Ronald L Johnson

Ronald L Johnson

Licensed Professional Counselor


I offer mindfulness-based and holistic services to those affected by stress, anxiety, depression, and various unwanted addictive behaviors. Stressors can be from work, relationships, or concerns about the World, among others. Addictive cycles can include drugs, alcohol, food, or romantic patterns.

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Rate: $70

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Practicing Since: 2013

Languages: English


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Clients engage in several traditional counseling approaches to reconnect with a deeper sense of self, including talk therapy, mindfulness meditation on the breath and inner emotions, and scanning and awakening of the energy field of the inner body. These create healing and meaning in one's life and promote a positive outlook. Gradually, less constrictive thought processes replace these conditioned reactions and released energies are poured into new areas of growth. Clients may receive support for physical regimens at local gyms or yoga studios, as well as reassessment of educational goals, occupational, and relational potentials to provide for holistic, long term health.

I received a bachelor's degree in psychology and religious studies from University of California, Santa Cruz, where I really enjoyed studying. I started learning yoga and martial arts there, and was introduced to Zen master Kobun Chino Sensei. I studied meditation with him at Zendo Santa Cruz and practiced there independently. Back home in Oregon, I trained in alcohol counseling at OHSU and earned a master's in psychology and creative writing at UO Eugene. More recently I obtained additional educational requirements for my LPC studying mindfulness through Walden University online. I have published papers on poetics of mindful awareness and the various counseling modalities related to consciousness development and personal growth. Besides counseling I teach yoga classes around Portland that include harmonium and chant practice.

Techniques I Use


  • Holistic External link

    My practice is holistic because I am very focused on mind-body issues. These include encouraging clients to develop a good diet and exercise plan, besides recognizing negative and habitual thought patterns. I also train people to connect with the inner wisdom of the body, and become more aware of their emotional intelligence.

  • Mindfulness-based External link

    Besides long experience as a meditator and yoga teacher, I have studied considerable research on the use of mindfulness-based methods to heal and improve typical counseling complaints, and understand how to use mindfulness to restore a sense of the richness of life to one's experience.

  • Humanistic  External link

    At University of California, Santa Cruz, I took the Humanistic Psychology track, and so was exposed to the beautiful learnings and teachings of Carl Jung, Carl Rogers, and Abraham Maslow, along with the genius of the wisdom traditions of Native Americans, Mexican shamanism, Buddhism, Sufism, and the physical practice and inspiring philosophy of Yoga.

Issues I Treat


  • Drug Dependence / Abuse / Addiction External link

    Author Deepak Chopra says drug addiction is a 'misguided spiritual quest' and this makes a lot of sense to me. Break the habitual pattern of drug use and we break lots of old destructive patterns in our lives that have unconsciously been using or even draining our energy. When we free ourselves from these we find a sense of liberation, meaning, and direction along our path.

  • Relationship / Marriage Issues External link

    I train both partners in meditation and mindfulness techniques so they learn to communicate without stress and use the relationship itself to enhance personal growth, awareness, and provide a lifelong spiritual path.

  • Anger Management External link

    Anger issues are usually related to stress and trauma from the past! We can work through these and learn mindfulness techniques to keep us in the present moment and help us to monitor triggers before they become explosive.

  • Anxiety External link

    Mindfulness meditation practices help us to become more aware of emotional intelligence in the present moment and allow us to be less involved in dwelling on past trauma or future worries, even as we become able to make plans for our lives more clearly.

  • Depression External link

    Learn to watch and change negative thought patterns that lead to depression - through mindfulness meditation techniques and cognitive therapy. Let go of past trauma, focus on the present, and move your life forward!

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