Ecotherapy, also known as nature therapy, is a therapeutic practice that focuses on the belief that time spent in nature can have a positive impact on both the body and the mind. Recent studies have shown that experiences in natural settings (like a walk outside) can have a tremendous effect on individuals suffering from stress, anxiety and depression (as well as other mood disorders). Eco-therapists generally focus on mental health and relationship issues just like a traditional therapist, but also approach therapy sessions through the lens of the clients relationships with their environment. In some cases, sessions will even occur in an outdoor setting. 

Local Experts in EcoTherapy

Nature has always been a refuge and a resource for me, and I am honored to help my clients reconnect to the more-than-human world. In addition to my own introspective journeys in nature, I have led others as a wilderness guide, rites of passage mentor, and vision fast leader. I offer ecotherapy sessions in local parks and wild spaces throughout the Portland metro area.

If you are looking for Eco Therapy and want a true experience of the power of nature, look no further than a 60 acre farm with woodlands, creeks, animals of all kinds and much more.

Nature- based forms of therapy are central part to my approach. I have years of experience working as a Wilderness Therapy guide, along with extensive studies in Ecopsychology. I believe that in building awareness of our connection to nature, we can become healthier. My office is found in a yurt, with a garden surrounding, in order to create an eco-friendly therapeutic setting.

I believe that true healing comes from recognizing our connection as living beings who evolved from, and are completely interdependent with, the Earth. Healing our sense of displacement and pain at losing our daily knowledge of Earth-as-home is often a key component to working with depression, anxiety, fear, and even trauma. I work with people both in the office and outdoors.

I am getting additional certification in ecopsychology through Lewis and Clark, where different eco-therapeutic modalities (such as wilderness therapy, equine assisted therapy, and horticulture therapy) are researched and taught, both in the classroom and experientially.

I bring experience from ecopsychology research, trainings, and passion for integrating nature into daily life. Since the beginning of my career, have been supported by ecotherapy mentors and supervisors who have encouraged me to explore the ways nature can be brought into the therapy room. This has evolved into creating ecotherapy collections and activities unique in my therapeutic practice.

Since childhood, nature has been my sanctuary for creative exploration and healing. As a psychotherapist, the majority of my practice occurs either out-of-doors or within an elegant yurt sanctuary at my retreat space in Portland\'s NW Hills. I have seen dramatic positive changes unfold as we allow ourselves to learn from and interact with the natural world.

At the Center at Heron Hill, EcoTherapy is at the heart of all of the services we provide. We operate on a farm where there is access to hiking trails, wildlife, domesticated animals, gardening, and all sorts of outdoor fun. What we experience in nature can serve to connect with with ourselves and the larger world.

I use ecotherapy in various forms - in its simplest form it involves weaving in awareness of the natural world into our counseling sessions. We can also take therapy outside, into one of our city\'s many beautiful parks. If you\'d like we can address specific issues such as climate change, environmentalism, grief over habitat destruction, and more, using a variety of ecotherapy methods.

It has been said that the state of the environment we live in, directly effects our mental health. We live in a fast world, and often feel the constant pressure to make it to the finish line. However, many of us continue to feel a sense of something missing. Using environmental techniques, clients can learn to reconnect with themselves, their culture, and the environment around them.

Ecotherapy is derived from ecopsychology -- an area of study that integrates principles of psychology and ecology to examine the essential connections between humans and the natural world we live in. In ecotherapy we explore the healing potential of the natural world and work to deepen our sense of connected self and wellbeing within the world that sustains us.

The natural world can be a great (and affordable) resource for healing! I offer to meet people outdoors, which can decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression and help you be more present. Even if we meet indoors I find it useful to discuss your connection to the world around you and identify ways to connect more fully with it.

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