Amy Galaviz

Amy Galaviz (she/her)

Professional Counselor Associate

MA, Professional Counselor Associate (OR), Licensed Mental Health Counselor (WA)

Supervisor: Julianna Vermeys, MA, LCP, RYT; L. Simone D'Amore, LPC

Offering warm, supportive therapy for individuals struggling with anxiety and other maternal mental health challenges in Oregon & Washington

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Portland, 97239

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Rate: $125-$165

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Practicing Since: 2016

Languages: English


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My Ideal Client

I work alongside women that often feel worn out, tired, and as if they don't measure up to other mothers. Many of them find themselves struggling and wondering if they have what it takes to be a "good" mom. Together, we find their confidence, work through the challenges of being a mother, help find natural support systems and self-care practices to get them back to the peaceful place that they would like to be. I am here to support them along the way.

My Approach to Helping

My focus of therapy stems from a Person-Centered approach which means I put the client needs in mind first. My goal is to create an atmosphere where you feel safe and comfortable while working to build a positive, open, trusting, therapeutic relationship. It is through this therapeutic relationship that I see you as the expert in your own life, while I strive to understand your personal perspective of the world around you. Throughout therapy, I aim to keep your needs in mind, without judgment while seeing you in a positive light as you move through challenges and grow. Together, with a focus on personal strengths and growth enhancement, we take a holistic look at your life, by examining each part of your world that has an influence on your well-being whether it be personal relationships with family and friends, work, or health. I believe that people have the power to create changes in their lives no matter how small and am there to support you along the way at any stage in life.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that we all have the ability to make changes in our lives, given the right support, guidance and faith that things can get better. Whether you are a new or single mother looking for support & guidance, a mother of three looking for validation & understanding, or a women who is uncertain about parenting, I believe all women have the right to the same care and support regardless of your situation, values or personal beliefs. Therefore, I offer holistic care practices that take a look at each client as a whole person, an individual, and their own expert in what works for them. I hold space for you, taking the time to help you identify your goals for therapy and the things you want in life in order to create the life you love. For more info visit:

Techniques I Use


  • Humanistic  External link

    'Whatever your story, you no longer need to be alone with it. This is what will allow your healing to begin.'~ Carl Rogers. Rogers believed that the therapeutic relationship was at the forefront of the healing process. As a Person-Centered therapist, I am here to support you, so that you can feel comfortable and safe while I walk alongside you on this journey to growth and healing.

  • Holistic External link

    Holistic care is two fold. As a provider I offer mental health services by utilizing natural modalities of talk therapy and various tools tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. Secondly, I examine your life holistically by taking a look at each area, identifying strengths and places that may need additional support, whether it be emotional, social or spiritual.

  • Mindfulness-based External link

    Mindfulness-based practices can help to slow the mind & create a sense of calm while tuning into the self. It can be a great form of self-care to give us a moment of peace in times of distress & a break from anxious thoughts that clutter the mind and keep us from where we want to be. Together, we will explore how anxiety shows up in your life and find mindfulness based practices that work for you.

Issues I Treat


  • Postpartum External link

    Life after baby can be an unexpected experience filled with feelings and challenges you may not have anticipated. For some mothers, being surrounded by others who may not understand their struggle, can further lead them to feel isolated and increase feelings of despair. I am here to let you know that you are not alone, and with the right help, you can get through this challenging time. Reach out today.

  • Loss or Grief External link

    Throughout life, we face many losses that can make it difficult to function. Whether someone has experienced a miscarriage or recent perinatal/postnatal loss or is facing the loss of a child, I help individuals work through grief that leaves them feeling helpless, lost or perhaps paralyzed with fear and sadness. I work alongside you, to help you get to a place where you feel like yourself again. Specializing in perinatal loss that includes terminations, miscarriages and/or abortions.

  • Anxiety External link

    Anxiety can be a paralyzing feeling, riddled with symptoms of nausea, rapid heart beat, shallow breathing, racing thoughts, and/or excessive worry or fears. I work with individuals suffering from a variety of anxiety related issues including social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic attacks and fears related to social places and encounters.

  • Pregnancy (Prenatal Mental Health) External link

    As a mother of three, I can identify how important is to to receive extra support during such a transitional time. As a practitioner, I focus my work to support women throughout each stage of motherhood from preconception, throughout pregnancy, during postpartum and beyond. Facing motherhood can be difficult, reach out to a trained specialist today!

  • Women's Issues External link

    My women-centered practice focuses on assisting women through all life stages including family planning, pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, infertility and self-identity.

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