Julianna Vermeys

Julianna Vermeys

Licensed Professional Counselor


It is my intention to create a nurturing, collaborative therapy experience through ethically integrated somatic and mindfulness practices

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3333 NE Sandy Blvd

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Portland, OR 97213

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Rate: $200-$250

Provides free initial consultation

Provides telehealth services

Practicing Since: 2005

Languages: English


  • Individual
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  • Teen

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My Ideal Client

Are you aware of the struggles and traumas that leave you feeling uncertain and overburdened by the responsibility of supporting yourself? Do you know that there is a path towards freedom of oppression and limitations in your beliefs, and in your connection to yourself, but you need help, support and insight to help you feel worthy, cared for and full of life? I provide a mindfulness-based therapy experience as a way of being together, presently with your experiences, non-judgmentally.

My Approach to Helping

I provide individuals, families, and teens the opportunity to safely and confidently explore your life experiences and help you feel whole and well. My therapy practice offers an opportunity to become accepting and empowered about your life experience, your behavior and choices. I offer thoughtful, collaborative, compassionate, embodied, client-centered therapy. Part of my practice includes calling attention to how the body is responding to narrative, discussion, emotion and using trauma-informed, somatic-based skills to support the body in the therapy process. By being in relationship with the body, one can learn to have a comprehensive understanding of one self so that change is holistic and intrinsic. I aim to create connection and belonging that supports the practice and process of awareness, acceptance and healing.

My Values as a Therapist

I am dedicated to offering an ethical and compassionate trauma-informed, somatic-integrated, honest, thoughtful and unconditional counseling experience. A mindful approach to any therapeutic technique or theory can offer healing and empowering results; improve your mood, health, ambition and relationships. In addition to my counseling credentials, I completed 500-hr Yoga training and have taught yoga and meditation since 2003. I offer private, couples and small group yoga when therapeutically appropriate. Yoga is one of several types of mindfulness-based tools I offer in my practice. I acknowledge as a white woman in the US my cultural appropriation of practices outside of my culture and heritage. I provide Clinical Supervision to counselor interns pursuing their LPC license in the state of Oregon. My intention as a supervisor is to offer a space for one to consider their role as healer, mental health counselor, and role in the greater community of health and wellness for all.

Techniques I Use


  • Somatic Therapy (Body Centered) External link

    Each of us has the potential to be fully present by utilizing the vast communication potential of the body. I am highly skilled at utilizing the awareness of the sensation in one's body to guide a richer understanding of one's emotions, reactions and experience during therapy.

  • Mindfulness-based External link

    Mindfulness helps develop self-awareness by slowing down to experience how the body, emotions and mind feel. In relationship with the body, one can learn to feel safe, calm down the mind and shift emotions. In the presence of a skilled therapist, mindfulness can be used to heal, improve and change your life. I have studied mindfulness for 20 years, incorporating it in all aspects of therapy.

  • Attachment Theory External link

    I believe our attachments to our first caregivers offer us a window into how we feel and function in our current relationships and life endeavors. Using narrative and discussion to understand the complex web of attachment-based emotions and experience in the world, I can help you feel empowered and in charge of your life choices and behaviors.

Issues I Treat


  • Anxiety External link

    I have decades of experience treating and exploring with tools to alleviate debilitating feelings of anxiety and worry. I work with you to develop a strengths-based understanding of your worry. Coupled with evidence-based deliberate present-oriented practices, can provide lasting effectiveness with physiological reduction of stress in the body and mind.

  • Loss or Grief External link

    I am dedicated to the conscious experience and expression of loss and grief both personally and professionally. Using thoughtful, compassionate, empathic therapy in conjunction with mindful somatic awareness, I can help you feel less traumatized by the pain of major or minor loss and grief. My hope is that my work with you will help you integrate your experience into a richer and more profound life right now.

  • PTSD External link

    I am trained in trauma-informed counseling, a specialized skill set to help you safely examine and integrate the trauma of your life without re-traumatization (using a framework of understanding the nervous system and it's response to stress and trauma). With compassionate, gentle, attentive guidance, I will assist your reclaiming and harmonizing the present body and mind, daily skills to help you heal.

  • Depression External link

    In conjuction with my compassionate, collaborative, and client-centered approach to thearpy, I look for opportunities to illuminate moments of peace, joy and connection in life and our therapeutic relationship. Depression treatment can be a safe exploration of the richness of your emotions and respect for your depth of experience.

  • Relationship / Marriage Issues External link

    I use mindfulness tools, including somatic movement and awareness in therapy work with couples to offer a unique approach to sorting through and healing within relationship and marriage. I have expertise in family dynamics and systems to cultivate clarity and empowerment around family and partner relationships.

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