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Bethany Ingram (she/her)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


I provide holistic, relational, and trauma-informed therapy for clients needing support with grief, trauma, or life transitions.

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My Ideal Client

My clients are typically experiencing various life transitions, including grief and loss, relationship issues, or healing from childhood or current traumas. They often feel hesitant to face their emotional pain and get to know the parts of themselves that are feeling stuck, helpless, hopeless, or disempowered. I believe that each of us has everything we need within ourselves to find healing and growth. It is my job to support my clients to connect to themselves and find that path within them.

My Approach to Helping

I utilize various techniques to help you cope with (and feel) difficult emotions, connect to your mind and body, and understand the impact of your past and present. I believe that a safe, supportive therapeutic relationship is vital to the healing process. I will provide empathy, curiosity, humor, and connection as we build trust and find a rhythm that works for us. I specialize in treating grief and loss, PTSD, including Complex PTSD and early childhood trauma, as well as anxiety and depression. My focus is in healing your relationships - with yourself, with others, and how you relate to the world around you, including the natural world. Depending on your needs, I might use short-term solutions focused interventions to find current relief and/or psychodynamic interventions that focus more on your childhood wounds and internalized belief systems. I rely heavily on the relational process and getting to know your strengths, needs, and relationships as an individual.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I approach my work with the belief that we are all connected - and our connections to ourselves, to others, and to the earth is where we find healing. I see my clients as the expert on their own lives and myself as a guide to support them to listen to themselves and trust themselves in their own healing and growth. I come to this work as someone who has experienced healing from trauma and grief within a therapeutic relationship, and it is my honor to provide the safety and connection to others as I have experienced in my personal life. This world is full of pain and trauma, systemic oppression, and humans hurting each other, yet I see an abundance of goodness and beauty in humanity, especially in my clients. I love shining this light of goodness and beauty within my clients when they find it difficult to see it in themselves. It is why I do what I do.

Techniques I Use


  • Humanistic  External link

    I approach therapy with the foundational perspective that we are all doing our best with the knowledge and experiences we have at the time. When we peel back the layers of pain, wounds, and trauma, we find our true selves. I enjoy guiding my clients back to themselves within the therapeutic relationship.

  • EcoTherapy External link

    I believe in the healing power of our connection to the earth. I encourage time spent in nature and enjoy connecting with my clients around their healing relationship with the world around them. I have limited sessions available for hiking or sitting in Forest Park, and these can be used for building increased safety and connection to nature.

  • Somatic Therapy (Body Centered) External link

    We must learn to truly feel our emotions rather than "thinking about feeling them". Our emotions live in the body, and I encourage connection to the body in order to get to know ourselves and move through the emotional pain we experience. Our body, especially our nervous system, can teach us about what we need to feel safe and find connection with ourselves and others. I teach my clients to "befriend their nervous system" to learn how to respond to triggers and increase safety.

  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) External link

    We will explore the relationship between our thoughts, feelings, and actions as well as how to build awareness of thoughts and emotions. I tend to connect traditional CBT to body-centered interventions, with the understanding that our nervous system states impact our thinking.

  • Attachment Theory External link

    Our early development, especially our first caregivers, impact how we relate to ourselves and to others. I will help you understand how your childhood impacts your internal world and your external relationships, and I will help you build consciousness around subconscious patterns stemming from your childhood so that you can make necessary changes in the areas you have felt "stuck".

Issues I Treat


  • Loss or Grief External link

    Grief is not something we need to "move past" or "get through". Grief is something we learn to integrate into our daily lives as the impact of our loss shifts and changes over time. We have to learn to keep living after a loss of person, pet, identity, relationship, etc has changed how we move through the world. It is my honor to support people to feel their emotional pain and have compassion for themselves in the midst of this pain.

  • PTSD External link

    Trauma changes the way we relate to ourselves, to others, and to the world around us. I enjoy helping my clients understand how complex trauma or other traumas have impacted them and how to create safety within themselves and their relationships. This often entails learning to cope with triggers, building more connection between our minds and bodies, and processing and healing any internalized beliefs that stem from traumatic experiences.

  • Child or Adolescent Issues External link

    I enjoy working with older children (10 and up), adolescents, and young adults. I have extensive experience in understanding adolescent needs and developmental tasks of this life stage.

  • Adoption Issues External link

    The experience of adoption and/or foster care presents unique grief/loss and identity issues into adulthood. I enjoy working with children, teens, and adults who are adopted or have experienced foster care, and I have been certified in Foster and Adoptive Family therapy through Portland State University’s child welfare partnership.

  • Codependency External link

    Codependency typically looks like hyper-vigilance towards the emotional states of others, fear of disappointing others, difficulty setting boundaries, and tending towards "people pleasing" or "rescuing/fixing" others. I enjoy helping people learn to listen to and trust themselves, focus on their own emotions and perspectives, and set necessary boundaries for themselves and in their relationships.

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