Palma Corral Sotelo

Palma Corral Sotelo (she /her)

Professional Counselor Associate


Supervisor: Kiri Horsey (she/her), MS, NCC, LPC (OR), ACS

My name is Palma, I serve individual adult clients in Oregon in both English and Spanish.

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The Mayer Building at 1130 SW Morrison Street

Suite 328

Portland, 97205

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Rate: $150

Provides free initial consultation

Practicing Since: 2023

Languages: English, Español


  • Individual

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  • OHP CareOregon/HealthShare

My Ideal Client

Are you confused or stuck? Have things stopped making sense or lost their meaning for you? Are you carrying baggage from your past, unable to transform it or let it go? Are you undergoing big changes now and feel worried or afraid? Are you afraid to trust yourself and others? Do you feel isolated, unconnected and lonely? I know that asking for help is difficult but you should know that in undertaking a healing quest and asking for help you exhibit courage and strength. I am here to help you

My Approach to Helping

In counseling I serve individual adults and my process is relational and collaborative. Together we will explore the parts of your life you want to develop, change or grow. We can explore your emotions, thoughts and beliefs, and learn to decipher the messages they bring you from within yourself and from the world around you. We will explore your strengths and preferences as they will be our foundation for what kinds of modalities we will utilize to explore our work together. We can work with your preferred channels of expression, such as talking, visualization, making visual art, writing, movement and sound. We will work relationally and explore also through the lenses of attachment and human development and will incorporate somatic (felt in the body) practices if you feel you’re ready to do deep work. We will go at your pace because I trust your inner wisdom to move towards healing and growth.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that the challenges life presents us with are the fertile soil we can use to grow the depth and character of our being. Our work together begins and is sustained by a foundation of respect and trust. I work at cultivating a therapeutic presence that is heart centered and expressed through openness, curiosity, empathy, authenticity, creativity, and cultural humility. I believe all cultures and people possess wisdom and that includes you. I am influenced by theories on attachment, developmental, existential, feminist, humanistic, multicultural, neurobiological and experiential approaches such as, relational, somatic, and expressive therapies. I am also influenced by my worldview, which includes my belief in evolution, my understanding of human history and linguistics, my belief in the practice of the scientific methods in its broadest expression or praxis, as well as my art and spiritual practices. I am motivated by my own search for human wisdom.

Techniques I Use


  • Attachment Theory External link

    My approach is relational, and I use attachment theory and human development as the underpinnings of my practice. We explore attachment styles without boxing you into one style. We use it only as a framework to understand your dominant strategies for autonomy, love, and connection. We will work to expand your abilities to hold both your needs for freedom, and to be in relationships without having to sacrifice one for the other.

  • Existential External link

    We will incorporate narrative approaches while we explore how you make meaning of your life and how you tell your story. We will identify your values and how they guide you. We will explore the meanings you make of your life and death as deeply as you want and need.

  • Somatic Therapy (Body Centered) External link

    We will use somatic therapy modalities (body focused) to expand your awareness of your physical sensations and the meanings they hold for you. We will work on settling your nervous system to help you feel safer in your own skin. We will explore how different situations, places or people affect your nervous system using the framework of poly vagal theory.

  • Expressive Art Therapy External link

    If you find it difficult to verbalize your thoughts and feelings we can work with creative mediums to tap into what seems to be hiding underneath the surface of your experiences and bring them forth into the light of your awareness. Depending on how we meet will determine the mediums that we can use. No previous art experience is necessary, only curiosity and an openness to understanding yourself in new ways.

  • Integral Therapy External link

    I use Ken Wilber's Four Quadrants framework to help organize all dimensions of your life. By looking at it through this organized structure we can see your situation with more clarity, and help guide us into how better to address the issues you face and what impact they have on other dimensions of your life. This framework also lets us see how changes in one dimension will impact all other aspects of your life, and also helps me better access what tools or modalities would best help you.

Issues I Treat


  • Anxiety External link

    Anxiety is an adaptive strategy that can become debilitating, and if this is the case for you, we will work together at unraveling the messages anxiety is giving you both mentally and physically so that you can better manage life stressors.

  • Depression External link

    Unfortunately, in the 21st century, we are living through a pandemic of depression. Depression, I have heard it said, is like the common cold of mental health. The World Health Organization research indicates that it is the leading cause of disability around the world, and 5% of adults suffer from it. Let's change this for you. Let's collaborate and get you unstuck from the depths of what is holding you down. Let's explore, find meaning and motivation to move forward and live a fulfilling life.

  • PTSD External link

    Overwhelming situations can create patterns of behavior that began as a healthy response to help us survive a dangerous situation, but sometimes we can get stuck and plagued with disturbing thoughts and feelings.These situations can stem from harmful relationships, accidents, or natural disasters. Let's explore the survival strategies that are no longer serving you. Let's learn to differentiate between what happened in the past and how you can move forward.

  • Personal Growth External link

    Let's use the challenges that your life is presenting you with to grow and increase your personal powers. Life transitions are the catalyst for change and growth, whether they have happened by choice or necessity. Big changes can be positive and also present emotional, or mental challenges that limit your ability to enjoy what you have, or your relationship with yourself or others. Let's uncover your abilities to adapt and grow.

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