity is impacting their life. Cultural identification is an important part of how we see and move through the world, so whether we are of the most privileged race (white) or a marginalized group (a person of color), doing work on racial identity can be an important piece of healing.

  • Child or Adolescent Issues External link

    I have been working with teens for many years, and they are my passion. I know how to connect with adolescents, help them understand their needs, and identify their strengths. I advocate for them because they don’t know how to do this for themselves, and I work to give them hope and courage to be authentically themselves.

  • Self-Esteem External link

    Low self-esteem can be caused by a wide array of different life experiences. I guide people to identify the different aspects of their lives which have contributed to feeling bad about themselves, and I help them gain a new perspective where they can begin to welcome imperfection and accept self-love.

  • Eating Disorder External link

    I have much experience working in treatment for eating disorders. I know the individual struggles someone with an eating disorder faces, and I can provide education to family members, parents, partners, and friends on how to support their loved ones. I additionally have experience working with specialized populations: adolescents, orthorexia, high-functioning autism, and co-occurring disorders.

  • Anxiety External link

    Today, everyone experiences anxiety in some form. I help people who are suffering from anxiety increase their awareness so they can better manage the thoughts which keep them from being able to enjoy life. I help people learn to live with anxiety in a healthy way rather than trying to avoid it or hide it.

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