Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Dependence

The term alcohol abuse can be applied to any dangerous or harmful use of alcohol.  Alcohol abusers drink despite the frequent financial, legal, social or relationship problems their drinking causes. Continued abuse of alcohol can sometimes lead to dependence.  People who are alcohol dependent also use alcohol in a risky way and exhibit additional symptoms such as a high tolerance for alcohol, a compulsion to drink, the inability to follow through on plans to quit or cut back on drinking, withdrawal symptoms and drinking to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. People who are alcohol dependent are also referred to as alcoholics. Alcoholism is a chronic disease and often requires medical treatment. However, both drinkers who are alcohol abusers and those who are alcohol dependent can benefit from treatment by a qualified mental health professional.

Local Experts in Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Dependence

I have a CADC-I, have worked in outpatient addiction treatment, and am a SMART facilitator for both regular and Family and Friends meetings. I am also a certified Community Reinforcement And Family Training (CRAFT) clinician and trained in the 'Invitation to Change' approach in working with families with a loved one in addiction.

I have been in the field of recovery from addiction for 18 years. I am passionate about helping people live a healthy, successful, and meaningful life free from the bondage of alcoholism.

As a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC I), I have training and experience working with addiction/recovery from a holistic, relational perspective. Addiction is often a problem of connection, so I support people struggling with addiction/recovery by taking into account the history and relationships that impact choices, and by working to uncover the shame that often maintains the cycle.

When I started going back to school my focus was on Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency. I am a Ceritified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I believe in dual diagnosis and that both need to be addressed to gain recovery. I have been working in the Addictions field for over 5 years and I have a solid understanding in how addiction needs to be treated.

Hypnosis is most popularly known for addressing patterns of habituation, which all addictions fall into this category.

I use the most recently developed mindfulness-based techniques to help clients learn to surf cravings and urges rather than give in to unwanted or habitual behaviors that might be negatively impacting their lives.

Substance use disorders are often difficult to treat due to their complex and recurring nature, commonly held misperceptions, and evolving data. My approach works on addressing the unmet need driving one’s behavior through reality testing, existential exploration, and self-compassion. It aims to destigmatize these conditions and impart practical tools that foster personal growth.

Weekly therapy can be a great addition to personal recovery work. I have great respect for and advocate for 12-Step programs. Outside of community support, individual therapy is a boon to working through the inevitable mental health issues that helped cause and were created by addictive behaviors.

I have worked with women and men in their process of growth and recovery since 1985. My approach includes attention to the developmental, biological, social and emotional elements of alcohol and drug abuse and dependence to the many changes necessary to grow away from self-harming behaviors.

I have devoted the last 24 years of my professional life to counseling people with substance abuse and “co-occurring” mental health disorders. I am enriched and inspired by this work. Since 2001, I've been a Certified- Clinical Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Social Worker. I use Motivational Interviewing, 12 Step Recovery, Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention, Recovery Management, and more.

I work part time in the Washington County Corrections Center, specifically within their alcohol and drug women\'s and men\'s treatment programs. I have extensive experience working with alcohol abuse/dependence and drug addiction. If you are struggling with either of these issues, I can help you recognize triggers, deal with relapse, and provide support for your recovery.

I have specialized Masters-level training in treating addictions which I have continually utilized in my practice. This training incorporates family systems theory, which examines and aims to restructure ways in which the entire family can organize its behavior around those family members suffering from addiction.

I believe that people start using substances for many reasons. Unfortunately substance use causes unintended problems over time. I believe that not one type of recovery path fits all so I taylor my approach to what is meaningful and important to you.

As an addiction specialist, I provide assessment and treatment for those struggling with substances and/or process addictions (eg: internet, video games, gambling.)

I have experience working with individuals and groups dealing with substance and alcohol abuse, homelessness, and mental illness.

I have over thirty hours of specific training in Alcohol abuse and dependency issues from Portland State Universities Graduate School of Counseling. I work with individual adults recovering from alcohol related issues on a daily basis.

My training was in both alcohol and drug addiction. I\'ve provided addictions counseling individually and in group settings in outpatient and inpatient facilities. I believe a dual-diagnosis approach is the most effective, because I recognize that most addicted people also have mental health challenges, and many many people with mental health challenges also use some chemical or behavior to cope.

I am certified as a CADCI

I hold a certification in alcohol and drug counseling from the Addiction Counselor Certification Board of Oregon.

I started early in my career working with addictions using the Johnson Family Institute training. I am qualified to explore diverse addiction issues- and help clients make decisions about further addictions treatment they may need to pursue or I can continue with them on an outpatient basis when weekly therapy is appropriate. I support 12 step programs, but other approaches may fit.

I am licensed as a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor I (CADCI) in the state of Oregon, and have worked in both residential and outpatient settings. I work with co-occurring disorders, and can help you understand whether you have problems of abuse or dependence.

As an experienced Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor III, I can work in a number of ways with you if you are beginning to become concerned about your drinking/drug use (or a family member's). I also work with those who have been through treatment and are facing issues with relapse. I do complete assessments and help refer you to an appropriate kind of treatment approach.

Drinking often begins as a coping strategy, yet it can derail use of all other ways of managing life stress, mental health issues or low self-worth. Therapy can create space to explore the role alcohol has taken in your life, and help you decide what you want to do about it.

Humans have evolved to avoid pain, approach reward and remember how to do so implicitly and below the level of consciousness. I have several years of experience in treating individuals and families afflicted with addiction and helping them understand this complicated arena, reduce shame and stigma and regain access to empowered choice. Recovery is possible and it requires connection.

I’m a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) and enjoy working with those struggling with patterns of substance use. Whether you suspect your teen is drinking too much, you’re a successful professional concerned about your own use alcohol, or you’re worried about your partner\'s drinking, I’m here to help. I have no interest in stereotypes or labels and am here to provide the support you need.

I am certified drug and alcohol counselor (CADCI) in the state of Oregon and have been working with individuals with dual diagnosis issues throughout my career.

My time working in on of the world\'s leading Substance Use treatment facilities provided me with years of invaluable experience in the addiction field.

Using substances (alcohol or drugs) or behaviors (gambling, sex, shopping, eating) to alter mood or numb feelings over time trains our brains and eventually leads to them being hijacked. I have a CADC and am experienced in walking with clients as they navigate through the stages of change reclaiming their honesty and putting into play new ways of coping, feeling, relating, living.

I can help you decrease substance use and other unhealthy coping mechanisms and learn healthy tools to handle stress and pain.

Addiction is one of my main specialties. I use my years of professional and personal experience to guide our work together. We will talk about your needs and wants, and we will find a way out for you. Recovery can be tailored to each person's needs/life. I am a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) III; Certification #13-03-02

I worked in an agency for ten years treating problem gamblers & loved ones of problem gamblers. We did holistic treatment on all areas clients struggled in including most addictions and mental health issues. I have extensive training and experience in providing customized treatment around addictions & mental health and enjoy helping people recover and create meaningful and satisfying lives.

I am an expert in alcohol abuse and dependence because I have had extensive education in this area and experience working with clients who struggle with problems of alcohol use.

Supervisor/Provider for Substance Use Treatment programs for 6 years including residential, outpatient and drug court.

For many, the use of alcohol and other drugs represents a solution to the thirst of our being for wholeness. Over time what seemed like a solution ends up generating more problems.

Joan Ayala is a CADC III and a Masters Level Addicti9n Counselor

I have led addictions/dual diagnosis groups. I focus on individual\'s strengths to create change.

Although I do not have a CDAC, substance abuse is intertwined as one of the issue many adult clients bring to therapy and therefore I have much working with it and know when to refer clients to a higher level of care if needed.

I am a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor who has been working in substance abuse treatment settings for over a decade. I utilize a non-judgmental approach that supports individuals to change their relationship with alcohol, and live a life in accordance with their values. Struggling with alcohol use is not a weakness, seeking support can be a step towards self empowerment.

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